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thursday, 24 jan

quoted: "maybe you should use your mom's cuntie" -hampstead

i'm heading to berlin later today, so work is a big crazy go nuts. really only posting to show you the most hilarious article every from the daily mail: don't eat the swans.

tuesday, 22 jan

quoted: "i love balls" -amanda

this morning smelled like the first day of school. high school. both when i first left the house and when i got to the gym. that was alright. can't complain too much. otherwise, i'm pretty boring. just wanted to embarrass my sister with that quote. tehe.

monday, 21 jan

quoted: "he looks like a snake charmer" -olivia

i fell in dior. well. not really. i fell in hampstead. in some mud. and tried to get run over in the process. but thankfully didn't. instead, brennan, benz, olivia and i went to gaucho for dinner. which was everything i wanted. and not obscenely expensive. but oh well.

the dinner saturday was a success (thanks jon, alexa, ryan, mike and mikes for coming!). i drank too much friday and just enough on saturday. had a lovely malbec with dinner last night, and then slept amazingly well, except for one bad dream...

in said bad dream, i was at my 8th grade graduation. but with andrew. and it was in london. and before the ceremony a bunch of us decided to climb up a 600-foot church spire via a ladder on the outside. while climbing, i was fine. but once we got to the top, there were no railings. and the tower was swaying. and a couple people fell off. but miss cheek (my super cool 8th grade teacher) assured us that anyone who died would have a seat left open for them in the ceremony. re-assuring, yes, but i still woke up a little stressed. but thankfully it was only 4 am, which meant i got another 4 hours of sleep.

also started watching brideshead last night. v. good.

friday, 18 jan

quoted: "when you're homeless you can dress more eccentrically." -nick

speaking of which, i wish nick would come back to this country.

i had been planning a travel-free january, but i've just found out that i need to go to berlin next friday. boo. and i probably have to spend thursday night there too. double boo. i thought my friend marty might live there, which would have been great, but it turns out he's in frankfurt, so bah.

went to dinner at ryan's last night. his friends dawn and pat were there with their adorable 3-month-old son gabriel. if i had ovaries, they'd be on fire. andrew's too. also, dinner was good.

in the good news column, you'll note that it looks like the circle line pub crawl is on for any time after mid-february:
TFL planned closures.

thursday, 17 jan

quoted: "did you just call me a jizz-bag?" -bar

went to profile last night with warren and ryan, who are great. then went home and had lentil sausage soup from the family cookbook (with slight modifications to accommodate my desire to use the crock pot. delicious and great for a winter's night.

more importantly, though:
slag patrol is back!!!

monday, 14 jan

quoted: "i'm so glad you didn't have any questions. you just took it like a man." -work

i was on the treadmill on saturday (have i told you all how much i love the treadmill...it does all the motivating for you!), and one of the TVs at the gym was showing a cross country race in edinburgh. i found that watching other people run on TV was good for me/made me want to die less than i normally do while running. it was almost like belonging to a group. but you all know how much i hate belonging to groups. this had all the benefits with none of the accompanying hassles.

some guy in the guardian decided to
whine about facebook today. it starts as whining about social networking and then becomes whining about the political views of facebook investors and then becomes whining about privacy implications. snore.

friday, 11 jan

quoted: "i have many passages" -dottie

is it weekend yet? andrew and i went to the opening of a rather unconventional art exhibit last night at our friend andrew's gallery. if you don't want to know just how unconventional, please skip to the next paragraph now. alright. so it was entitled "spent" and, according to the brochure: "Referencing the universal themes of procreation and creativity, these works are produced using human bodily fluids: the artist ejaculates on a sheet of drawing paper and covers it with a layer of carbon dust. When dry, the excess dust is removed, leaving a black imprint of the spurted semen."

right. but the real highlight was going for burritos afterwards on upper street, where we had the good fortune of bumping into my coworker jon. hurrah!

thursday, 10 jan

quoted: "open my bundle" -mikes

when did i get dumb? i think i used to be smart. at the very least i didn't used to be intimidated by new ideas or skills. i'm making a quasi-concerted effort to learn java. i swear i used to understnd the basics of programming. they certainly look familiar in this book.

was it getting a phd that made me dumb? seems likely. in any case, i refuse to be intimidated by this, so i'm pushing ahead.

after the gym last night i went to profile with ryan, where i had a great old fashioned (so labor-intensive, but so so good when done right), followed by an awfully big dinner at satsuma. andrew went to dinner at the e-f's, and then we watched the 2nd and 3rd episodes of the third season of the hills. i'd forgotten how much i hate spencer. wow. and his escapade with the graffiti on the walls nearly gave me a panic attack.

not sure if anyone's seen the dire news from M&S about their sales in december, but i want to do my part. i'm thinking of buying this
console table to help. any opinions?

wednesday, 9 jan

quoted: "mom needs more cocks." -amanda

yesterday was a wonderfully mild winter's day for london. i hope the rest of the winter is just like that. and i hope that spring arrives soon. the new terminal at heathrow opens at the end of march. yes, i'm excited about it. even though i don't like to travel.

i was walking to work today and thinking about how, despite the food being much better at work than it was at christ church, hall always smelled better than the canteen. was it a function of how beautiful hall was? was it that the canteen here at work has ventilation? was it the hundreds of years of food smells that hall has had time to accumulate? it's a mystery. ideas?

tuesday, 8 january

quoted: "i do like a big rocket." -brennan

i'm ready for it to be wednesday. or march. or both. just fyi.

two super cool (if slightly tainted) things i forgot to mention yesterday. first was a pedestrian being hit by a bus on sunday afternoon outside our flat. that isn't cool, but seeing a helicopter land in piccadilly circus is:
youtube video. the second cool thing: there's a line of water erupting from eccleston place just behind our building here at work. it's horribly wasteful, but it's mesmerizing to watch.

i finished another e m forster novels this morning. you can see my favourite quotes from a room with a view here.

monday, 7 january

quoted: "there's more than one way to spay a cat" -tony

*yawns and stretches*

wow. that was a long nap.

actually, i was planning on switching over to wordpress so that y'all could RSS me and stuff, but that hasn't happened yet, and i've lost patience with myself.

christmas was great. blah blah blah. miss my family. surprised robert for his 21st unbirthday. ate too much and took not enough naps. yadda yadda. dottie made a fantastic dinner on NYE.

andrew and i had some folks around to dinner on saturday and had one of those great small world experiences. my friend jeremy from australia was passing through town on his way from paris to new york. so he came around for a glass of wine saturday afternoon while andrew and i were cooking. jeremy and i were discussing furniture...and how much i hate shopping at ikea. my phone rang, and it's one of our guests saying that he and his boyfriend are still at ikea and that they'll be a little late... but wait. it gets better. i shout into the kitchen "andrew, it looks like warren and ryan are going to be late" and jeremy asks "ryan ____ and warren ____"? which, of course, it was.

spent all of yesterday cleaning up from saturday night. and then went to the gym this morning, which excused my eating apple and toffee pie at lunch. sigh.

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