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friday, 2 august 2002

overheard: "you have to concentrate really hard to avoid having an orgasm, with the way they manipulate that camera" -mom

so, i've been bad about updating. and now i'm leaving for portland. which means no updates until december...or maybe next august. the site isn't nearly as complete as i had hoped to make it. hopefully, i'll be able to do some work on it while i'm in JVC and post the results whenever i manage to make it home. it's been a great summer. it's been a great website. i hope that when i finally emerge from jvc next august i will again have the commmitment to update every day. i'm sorry i've been such a slacker this summer. i got out of the habit, and it was deadly. i'm also sad that all the archives aren't posted yet. maybe that will be my last website hurrah. i will continue to check my email (retrofish@yahoo.com) over the next year, and hope to keep in touch with everyone. thanks for all the good times. god bless.

wednesday, 24 july

overheard: "i thought you were moving to miami" -i don't remember, but it was part of a funny story

i've been having WEIRD dreams of late. very weird. in one, i had to go to big 5 sporting goods to pick up hair gel that puts your hair right back where it started when you take a hat off. only big 5 was a drug store instead of a sports store. and when i got there, katie couric and my mom were eating honey bunches of oats. but they were really just a bunch of vitamins that represented becky's possessions in a basketball game. and the worthies had moved the davenport up to the west plains, which made me angry. there was another part where one of allison's cousin could swim in decks.

sunday, 21 july

overheard: "we started screaming, and the donkey started screaming back" -allison

ugh. sorry about the whole neglecting this site for the past week or so. i'm trying to get used to the idea of not updating it at all (except when i'm visiting home) for the next year. maybe i'll find someone else to update it weekly through emails from me. i messed a lot of stuff up. i'm sorry.

saturday, 13 july

overheard: "i'm just going to stop telling stories altogether" -maria

last night's unreahearsal dinner was quite a good time. it was great to see a bunch of people i hadn't seen since christmas. and for the first time ever, i sat around a table at a bar with 5 of my cousins drinking. it was good times. bluespark was good, as well. i like that place, still, even though the one drink i had there last night was sub par. oh well.

friday, 12 july

overheard: "a pig's ass is pork" -chris

ack. so much grad school stuff to sort out. wart out. ugh. rehearsal today. and unrehearsal dinner. and i found out where i'll be living with, and with whom, and that another guy from my class at seattle prep is doing jvc:nw too. cool stuf. oohrah. guys are screwy. went swimming with james yesterday. that was good. ok. i'm out.

thursday, 11 july

overheard: "i can do a lot in 3 months" -bekah

blah blah blah. i'm bad at updating. the thing at allison's on monday was great fun. and a trip to coeur d'alene with ben, allison, bekah, and james was fun tuesday evening. we also went to blue spark that night. and saw my future cousin in law. and then yesterday morning i went to the rockwood bakery with the lamberts, and ran into her again. yesterday, ben and i went downtown to hang out with kelly and her friend nedia from belize. fun stuff. today and tomorrow: 100 to 106 degrees. ugh. i better go work out now!

monday, 8 july

overheard: "stop. i've got nuts in my mouth" -james

well, let's see. welcome home, allison!!! yesterday, i saw katie for the first time in 3.5 months, allison for the first time in 4.5 months, and bob and christine for the first time since last august. let's get this summer started! hooray! class of '99 turns 21 party tonight at allison's. should be awesome. went to see spiderman last night. i was relatively unimpressed. lilo and stitch was better. haha. no, it really was. but for the first time ever, we were subjected to two consecutive previews for the same movie. that was pretty painful. ok. off to the gym. or somethin.

sunday, 7 july

overheard: "i can't get it up" -james

well, after the longest hiatus in two years, i've decided to resume these daily updates at least throught the end of the summer. i had to figure out a lot of things since i updated last, and i can't say i'm all that close to doing so. thanks to everyone who sent me a kind email. i'm doing quite a lot better now. looking forward to leaving for portland, and trying to come to grips with what changes i will need to make as i become a jesuit volunteer. i hope you all had a safe and happy independence day. remember to keep your chins up and demand the respect you deserve. peace out for now.