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monday, 31 december

quote of the day: "oooh. becky just grabbed my ass." -mandahouse

niko and emily are the cutest kids EVER. it was fun quasi-babysitting them. and then allison and katie and mike and i went to harry potter. went to the new northwest museum of art and culture, as well. all in all, a very satisfying day. props to mom for great chicken gumbo. i hope you all have a safe and happy new year celebration tonight. stoopid holiday.

sunday, 30 december

happy 1 year, aardfark
quote of the day: "it's the biggest crouton in the world" -last night's waiter

luna was definitely the place to be last night. it was hoppin. lil fight with the parents. oh well. happens, right? i finally got to see the home and garden TV dream drive special on sumner. i was a bit disappointed by the interior of the geiger house, and i would have liked to have seen the profiles of a few other houses. but it did remind me that i live in the coolest neighborhood in spokane. well, i guess browne's addition is pretty cool, too. but not as cool. i need to get started on these JVC essays. and i need to figure out what my deal is with new year's eve. ack.

saturday, 29 december

quote of the day: "oops, i gave you a little head" -overheard at the bar last night

if i had to use one word to describe last night, it would be fred. i hadn't seen her for years. and we were both very drunk. and she had an adorable boy on her arm, whose name i can't remember for the life of me. (kyle, perhaps?) anyway, sorry for having taken a week off from the world of updates. it was a good break. i still don't have my laptop back, though, so i'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants as far as FTPing this stuff goes. other stuff from yesterday (i won't attempt to describe how much fun this break has been, despite not seeing nearly enough of allison): rufus won her basketball game, i went to gabby's with james; saw meg p. and jonathan there--i don't think i ran into anyone else i know last night. that was some real dark beer. didn't pull over any tables, though. that's gotta be a good thing. all in all: a fawking awesome evening. thanks to all involved.

friday, 21 december

quote of the day: "stop." "stop what?" "jacking off the washington monument" -overheard at the smithsonian

so many things have changed in my short life, in my time, that i thought would always be there. ahhh, blackhappy. best part of today: i'm going home. worst part of today: my mommy has to work early tomorrow, so i probably won't get to hang out with her tonight. campus was dead last night. which was good. and i did a lot of room inspections. and now i have to pack this morning. ugh. ok. to that. later, gators.

thursday, 20 december

quote of the day: (via hottipper amanda) "dad's out getting the chicken off" -mom

final today. AAACK. dinner with the LXRers at beppo's last night was molto fun. i got a magic 8 ball out of the deal, which has already told me how i'm gonna do in this course. at this point, i just want it to be over, so i can spend tonight on duty and doing room inspections. and order crispy spring rolls and panang from basil thai. and just chill. i just heard a quote i really like: "the long memory is the most radical idea in america" (utah phillips). we historians enjoy quotes like that :-) ok, back to studying.

wednesday, 19 december

quote of the day:
"saw travis tonight.
his girlfriend looks like she's twelve.
didn't sit by him"

yesterday was crazy, but without cause. i don't know how or why, but i ran around all day, even though i didn't really have anything to do. word on the street is that two of my five grades have been determined. i have to grade psych exams today. and i have a psych exam tomorrow. ugh. and i still have a LOT of work to do to finish up my own room and other room inspections. anyone want a yuengling? haha. come on. be a sport.

monday, 17 december

quote of the day: see below

so, my 18 hour absence from DC last night for lauren's party included four hours of sleep and 6 hours of driving. home time is much later than college time. and lots o' funny things overheard last night: "i'm going to bust at my seems, but i don't exactly know where they are" -sarah. "i speak fluent drunk" -mr. wall. "you're deep. deep like the grand canyon." -some guy whom sarah dated. "remember that time he had to call an ambulance because he had diarrhea so bad?" -lauren. "that said, i've really gotta get a drink" -lauren. "wen savvas orgamss he goes eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh" -meg. "i'm sure you have a hot butt" -woman to meg. what a weird party.

sunday, 16 december

quote of the day: "the worst case scenario is that he has a black V-neck" -some woman at the mall yesterday

if that's the worst case scenario, what do you think the best is? thank you to meg's mom and aunt for dinner at paolo's and adam for keeping me up way too late to hear me bitch about the everything from georgetown administration to... well... ok... maybe it was mostly about that. oops. headed to a party for lauren in philly today. hopefully, it will include her saying "i need to go into 'nova for a bit; would you like to join me, anthony?" we'll see. other interestng news: there's not any. i have a lot of books laying around my room. and it's kinda a mess. and i leave for home in 5 days!!! oh hurrah!

saturday, 15 december

quote of the day: "can i have the one that didn't touch the cock ring?" -mandahouse

a haiku for last night:
sax in the darkness:
metropolis, only no.
georgetown, not new york.

i already miss you a lot, manda. and i'm sad i didn't get to talk to you and puko last night. but that's fine. i'm glad you made it home safely. and i'm glad i the aardvark made it home safely, too. and i'm glad i have a fridge full of yuenling. and i'm glad bekah called last night. and i'm glad we had a googlebuttric meeting last night. and that i watched legally blonde at joe's house. and i'm glad for a lot of things, apparently. and that is good.

friday, 14 december

belated happy birthday to Aunty Mary Beth!
quote of the day: "i'm no theologian" -dr. juan "lightning rod" gonzalez

all apologies. no, really. i've run around too much this week, and i've dedicated too little time to a lot of things, this being one of the less pressing, if you'll believe that. mandahouse leaves for home to day. saddest day ever. no more breakfast buddy. have a safe trip, mia sorella! and remember, i'm muy jealous that you get to see everyone before i do. and remember, too, that you promised to let me talk to puko on the phone. and i'm gonna hold you to that. ok. gotta run to breakfast and the LOC now. take it easy, y'all.

wednesday, 12 december

quote of the day: "Drunk naked mile monday night wiped me out" -leskis, of course

so begins another day. a few morth thanks i forgot to mention yesterday: thanks to my parents for creating me and to my mother in particular for bearing me. and thanks to both of my families for giving me the genes that make me go bald. and thanks to aunty mary beth for one of the most random birthday greetings ever (bede ranks second only to her daugher's card about loving me even if i were a lazy cripple). anyway, three meetings and one holiday party today--in riggs library, oooh, aaaah. take care, y'all.

tuesday, 11 december

quote of the day: "because you only turn 21 once" -scott

remembering back, i can say without a doubt that my 21st birthday was much better than my 17th. the 18th birthday was tough to beat, though: seattle prep giving me a day off as an advent/birthday present. sorry about the lack of updates the last couple days. i've seriously been spending a TINY fraction of my waking hours in my room, unlike earlier in the semester. when do i get to take a nap, eh? thanks to everyone who made my birthday so great (esp. the kind folks who took me to the tombs at midnight and bought me several many shots, and sarah, our waitress at the tombs that night). and thanks to my mom and maria for sending me funny birthday cards. and thanks to amanda for buying my dinner last night at bistrot du coin. and thanks to the squo who wants to be a jesuit for making me laugh today. ok. enough. maybe now it's time for a nap.

sunday, 9 december

quote of the day: "i'd like to do a sociological experiment in which i prostituted myself" -marco

i think i broke my thumb last night. i wasn't even drunk. i was trying to open a bottle of champagne, though. i'll add that to the list of reasons i hate champagne. blech. otherwise, though, it was a fun night, i guess. i'm ready to go home, though, if i haven't mentioned that before. stoopid being an RA. on the horizon: chanukah at sunset! and my 21st birthday at midnight! bistrot du coin tomorrow evening. YUM. i have to find a box for my giving tree gift. crud. take it easy, y'all.

saturday, 8 december

quote of the day: "i used to have sex with stuffed animals" -ian

i know i know. it's real late for an update. it's a lazy weekend, though. and now, anyway, it's drizzly. i made the first salad of my 21 minus 2 days existence. that was weird. i wish i could watch the emporor's new groove tonight. tomorrow night, perhaps. that would be the best ever. ok. i'm gonna go do NOTHING now. and love it. later, gators.

friday, 7 december

quote of the day: "he's just a whatever" -the moooooo

i sat down at my computer yesterday afternoon, after my last class, and i thought to myself, "what's next on the docket?" and then i realized that i could do whatever i wanted. i haven't had free time since august, i swear to god. i didn't know what to do with myself. i haven't been to m street or dupont just to chill in ages. it's been too long. so, here are study days. and it's wicked warm out, so i'm gonna start enjoying myself. and start doing christmas shopping. and keep missing home. love y'all.

thursday, 6 december

quote of the day: "he's mostly eating a lot and, you know, playing with women" -my history professor

three cheers for weekly periodical day. three brazillion cheers for being done with papers for the semester. and infinity cheers for ending my streak of sleep deprivation in the upcoming days. where did this semester go? it was kinda the semester that wasn't, it would seem. ah, well. it's over now, except for finals. finals schminals. tough to believe i might be entering my last semester of college here pretty quick. ok. i really ought to shower. i smell bad.

wednesday, 5 december

quote of the day: "don't make me eat all these jellybeans by myself" -my psych professor

a lil grumpy right now. and a lot ready for 36 hours from now, when i'm going to be sleeping. sleeping for days. sleeping off a rough semester. one of the few things freakier than 68 degrees on 1 december is 73 degrees on 5 december. but i'm gonna wear shorts today. on the 2nd to last day of classes. and i'm gonna love it.

i forgot to mention in yesterday's update that i castigated gtown's vp of student affairs fairly harshly in a meeting on monday. we'd given him three weeks to respond to the presentation we made at our previous meeting, and he came in utterly unprepared. he did, however, have a mantra: "we're a catholic school." when i told him that saying that over and over didn't constitute an arguement against the center, that it was just a vague objection that didn't help anyone, he made a face at me somewhere between disgust and dismissal. it was utterly unprofessional and inappropriate, and my mom in me came out for the occasion. me: "dr. gonzalez, do you have something to say?" dr g: "uhhhhh...no" me: "i was just curious, since my last comment elicited such a strong facial response" dr g: "uhhhhh...no." i don't think he's used to being called on that stuff. he needs to be, though. in our earlier meeting he actually rolled his eyes at another student's statements. not ok.

tuesday, 4 december

happy 21st, lauren w!!!
quote of the day: "a little bit of papa johns. a little bit of beer. this one has some potential" -overheard near the potomac

Please keep Prof. Lepgold and his family in your prayers today. I'm working on my paper all day and all night. And that's today's update.

monday, 3 december

quote of the day: "i wish i was that snowboard" -rob

last night, whilst slaving over the english paper that would not die (although, as an aside, i did identify its achiles heel late late last night), i was fortunate enough to be able to witness firsthand the phenomenon that no doubt earned DC's bottom the descriptor 'foggy.' cold temperatures coupled with a still warm river to beget dense potomac fog, clinging weightily to her banks. with the river's winding and the seemingly omnipresent winter wind, though, the mist jumped its tracks, pouring into downtown washington and bringing a smile to the face of yours truly. oh. and i'm meeting with dr. g today. wish me luck.

sunday, 2 december

quote of the day: "you did take it in the butt a couple times" -mom

i think, maybe, that i hate writing papers. it's not coming along with anywhere near the ease i had hoped for. regardless, i push on, hoping to be half done today. realistically, that probably won't happen. brunch with amanda today, then petitioning, then gospel choir, then mass. so maybe, we'll see, but i'm not getting my hopes up. perhaps tomorrow. ugh. good luck to all at the end of this hellish term!

saturday, 1 december

go NAVY, beat army!
quote of the day: "i like it when she's drunk" -joe

so, here we are in december. i must admit i'm a little freaked out by that, especially as it means i really do have to do all the work i've avoided oh-so-successfully for the majority of the semester. so today i'm in hididng. tomorrow, i won't have that luxury, unfortunately. but this will get done. i'm on the verge of breaking the 30 page english paper up into six smaller papers, that i will reassemble when i'm done working on each of them individually. i think that will help my sanity. first i've gots to go bathe and eat, though, and at some point i have to do laundry, so i have something to wear when we meet with dr. juan "i'm stalling, but i don't want you to know that" gonzalez. bah.