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friday, 30 november

quote of the day:"give gay people an inch, they take fifty million dollars" -some washington post feature article from 1986

there's something altogether disconcerting about hitting 72 degrees on the last day of november. the 96 hours of near 100% humidity is a bit unnerving, as well. more than anything, though, mesh shorts are my friend. sharks sure are cool, aren't they? this 30 page paper isn't writing itself. that's why i'm a giant misanthrope. ack. weekend is here. last weekend of classes. most work EVER. ok. time to buckle down.

thursday, 29 november

quote of the day:"you're touching yourself, so you're getting it through two different pathways" -prof. walker

sorry about not updating yesterday. like many wednesdays, i spent way too much time running around campus like a chicken with my head cut off. anyway, i'm still really busy and really tired, and really looking forward to a week from today, when i can take a little breather. not a big one, of course. never a big one. i'm ready to go home. very ready. it is snowy there.

tuesday, 27 november

quote of the day:"they've been at it for a long time" -fr. ribeiro

ever have one of those days that remind you of your freshman year of high school. maybe it's the exhileratingly grey weather or maybe it's my curly curly hair, but i'm definitely rememberin ninth grade. and ninth grade reminds me of katie, so today i'll give a shout out to katie for being so damn cool, and then i'll go back to writing the 10 page history paper that wouldn't quit. later, gators.

monday, 26 november

quote of the day:"do i get head?" -allison d.

so, i can't say we didn't miss allison l. immensely at our thanksgiving celebrations. i can say, however, that it was another of the best weekends EVER. i'm perpetually amazed at how much fun i have doing just about nothing with spokane kids (and hector and mitch--honorary spokane kids). so, here's a little taste of what the rest of you missed:

i've never been happier in my life hey allison, remember that time you made the vent go up? see you at the lambert's christmas party one beer buzzed, two beer drunk, three beer passed out no siblings in strip poker drinking games with spokane kids three hours of never have i ever mike, i can't take a picture, it's your shaver not ruff: HOOORAH! a toast to naps, and i don't mean the naval acadamy prep school sometimes i take my roommmate's birth control placebo for fun...i mean, no i don't 5 giant weiners mike just kept ruuunnniiinnnggg psycho kitty, fluffy cat, and fat cat scary stairs/poor glacier red robin sure was good/too bad you missed the orgy what type of underwear is ______ wearing? and, no, i still won't give you head what time is it in england? we didn't even get the dog drunk! dino pictures i thought i'd be able to go to the lighthouse no mudslides, but plenty of beer

so, that was that. 25 days til i get to go home. i can't even wait. also: check out chapters four and five in the ol' family cookbook, which i got transcribed over the weekend. and town of george kids: come see my lil christmas tree. oh, how i love christmas season!!

Please keep the Engel family in your prayers.

wednesday, 21 november

An early Happy Thanksgiving to all!
quote of the day:"one person's stink is another person's pheremone" -prof. walker.

anyhow, it's break now. and i have to pack pretty quick so i'm ready to leave for annapolis by 12:30. i hope you each have a safe and happy thanksgiving. there's a lot i'm thankful for. i think i listed some of them last november. you can read them in the archives. haha. ok. bubba's signing off until monday. peace.

tuesday, 20 november

quote of the day: no one really had a chance to say anything funny to me yesterday, since i locked myself in my room and all

it really doesn't feel like the cusp of thanksgiving break. mike and allison and hector: looks like we got our wish for a not freezing thanksgiving, and we didn't even have to go to florida. anyhow, i didn't finish the history paper, so i think i'm gonna take the extension. and then i'm gonna study my butt off for the psych exam this afternoon: AAAACK. so ready for this break. so ready for christmas, even. i miss you, spokane.

monday, 19 november

quote of the day: "you're free to get up and roam about the classroom, but you might be snagged." -prof. walker

today, the work continues. because it has to. and i'm gonna be a hermit. but at least it will be 70 degrees out. or if weather.com has it's way, it will be, anyway.

sunday, 18 november

quote of the day: "once the glaciers come, the neighborhood is finished" -gpig guy.

yeserday: homeless walk, holocaust museum, petitioning, dinner, laundry, improv. today: breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner, work, mass, work. see a pattern?

saturday, 17 november

quote of the day: "i don't care if you're a folk singer. you have to stand in line" -security guard at the prison of learning yesterday.

so. first even remotely significant incident on the floor. someone felt the need to throw salsa, chips, and chocolate suace all over the damn lounge. the chips made it to the ground. most of the rest is on the ceiling and walls. it's a mess, but i think housing is freaking out a bit unduly. anyhow: other interesting things that happened yesterday: i saw pete seeger at the LOC. i had my first admissions meeting. wow. learned a lot there. dinner at basil thai, wonderful as always. and then a little get together at chris's house, where, per usual, joe and i spent most of our time discusssing tactical plans for getting this center put together. today: walk for the homeless. holocaust museum. petitioning. history paper. and apple cup. sorry, aardvark, but i really must remind my readers to cheer for the huskies ;-)

friday, 16 november

quote of the day: "i'm a one trick pony" -prof. walker

so, i think my psych professor is wicked cool. and i study my butt off in that class probably moreso than any other psych class i've ever taken, but i still manage to do insanely poorly on the evaluative excercises. it's quite aggravating. the woodstock forum last night was cool. i was introduced to president degioia and the provincial of the maryland province of the society of jesus. fr. kemp sings my praises a little too strongly, though, i fear. gonna be a shock, i suppose, when i end up stepping on a lot of toes. anyhow, my 8 day break from the library of congress ends today. i'll only have 3 odd hours there. cuz i have a meeting for the admissions committee at 3:30 this afternoon. and a lot of work to do all days, bub. all days.

i forgot yesterday to mention the funniest exchange i've ever had with bobbo hobbo:
"what did you do tonight?" -bobbo
"i just got back from a meeting with amanda." -bubba
"oh...yeah. how's AA going?" -bobbo
you're funny, bobbo. i like you. i'll see you in a little over a month: YAAAAAY. love you, too, btw. ;-)

thursay, 15 november

quote of the day: "barley is very important" -prof. paxton

we'll sart off the day with report of a dream involving yours truly by hot tipper and cousin mine maria: "oh man, bubba, i had the weirdest dream the other night. we were both in seattle trying to get to spokane, and we were going to fly there. so we got this great deal---super cheap---but we had to fly through india. so we had a night in india to check some things out before flying to spokane. so we were trying to decide what to see--maybe the taj mahal? annie ann came to say goodbye to us and i was getting worried about not having any rupees and how we were going to get a cab. it was rough. i woke up before we got on the plane, though, so i cant tell you how it went. it was so weird. i told my mom about it and i think she didnt quite know what to say."

in other news, my day of 3 classes and 7 meetings is, thankfully, over. it ended with a dinner from lil cafe that took a mind blowing hour and fifty minutes to arrive. the meeting with dr. gonzalez was, well, less than satisfying. i am currently regrouping for the next round of planning. cross your fingers.

wednesday, 14 november

quote of the day: "we have bussed in gay people from the outside" -prof. walters

ok. there are about a million cool things to tell y'all today, some of which are being told because of my own forgetfullness yesterday morning, others are things that happened yesterday, and some are poised to occur today. first off, happy beginning of food drive, g. prepsters. get out there and do your thing; enjoy the best week of the school year. also, a belated happy birthday to seattle, which celebrated the 150th anniversary of its founding yesterday. and many thanks to sister carol, for providing an AMAZING thanksgiving dinner for the LXR RAs on monday night. i'd like to congratulate the united states conferrence of catholic bishops on electing wilton gregory as their president--the first african american to hold that post. equally exciting for me personally was the news that william skylstad, spokane's bishop, was elected vice-president of the conferrence. hooray. i always knew we had an amazing bishop. anyway, to today: we're meeting with dr. juan gonzalez, vice president of student affairs, in an effort to convince or otherwise bully him into acquiescing to our resource center request. that means i have to get dressed up, which i don't want to do. oh well, i hope y'all have a good days. a week til thanksgiving break, and i've already had 3 thanksgiving dinners this year.

tuesday, 13 november

quote of the day: "your friend and stenciled goose" -rufus

you know, i looked at my calendar for the week, and it looked pretty promising. one dot. no Xs. (dots mean little assignments, Xs big assignments). it lied, though. there should have been an X on today, along with a warning that all my evenings would be spoken for before the week even began. the aardvark left yesterday. i dropped him off at union station so he could take the marc train to BWI. from BWI, though, united put him in a towncar and sent him back into DCA. crazy airlines. at least they gave him a voucher for a free flight. come back, aardvark, come back. :-P

monday, 12 november

quote of the day: "everyone from the west coast is very west coasty." -meg

the aardvark leaves this afternoon. sad day. i've got sooooooooo much to do after that. ack. that's no good. at least thanksgiving is pretty soon. oh wait, that's no better. damn. well, how bout this: christmas break ain't too far away. and that will be the best ever. mass was a lot of fun last night. it's always good to see fr. kemp. ok. break.

sunday, 11 november

quote of the day: "my bottom hurt when i sneezed." -aaron

it takes a pretty good movie to be worth $12 to me. but life as a house was. and is. and i'd see it again. you know, seen from a distnance, it's perfect. wow. what a movie. the whole damn theater was in tears. today: meeting about the remains of the day, and mass (!!!!) and a lil brunch at the tombs. last full day with the aardvark. sad day.

saturday, 10 november

quote of the day: "you didn't put it in right." -mandahouse

one month until the ole birthday. yesterday, aaron and i walked around kalorama and saw WICKED cool houses. wow. those are cool. anyway, yeah. i didn't get to eat nearly enough yesterday. and that sucks. maybe today. oooh. basil thai. oooh. pizzeria paradiso. oooh. sushi. damn. so much food. so little time. and some work. we tried to studynap yeterday. it turned into 2 minutes of studying and 238 minutes of napping. from which we never quite recovered. today: more activity, i hope. i had dreams about camp reed last night. and yesterday, a girl offered me "sweet cali chronic." oh yeah.

friday, 9 november

quote of the day: "you're just trying to make me come." -rob

so, the aardvark is here. and we went to the lands of the bad last night. that was nifty. drunk drunk drunk ian. drunk ian. did i mention that ian was drunk? cuz he was. very drunk. that's really about all i have to see. saw a few surprising people at the club, as well. intemaresting. later, gators. oh, and rob's a big loser for not coming.

thursday, 8 november

quote of the day: "you're coming with me, napkin." -mandahouse

aaron is coming today. fun fun fun. and prof. agoston loved my prospectus, so i think i've earned a little break for the weekend. i think i have more to say, but i'm feeling pretty pressed for time, so i have to cut this short. oh, i did have a dream last night in which puko and missy came to visit, but puko got lost without her collar. when i finally found her near the RHO, she growled at me when i picked her up. that's not like puko. i didn't like that.

wednesday, 7 november

quote of the day: "i don't have the exact dimensions for you, but it's big." -prof paxton

i love my home state to death, don't get me wrong. but those people consistently vote for tim eyman's tax-limiting initiatives which i'm pretty sure are secretly designed to bankrupt the state. grrrrr. i know, it would be a great idea to put a cap on property tax increases that is well below inflation. then the state will spend money more responsibly. besides, we want to know where our money is going, and the state isn't telling us. hey. earth to washingtonians. they're called public records. you can go see where the money's going. it's not that tough. and the state isn't going to spend money more efficiently. they're going to cut support programs and staff. they're going to get freeways half built before running out of money for the project. they're going to build stoopid, half thought-out projects like the soundtransit link light rail cuz it "saves money." they're going to have less moeny for fire and police departments and paramedics...

*continues grumbling, well into the day...*

monday, 5 november

Happy Birthday to John "21 is a state of mind" Christianson!
quote of the day: "i'm glad i don't think that way" -ragamuffin, on youthink.com

i forgot to show y'all this article yesterday. it's surprising. i was surprised, anyway. particularly since it was the first i'd heard of it, and i would think that some watchgroup should be saying something. then again, it happened on a much larger scale 60 years ago, and very few people said anything then. i guess during times of war, we're supposed to turn a blind eye to the domestic injustices of our own government. and that sucks. ok. i'm going to go to the LOC again today. last time before i turn in the prospectus, thank goodness. happy birthday, hota hota say.

sunday, 4 november

quote of the day: "there's no spandex in georgetown" -ashley

so nothing fun happened last night, despite my best wishes to the contrary. in the end, i just wanted to spend some time alone, reading and drifting in and out of consciousness. the end result was the most satisfying night of sleep i've had in recent memory. the library of congress was mildly productive yesterday. i've started consolidating my bibliography, which is more time consuming than i would have imagined. but it's immensely satisfying at the same time. so, i need to run. gotta go see the mandahouse get her crew on. have a good one.

saturday, 3 november

quote of the day: "please don't bagel me" -mandahouse

most duty nights, the grand majority of lockouts happen between 9:00 pm and midnight. last night i had one at 12:30 (after i was asleep), one at 3:00, and one at 7:45. i hate the frickin residents in my building. but not on my floor. my floor is the shiznit. i'm going back to the LOC today. i'm kinda grumpy about it already. please, anyone: let's do something fun tonight. i'm about to go crazy from doing too much work.

friday, 2 november

All Souls' Day
quote of the day: "a priest got stuck in traffic this morning, and my day has been chaos ever since" -prof paxton

back to the LOC. oh yes. i am, however, excited to announce that i've started work on a new section for the site: got washington?. just a teeny weeny bit is done so far, and i'm not planning to post as i go. i will, rather, post when i get a substantial, working portiono of the site up. i'm on duty tonight: blah. but: aardvark in 6 days! oh. i almost forgot to mention. it's supposed to be 75 again today. i love DC on rare occasions. this is one of them.

thursday, 1 november

All Saints' Day
quote of the day: "he's a cutie pie" -scary woman dressed in a vinyl nurse outfit at TMBG

i must admit that i was a little worried that something awful would happen last night. i'm glad nothing did. the concert was great. the only thing that could have made it better would have been if brandon had joined us... since my first they might be giants experience occured with him, a bunch of whiny girls, jabber, and the open road. was it yellowstone? i think it may have been. that would have meant we listened to it for banff and glacier, too. coulda been. 8 years ago. wow. anyway, today is gonna be brutal. it's a holy day of obligation, in case you didn't know. i have my one-on-one with divina at 10. and class from 1:15 to 5:30 straight. ugh. BUT, on a good note, the volunteer-public service postgrad options fair is 3 to 6 today in the copley formal lounge. and i can get my nify new GU ID card. hooray.