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30 September 2000



song of the day: “poison” by bel biv devoe cuz it reminds me of my first summer at camp reed.
quote of the day: “no medicine cures what happiness cannot” ~Gabriel Garcia Márquez

it's the last day of september. scary larry. yesterday was another great day, if i do say so myself. i gave blood. i went to wyclef. i found a ride to an ani concert in november. i didn't do my homework. it was all good, yo. i think i'm going to a museum today with lauren, if she's still alive. i entertained a notion of going to the football game, but it just doesn't fit into my schedule. homework homework homework. maybe i should actually do laundry today. perhaps tomorrow.

sorry for the brevity. my brain is a little fuzzy this morning. in my dream last night, i was trying to get to Rosh Hashanah services, but there was a chasm between me and the synagogue. then, later, i had to drive a hummer up the steps between reiss and red square...i don't think the two were related, but i could be wrong.

29 September 2000

song of the day: “anything can happen” cuz it's wyclef night...
quote of the day: “go ahead, push your luck, find out how much love the world can hold” ~dar williams

i don't even know what happened yesterday, but it was a lot of fun. i had a quiz in each of my classes, which was kinda lame, i guess, but neither of them really phased me. i actually did a li'l homework in the afternoon. being that it was a thursday, lauren and i did our normal thing: dupont culture. this time we even had company: meg and sam. there will be one or two pics forthcoming. we went to the phillips collection and effectively cheated them out of $4. good for us, right? anyway, we lost the girls. guess where they were. the museum shop. in the basement. is that logical? we didn't think so, either. then we went to dinner at bistro du coin. then we went to a capella at LXR. fun fun fun. then to danielles for a li'l more fun. then back here and almost to bed, but not nearly fast enough. today should be scary...i'm giving blood: ACK. needles. ACK. but they're mad low on o-neg, so i feel like i really ought.

i cannot say that i remember much of my dream...except the part where i was at a sandwhich shop and an alligator was gnawing at my ankle, so i kicked it in the eye. and it ate a poodle. i wasn't sure when i woke up, but i just got confirmation from my roommate: someone called our room at like 2:30 or 3:30 asking for “john or andre.” so if you know who that was, please give them a swift kick in the shins for us.

28 September 2000

song of the day: “untouchable face,” cuz now it's sam's first ani song, too.
quote of the day: “i always feel really self-rigtheous whenever i eat fruit” ~me

yesterday will be one for the history books. breakfast was sublime, even though the waffle machine effectively disemboweled my waffle. then i got to talk about “topi” in my italian class. then i ate lunch. then i got my psych quiz back, then i went to history, which sucked, but it's always great to see yer grad student TA laughing out loud cuz the prof's a big dolt. anywho. i got back from history to find the best care package ever: a rain jacket, cookies, 5 new toothbrushes, butler protect drops, a new prescription stannous flouride treatment, and tooth bleach. three cheers for oral hygeine, eh? anyway, the day took a turn for the worse when i made a complete fool of myself in front of my crush...how do i always manage to do that? yesterday was unpredictable. i hope today is, as well. the chase is half the fun, always remember that. i'd like to give a shout out to my roomie, seth, in hopes of his having a ginormously wonderful thursday. tonight is bound to be interesting...the a capella thing on top of LXR will no doubt be far too socially stressful for me to deal with... i guess i should keep my chin up and go in with a smile on my face.

dream, dream, dream, dre-e-e-e-eam...ok, yeah. i only remember chunks of yesterevening's subconscious romps. the first part i remember is a scary-ass monster thing that was eating every attractive man he found. don't ask me where that came from...i honestly cannot tell you. the next part was a li'l less whacked-out: an ani concert. anyway, it was at this tiny little coffee house, and half the audience was seated at tables. there weren't many people there at all, so those of us standing were right up against the stange. and ani came up to me and introduced herself... she was like “hi, i'm ani difranco, and i'm from buffalo, new york” and i was like “yeah, i knew that, dude. i'm anthony house. i'm from spokane, washington.” anyway, then it got weirder. i was watching a guy who was visiting his fiance's (sp?) house, and he went up to her room and was looking at her veil, and her dad came into the room (and he looked just like pavarotti) and told him that his daughter had eloped with another man. THEN i was in a forest watching a bulldozer knock down a single row of trees about 50 feet wide and 300 ft long. then i flew over the area in a helicopter. then i was in allison's family's suburban eating taco time. it was kinda like a series of short films i guess.

27 September 2000

song of the day: “i wish” by skeelo...cuz now it's the official room song here.
quote of the day: “you have nice hips, and sometimes you smell good” ~stephen white

will this month ever end. it would seem not. it's wednesday. woohoo. if my world were sane, i wouldn't be having theology tomorrow. alas, i do. yesterday was cold. yup. that's a good way to describe it. hopefully, things will heat up a little today. i have to turn in my study proposal for my research methods class. and i have to do a skit about rats in a swimming pool for my italian class. and i have to suffer through another day of asian civ. ya know what's weird? there are 5 (!!) men's restrooms on the 2nd floor of ICC...overkill, much?

the main part of my dream last night was really scary: an experimental psychologist had kidnapped my cousin stephanie (although for a while, stephanie was actually my sister amanda) and had killed all the guards at a prison, where he locked her. why had he kidnapped my cousin? to teach her etymology, of course. the scariest part was that her eyes were at stake if she didn't learn her stuff. anyway, to save her amanda (when she wasn't the prisoner) and i had to ride a dogsled into the prison and hide in this weird women's restroom until the maids were out of the hallway. well, when my mission had been completed, brandon and i had to do one last thing: go visit mrs. hughes, my fifth grade teacher. that was that...my mission for the night was achieved, thank goodness.

26 September 2000

song of the day: “heaven is a place on earth” by tiffany...cuz the 80s rock.
quote of the day: “he's stunning. boys aren't supposed to be stunning.” ~meg spillane

last night was GREAT. i can't say enough good things about it. yup. just ask meg. she saw the glimmer in my eye. i was bouncing off the walls, for goodness' sake. i didn't do much homework, i must admit, but still, i'd say it was a productive evening. anyway, the first amnesty mtg was, in a single word, chaos. afterwards, though, i met a transfer who knows my friend dan from spo and my classmate bryan from seattle prep. the world is consistently the smallest thing ever, i've decided. today is looking to be another drizzly, cold day. oh how i love this weather. people in DC seem to think that umbrellas are absolutely necessary for drizzle. HA. it's tuesday. i have two classes today.

alas, i remember naught of my dream from last night cuz i was awoken by the alarm. i do remember speaking incoherently to seth last night when he got back. i bet my dream involved my fh, but that's just a guess...

25 September 2000

Can we all say “3 months til Christmas”??

song of the day/MY LIFE: “dilate” by ani difranco
quote of the day: “have you ever been on a road that feels like an airplane?” ~my cooler than snot roommate, seth.

you know what stinks? when someone you thought had a modicum of social tact falls into a pattern of socially dense behavior. yeah, so i put a new picture up on the fifth page of the photo gallery today. it's not a very good picture of me, but i'm letting that slide, so y'all can see caitlin and abby. yesterday i saw the freshman hottie at breakfast AND dinner... plus, i got a l'il nod/smile thing at dinner. how splendiferous is that? no, i can't see how wide your arms are right now, you dorks. heheh, j/k. on the way back from late nite, i was chasing a roll of masking tape down the path in front of healy, and i came pretty darn close to killing myself on a lamp-post cuz seth neglected to yell “anthony, you idiot, look where you're going, for the love of the Blessed Virgin.” john declared that we're now even for my having locked seth out in a towel the other day, so i guess that's that.

my dream last night started with my being at the gtown bookstore, only i was sitting on a small, white futon under one of those big windowed outcroppings like they have at my daddy's new office. i was sitting there, minding my business, when suddenly an acquaintance from spokane sat down next to me. she's a year younger than i and extremely pretty. her mom was with her. i asked what they were up to and where she was going to college, and she said “cataldo.” well, cataldo is where i went to grade school, so i gave her a funny look. she told me that cataldo had used a large donation to set up a second campus in italy, where they hoped to continue to extend their educational mission as an institution of tertiary academe. anyway, they went on their merry way, and i was left to climb the exorcist steps. they were longer and steeper than i remembered them, and by the time i got to the top, i found myself in seattle, near prep. well, i went to drop my backpack off at my aunt and uncle's house, but when i got there no one was home. the door wasn't locked though, which i thought odd. the dream ended as i fell into a fish bowl, apparently as punishment for my insolence. and so began my day...

24 September 2000


song of the day: “weep for jamie” by pp&m, cuz it's mad scary, and it was in my dream last night.
quote of the day: “che film? CHE FILM?!? ANIMAL HOUSE!” ~my insane italian professor.

yesterday was chaos. between going to SE to watch a video about the homeless--oh yes, that's how it went down--and going to caitlin's b-day party anything and everything seemed to happen, except homework. oh my goodness, i have bum-loads of homework to do today. ugh ugh ugh. other weird mentionables from yesterday: trying to make that durn AI pamphlet, and i had some great thai food right before i went to caitlin's shindig.

my dreamland last night was broken up by two trips to the restroom and one alarm going off...don't ask me how it got set. as far as i can remember, it was a replay of the time becky and i went to a random dam at lake pend orielle over the summer, and we had to cross unusually active train tracks on our way from the ranger-hut to the damn itself, where we accidentally tried to trespass on federal property. demarcating the dream from reality was the fact that beckers was replaced by amanda, it was night time, and we weren't on foot. rather, we were riding on a jet- powered tricycle. then i found myself in brandon's garage, looking through his CD collection--every single CD he had was sublime's 40 oz. to freedom. as if that wasn't odd enough, there was a divot for your thumb at the top of the CD, so the darn things weren't circular at all. my cousins louis and martha were running around in circles in the middle of the garage, and felix (brandon's cat) came out to tell them to stop and to tell me to get to work on planing (yes, as in carpentry) the bike brandon got back in like 5th grade. i wonder what it all means...

23 September 2000

song of the day: “posse on broadway” by sir mix-a-lot.
quote of the day: “i know you're asleep, but i was just thinking that it'd be really scary if someone's neck flab attacked you.” ~mandahouse

oh no! weekend is here! i hate when this finally happens. it's a lot more fun to look forward to the weekend than to have it actually be here. oh well. yesterday i accidentlally locked seth out of the room while he was in the shower. i'm sure i'm gonna get YEARS in purgatory for that. so a giant “i'm sorry” to my roommate, who had to go to the RHO in his towel. poor guy. other highlights of yesterday: making my own stir-fry at new south during my first dinner; having my second dinner with seth, danielle, and will; and xando later in the evening. today i'm going on a field trip to SE with my theology class. fun fun fun. so i'm up too early on a saturday morning, not even doing my work. i also have to make a little pamphlet for the amnesty meeting monday night. that should be a bear. argh.

sadly, i don't remember my dream cuz i was rudely awoken by an alarm clock. if i do remember it, though, i'll make sure to tell y'all.

22 September 2000

song of the day: “who knows where the time goes” by carly simon
quote of the day: “i say if it works for you, work it” ~fr. kemp

my mommy had to work the night shift last night. i hope she gets plenty of sleep today.

lauren and i went to teaism yesterevening, where i once again ordered the chai shake to end all chai shakes. then we walked up connecticut a bit, and saw tons of cool things, including bistro du coin, and a nifty li'l italian market. yay. the highlight, though, must be the poster i got. oh, yes; it's ani difranco. not only that, though: it's ani difranco holding a book about woody guthrie and encouraging us to read. does it get any better? i think not. after our excursion, i wasted two hours of my life that i'll never get back. how sad.

the dream was a li'l disjointed last night. it started with me being asked to join a secret humanitarian society that was founded when someone hung a brown hammock in a church somewhere, so he could sleep. then, unfortunately, they razed the church, and put a red robin up in its place. well, the hammock got put up in the red robin, too. anywho, i was supposed to do my part in ending human suffering by flying around and taking photographs of the seven natural wonders of the world. first, though, i had to go home. when i got there, robert was swinging a bunch of weights around his head. i told him to stop (cuz, really, that's not very safe, eh?), but he wouldn't. plus--he was wearing my seattle prep spirit olympics shirt. so what did i do? i tackled him and stole his shirt. that made him cry. so i gave it back to him but told my mom to give it to me in the next wash. then amanda had to leave to pick up the movie paint at blockbuster...i don't even know if there is such a movie. anyway, she left, and i resumed my mission to take pictures. i was in africa, on a very thin ledge, shimmying my way toward angel falls, and i came to a break in the ledge. there was a man on the other side of the break, and he wanted me to help him across. i realized that he was an unethical psychologist (?!?) however, and refused. then i woke up in the fetal position, thoroughly satisfied.

21 September 2000

I think it's the autumnal equinox, but don't hold me to that.

song of the day: “what's up?” by 4 non blondes (8th grade leadership camp with allison...aaaaaaahhh yeaaaaaah)
quote of the day: “is it just me, or is there a lot of sexual tension between those people in the italian video?” ~nina, a random girl in my italian class

the clouds just norh of the town of george are absolutely amazing this morning. it's too bad st. mary's is right below them in my view. i'm not doing the mass thing this morning because i want to eat at some point, and i have to go to the language lab after my theology class. thursday is the best day of the week--you have everything to look forward to. perhaps i'll actually start doing the work i've been intending to do for so long. prolly not. i had two exams yesterday. maybe it's just me, but i get a lot more nervous about exams after them than i get before them. yas yas, i'm a phreak.

the only part of my dream i remember (besides careening down a narrow street in seattle past a greek orthodox church in a black stretch-suburban limo) is watching brand new ani songs download on napster. goodness goodness goodness. ok, i have to get dressed now, or so society tells me. a good day to all.

20 September 2000

song of the day: “dead skunk in the middle of the road” by louden wainwright III
quote of the day: “i'm not that radical, am i? i could be.” ~fr. kemp

it's finally hump day. woohoo. i have two exams today. yesterday, being the responsible student that i am, i decided that it would be much wiser to use my time IMing people and playing freecell than studying. story of my life, eh? however, i must say that i enjoyed talking to brandon on the phone very much, and--as always--it was a pleasure to speak with my family yesterevening. i also had the chance to discuss my study abroad plans with prof. moran cruz, which was nice. today is james' first day of school, so best of luck to him as that gets underway. i feel like i've been here forever...and it's only been 22 days. wow. time goes slow when you're working your little tookus off.

last night in bubba's dream world i was working at two different nordstroms in seattle, one of which has tons of natural light (not that there's actually one of those in seattle) and one with no natural light (ugh). and i worked a week sans natural light, and when i got back to the other store, all the white coats were on sail and someone had stolen my dog. so, following the impeccable logic of my dreams, i was forced to watch a video that i thought at first was the ugly duckling. but after the baby swan was ostracized by those darn ducklings, a raven flew down and killed him/her/it. that was unexpected. my dream continued, but alas i remember naught of it.

19 September 2000

song of the day: “charlie and the MTA” by the kingston trio
quote of the day: “i just want to be touched” ~shannon

tuesday, tuesday. mass, class, doctor appointment, exam in italian, lunch, then who knows. the day will do its thing in its own time. as hamlet said, “There's a divinity that shapes our ends / Rough-hew them how we will.” i'm abouts to leave for mass, though, so i gots to run. sadly, all i remember about my dreams from last night is having moved into a dorm room that had no windows, but the whole ceiling was glass, and there were 3 doors to it. and there was a skunk that would always wait outside the bathroom when i was done, and (s)he wouldn't spray me or anything...just go into the bathroom as i would leave. yesterday was the day of too many meetings, though i did come to the conclusion that prof. howard and prof. moran cruz are two of the coolest people i have EVER met, so they get mad props.

18 September 2000

song of the day: “goodbye earl” by the dixie chicks (yes, in honor of T)
quote of the day: “no milk will ever be our milk” ~veronica vaughn, billy madison

it's monday: AAAAAAAAAAAH. my gawd, where'd the weekend go? actually, in all reality, it was a good weekend. i got caught up on sleep, and i did a bunch of homework. meg and i went to the nat cat yesterday to study...it was very surreal, between the nonstop bells, the white trash playing frisbee, the dogs, the gnats that only seemed to be bothering our blanket, and the cello player and the painter a few benches away. all in all, though, it was fun. we even got to swing by fresh fields on the way back to campus, which meg agreed has the best cheese selection in DC. i went to a way too crowded 8:30 mass last night. and i was actually up with plenty of time to get dressed and go to mass this morning, but i am too lazy to walk that far--how horrible is that?

in continuing to make this my de facto dream journal...last night i dreamt that beckers and i were on a high speed train from DC to chicago, only we had to stop in sacremento (random city? yes). when we were just outside sacremento county (is there actually a sacremento county?), we passed construction of a giant freeway arch-bridge that looked suspisciously similar to the skinner-box pigeon-pecking diagrams in my psych research methods book...go figure. bobbo was in charge of the next construction we passed. he was building a giant noose with which to hang a giant penguin that had been terrorizing chicago. then, suddenly, the noose-penguin combination made the JLS ask my mom to chair another golf exhibition (?!?!?!?). and she said YES (?!?!?). anyway, fred couples was in that part of the dream. then i woke up, and my clock said 5:03, and then i went back to sleep and dreamt that our house was under attack, and our parents were gone, and amanda refused to stay in for the night, and the dogs wanted out. unfortunately, that dream didn't resolve itself before i woke up for good.

17 September 2000

song of the day: “hammer and a nail” by the indigo girls
question of the day: “when did you cave in to the role that you were cast in?” ~dar williams

i'm in a much better mood today. don't ask me why. highlights from yesterday: SAC fair, my daddy calling me, james calling me, finally doing my laundry, getting a mad cool AI button. the weather was a bit tenuous, as was my mood, but it all panned out. now if i could just stop choking to death on the piles of work with which i'm trying to get caught up, i'd be set. i'd like to give a shout out to both allisons, for brightening my mood in the past couple days. you two are the awesomest.

oooooh...i almost forgot. i had the most whacked out dream EVER last night. it started in NYC where my mom and becky and my auntie ann were going to a movie on top of the chrysler building, only we had to take a helicopter. unfortunately, the only helicopter available had neither walls nor seatbelts, so we were hanging on for dear life. it was really scary, cuz they kept the condiments right by the edge of the building, and there was no guardrail. in the end we decided to bag, it and go to a GPB movie, instead. then, suddenly, we were at camp reed (yay!), and everyone was running down a giant hill and jumping into the lake. and kahdabra and buzz and krypto and Y2 and riff raff were there. it was wonderful. i can't wait to see y'all again.

16 September 2000

song of the day: “asked you first” by ani difranco
quote of the day: “i don't go to therapy to find out that i'm a freak.” ~dar williams.

yo. still in kinda a pissy mood. i'm quite homesick and missing my way- too-amazing friends from spokane and seattle. i've got FAR too much homework to do this weekend, though, so i'm gonna go start doin that. i'll be at the amnesty table for SAC fair sometime this afternoon. swing by if you like.

15 September 2000


song of the day: “don't think twice, it's alright” by pp&m quote of the day: “and by prajapati, we of course mean brahma svajanibhu.” ~prof. witek

not much to say today. in a fairly sour mood.

14 September 2000

song of the day: “friends with you” by john denver
quote of the day: “you say tomato, i say chicken nugget” ~mandahouse

in a word: ugh. i'm far too tired, and i have far too much stuff to do today, and i have far too many people to see, and there is FAR to much misinformation circulating about my thoughts/opinions/attitudes towards other people. i guess the lesson in that last one is ask me, don't take it from someone who heard it from someone who heard me say it.

13 September 2000

song of the day: “overlap” by ani difranco
quote of the day: “an elephant would, but maybe a monkey wouldn't” ~prof. witek, sj, professor of history.

it's a mad busy day. three classes. oip. reading for prof. stearns. meeting with fr. ribeiro. mass and dinner with lauren. ugh. i hope i can stay awake for all of it. i've been awful about getting enough sleep as of late. i guess i've just been a bit distracted. ok...gotta run now. ask me to tell you about my scary demon grasshopper/horizontal bungee jumping dream sometime. later, taters.

12 September 2000

song of the day: “fast car” by tracy chapman
quote of the day: “you haven't lived until you've had crabs” ~some girl on amanda's cross country team.

NEW PICTURES POSTED (5th gallery).

let's see...it's tuesday. tomorrow is humpday. thank goodness. last night meg and i went to a mad cool tea house in dupont called teaism. if you like christmas, try their chai shake...mmmmm. it was soooooo good. today i sincerely believe that i'm going to do my laundry. maybe i can also do some homework, and track down prof. moran cruz and prof. ribeiro. yesterday i wad a great meeting with one of the deans of gtown college in which she exempted me from taking a stoopid sony core class for my math/science graduation requirement and told me that i'm two classes closer to both my english minor and my history major than i had previously thought. all in all, then, i just got a semester of my college career back. how awesome is that?!?

11 September 2000


song of the day: “i'll stand by you” by the pretenders
quotes of the day: “i'm your foreplay of sorts. ani is a hardcore f*ck.” ~kurt swinghammer “i've never been called a hardcore f*ck on stage. i kinda like it” ~ani

ummmm...i'm very tired. i went out for thai with trav-dog last night: fun fun fun. it was good times. i also did a small fraction of the work i intended to do. today i'll be going to mass at 8, followed by breakfast, then studying, then italian, then lunch and the OIP, then psych, then history, then a meeting with prof stearns. i hate busy days. they make my poor little head want to fall off my poor little shoulders. i guess i should just take a deep breath and give it my best. i hope you all have wonderful days...

10 September 2000

song of the day: “subdivision” by ani difranco
quotes of the day: “look at the naked mole rat!” ~me “that's not a naked mole rat, it's a potato” ~random woman at zoo

wow. ani concert. wow. wow. second best concert ever. the first being ani at the 9:30 club last year, of course. however, this one was free, and that's always a plus in “i'm a poor college student” land. she opened with the diner, which i thought was an odd choice, and i thought she played a bit too much stuff off LPC, but other than that, it was fantabulous. oh, except for the random gtown freshman girl who kept flirting with me. that was annoying. i got to have my first booey's of the year, though, and it was quite nice to finally meet trav-dog. also yesterday: zoo, and not nearly enough homework. therefore, today shall be the day of reckoning. you know what they say about procrastination: it's like masturbation-- it's fun while you're doing it, but in the end you're just screwing yourself. i'll leave you with that thought.

9 September 2000

Justin would have been twenty today.

song of the day: “gold to me” by ben harper
quote of the day: “don't let her on the FDC. she's only good at giving one thing, and that's not food.” ~beckers

isn't that sombering? today is Justin's twentieth birthday. i don't want to think about it...it makes me sad. i'm going to an ani concert tonight. that should be fun, per usual. i also have a five-page paper to write, and a big data set to look over for prof. stearns. ooooh..and italian homework. ugh. it's not gonna be a good weekend. oxford is scary. i hope my plan of study is adequate. we'll see...

8 September 2000

song of the day: “diamonds and rust” by joan baez
quote of the day: “how is this an education” ~heather dietrick, in referrence to the tragedy that was thursday's theology class.

friday really couldn't come soon enough this week. i am at a loss as to how the school year swept me off my feet so quickly...i guess that's just the way it goes. i was blessed yesterday to chat with three of my favorite people in the entire world: allison, bekah, and james. plus: i got to go to the corcoran's rockwell exhibit. while there i learned, wonder of wonders, that frank gehry has been commissioned to design the new wing of the museum...how INSANELY cool is that?!? today i hope to do a few things--wyclef tickets, meet prof. stearns, clean my desk, and swing by the whitman-walker clinic. thrilling day, eh?

7 September 2000

song of the day: “chicken in a biscuit” by blackhappy
quote of the day: “i lower my eyes, wishing i could cry more and care less” ~ani difranco

ok, i'm kinda in a rush right now, so i don't have time to say much. today's plan is thus: go to mass, eat, go to class, do homework, go go class, eat, run errands. sounds thrilling, doesn't it? so i'm up at 7 am-- woohoo!--enjoying another frigid morning here in DC. gawd...are we in spokane or something?!? i want summer until at LEAST mid- october. ok...gotta take a shower.

6 September 2000

song of the day: “jerusalem” by dan bern
quote of the day: “how did humans ever reproduce without alcohol?” ~some random guy who sat near me at new south yesterday.

getting all of my punishment out of the way early...that's what caitlin told me today is all about. namely, i'm going to mass at 8 am with tall blond lauren and then we're going for a li'l run, perhaps to dupont, perhaps to the national cathedral. it was mo' cold yesterday morning, however, so i'm hoping that it's a tad bit warmer. i am officially in a theater class--i know, i know: what happened to my principles? it fills that void in my schedule, though...you know, the one in which i'm supposed to sleep. yesterday was the best mail day ever, btw; two letters, one that had a check in it, and a care package, to boot. i hope today is less busy than yesterday. i may try out for volleyball since i'm too “hefty” for sailing...we'll see. i'm kinda enjoying this running when i want to thing, so i'm not so sure i want to “commit” to anything if i can't actually dedicate my life to it. and since i've already sold my soul, i can't very well bartar that to the devil for more time in my day, can i?

5 September 2000

song of the day: “napoleon” by ani difranco
quote of the day: “completely naked! what a hoot!” ~mandahouse

tell your friends! tell your houseplants! my daily page is drawing a cult- like following. i suggest you hop on the bubba bandwagon before it's the “in” thing, cuz we all know that the “in” thing is really the “out” thing for the intelligensia...and we in academe are oh-so-snobby when it comes to things like that. i've decided that darnall's laundry room is the most disgusting thing on campus (besides the dumpsters in village b...wet garbage makes me want to die). if anyone knows how i ought to go about filing a complaint to get the laundry room cleaned and/or coated with a thin layer of bleach, drop me an email, so that i can. i have classes today. and i'm supposed to do about 18 trillion other things, as well. my my my.

4 September 2000

song of the day: “you spin me around” by dead or a live
quote of the day: “buildings and bridges are made to bend in the wind. to withstand the world that's what it takes. all that's steel and stone is no match for the air, my friend: what doesn't bend, breaks.” ~ani difranco

i have a headache, and a poopload of homework to do today. i'm glad it is a three-day weekend, though. it would be mega-stinky if i had classes today. perhaps i'll go for a run. that would be a good use of my morning hours, wherein i will otherwise poop around online and do nothing even remotely of value. i'm hongry, too. so i guess the plan is run, then bathe and then eat. any objections? i didn't think so. and i'm off, like a weasel in a space suit...

3 September 2000

song of the day: “do re mi” by woody guthrie
quote of the day: “oooooooooh--THERE'S my band-aid!!” ~meg spillane

i am actually getting my stuff today, thank the good lord. speaking of which, it's sunday, so anyone who wants to go to 8:30 mass with me should send me a li'l IM action. “how's life?” you may be asking...well, it's still pretty lame, if i must tell you the truth. i won't get into all the gory details, but i feel a bit black-balled. things will get better, i'm sure. they have to. i guess having to read the grapes of wrath in its entirety this weekend isn't helping anything, either. i really ought to return to reading that lovely book now. *sigh*

2 September 2000

song of the day: “so what” by ani difranco
quote of the day: “have you seen this boy's web page? it's like an an orgasm on a computer screen!” ~lauren wall

well, today one of two things will happen: i will go downtown, or i will get all the stuff that's in storage...this is a big value-judgment, you understand. i'd really really like to get my stamps, though, so i can start sending all you lovely people letters (hint hint: write me with yer address if you want real mail). i actually have a surprising amount of reading to do this weekend. sucks to your ass-mar.

1 September 2000


song of the day: “write me back, fucker” by sleater-kinney
quote of the day: “can the world go on with just a hoochie-mama, a fag, and a pot head? HELL YES!” ~romeo and juliatric

well, it's the first friday of the school year. it's pretty sad when you feel cheated if you have class on friday. i feel cheated. i'm pretty sad. my 'ealth is slowly improving. i went to romeo and juliatric with lauren last night (everyone else bobbed out on us--dorks). it was great. nothing like watching old people commit suicide to improve one's evening. actually, my evening was made immensely better by having a nice chat with james. all in all, it was a good day...though i really didn't like my english prof, so i may drop that class. we'll see. i really would like to take an english class this year, but the dept. is bursting at the seams here. NB, prospective students.