sep 2000
aug 2000

31 August 2000

song of the day: “face up and sing” by ani difranco
quote of the day: “...and that's why we don't wear snap-on underwear” ~mandahouse

so ends another month of scandal in the dime-novel that is my life. it's been a month of ups and downs, of sore throats, and sore feet, and happy hearts. i'm not sure if i'm ready for another 8 months away from my family (and the other people at home who mean the world to me), but i'm gonna make a go at it...to quote ani, “i'm just gonna get my feet wet until i drown.” optimistic, eh? j/k. but really, i look at the coming months as an opportunity to learn and grow as both a student and as a person. i'm looking forward to living with seth...he already seems mad cool. at the same time, i'm hoping to renew some parts of my life that i have, unfortunately, let entropy take hold of. i would not have the strenth to do any of this without my roots: my family, allison, and brandon. to all, i give a heart-felt “peace out.”

30 August 2000

song of the day: “blue” by joni mitchell
quote of the day: “when i tell you that i love you don't test my love--accept my love, don't test my love--cuz maybe i don't love you all that much” ~dan bern

well, today is the first day of classes. i'm sick as a dog, i couldn't sleep past 6:30 this morning, i miss people from home, and i feel moderately excluded from life here...isn't this what they call hell? anywho, i'm gonna go eat breakfast and run some errands. i went for about a six-mile run yesterday...surprisingly enough, i'm not too sore today. thank goodness. my first class of the year is making way for the holy spirit, so i get to begin my sophomore year with psych--can you feel the burn?

29 August 2000

song of the day: “out of habit” by ani difranco
quote of the day: “In a word, I was too cowardly to do what I knew to be right, as I had been too cowardly to avoid doing what I knew to be wrong.” ~Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

sorry about the lack of an update yesterday...i spent the day packing and saying goodbye to people. i'm at gtown now, and already missing my family and bekah and brandon and allison and james. i have a lot of sleeping to do, and errands to run, though, so that's all i have time to say for now. more tomorrow, we hope--though classes start, so who knows, eh?

27 August 2000

song of the day: “as cool as i am” by dar williams
quote of the day: “if i was [sic.] a girl i could sing real high and also then i'd know what having breasts would be like” ~dan bern

today is packing day. oh yes, the joys of shoving as much stuff as possible into three always-too-small bags will be mine. there's also a rumor circulating around the house that we will be cleaning today. i'll find a way to get out of that, i hope. other than that, my day shouldn't be too horribly thrilling. i'm gonna go see allison and her poor toes, i'm gonna try to find bekah, and maybe call riff-raff back. it's my last night at home--sad day--so i should probably make the most of it. gonna go clean myself now...

26 August 2000

song of the day: “caught out there” by kelis
quotes of the day: christine: “i cut my fingernails.” brandon: “i hate you.” christine: “they'll grow back.” brandon: “whatever.”

i got up at 4:45 to see brandon off at the airport. that was a bit of a surreal experience. then i came back and got to sleep at about 6:30. that's fine, right? in other thrilling news, i went ice-blocking for the first time last night with bekah and alex and james. it was fun doing it myself, but i think it was even better watching bekah and alex. i think that's about the extent of excitement in my life today. we got a pottery barn catalog today. yup yup. maybe i'll give allison a call, as i leave in two days. oh, i should start packing. and cut my finger nails. and shave. ok, now i have purpose...

25 August 2000

song of the day: “the general” by dispatch
quote of the day: “if y'all don't like me, blow me” ~dr. dre

i declare today the best day i've ever been woken up way too early. my brother came in to my room, and i almost threw something at him, but then he said the best words ever “your boss called. you don't have to go in today. he loved your report, and he'll swing a bonus check by the house over the weekend.” how sweet is life? in other news, i had a wonderful yesterevening, though i must say i find it quite odd that anyone would be turned on by me shoveling large volumes of food into my mouth at 12:30 in the morning. anywho, it is now friday, and i miei genitori are taking me out to lunch. otherwise, the day should be fairly laid back. i'll prolly go out to lay in the sun in another fruitless effort to destroy the absurd tan line on my back (don't ask). okay, back to my whoopty music...

24 August 2000

song of the day: "little green bag" by george baker
quote of the day: "don't ask me why i'm crying. i'm not gonna tell you what's wrong. i'm just gonna sit on you lap for five dollars a song. i want you to pay me for my beauty. i think it's only right. i have been paying for it all of my life" ~ani difranco

let's see...what am i up to today? working on my website, waging all out war on my stomach, maybe doing a little shopping. i really ought to start packing, since i am slated to leave in a very small number of days. oooohhh...bekah is supposed to call me so we can hang out. i'll prolly go hang out with brandon at the club, too, since that seems to be a daily activity for me. i had to get up early this morning, and it was a generally unpleasant experience. when did i become the laziest person i know?