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31 October 2000

Happy Birthdays to Val and Fr. Pat!!

song of the day: “the brews” by NOFX
quote of the day: “you all look really excited. anyway, i think it's neat”
~prof howard.

yesterday was full of good news: i did quite well on my italian quiz, they fixed the scary-butt light in henle, i voted, i went to mass, and i got to talk to james for a brief while. i hope today shapes up similarly. how can it not, what with it being real world night and all? i can't really think of much else of great interest to y'all, except perhaps to say that my normal IM name is acting up...which is very odd, b/c i can sign on to my alternate accounts without any trouble. i hope it all gets cleared up soon, though.

my dream last night was long, and i don't remember the details of much of it, but i do recall that part of it took place in barnes and noble, where i got yelled at for trying to look through a 2001 dilbert calendar. and part of it took place in the museum of natural history, where there was a skeleton of a baby apatosaurus, only it had big, sharp meat-eating teeth, and its tongue had toes on either side of it (don't ask me how there was a tongue in a skeleton, it made sense during the dream). anyway, it was scary.

30 October 2000

song of the day: “walking on broken glass” by annie lennox
quote of the day: “i can't itch myself” ~me, to seth, which gleaned the funniest facial expression i've ever seen from a girl walking the other way on the sidewalk.

nothing is popping inot my head about my activities of yesterday to share with y'all. i went to 8:30 mass. that's always nice. i also got the books for my history term paper. ugh. anyway, i may as well tell you about my dream...i was in a row boat, pulling in fishing nets, when i saw a small person sitting in a li'l boat among the reeds near the shore. i paddled over, and, much to my surprise, it was a midget (if that's an inappropriate term, let me know, and i'll change it--sorry). anyway, i asked him if i could hold him upside-down by his ankles, and he said no, that he was trying to get to the carousel. lo and behold, there was in fact a riparian carousel hidden from the water by vegetation. we rode the carousel.

29 October 2000

I hope everyone is keeping Gregory Dirobbio—the BC student who fell from Village A Friday night—in their prayers.

song of the day: “don't speak” by no doubt...i have no idea why.
quote of the day: “what does that represent?” ~me, asking a cap hill police officer about a statue in front of the supreme court. “aw, sh*t. i don't remember” ~the officer

this morning, daylight savings time ended. i hope you all fell back, and make the most of your extra hour of weekend. i think i'm going out to lunch with rica today. yaaaay. that should be mad fun. and i am going to do some work, i hope. i think i'm gonna hide myself in some nook somewhere on campus and avoid people...i'm feeling misanthropic after my dream last night: read on.

i was watching a crew race on the potomac from a motorboat. somehow, the girl sitting next to me fell out of the boat and pulled me in wither her. suddenly, it wasn't the potomac at all, but lake washinton. the driver of the boat pulled her in but told me that, as penance, i'd have to swim and or walk to shore on/over the 520 floating bridge, which was slowly sinking. the parts where i had to swim weren't so bad, but where the bridge roadbed wasn't far beneath the surface, i had to walk, and my feet got cut up by the broken glass on the roadway.

28 October 2000

song of the day: “my iq” by ani, cuz dustin wrote it on his hand.
quote of the day: “the problem today is that some fool will always eat something. or stick it in their ear.” ~kromholtz

it's saturday. i hate saturdays. i wish it were friday again. there may be a trip to the prison of learning today. perhaps not. that's the beauty of my life. i decided yesterday that i want to buy a bike. a lot. so i can have some me time. that probably doesn't make sense to you. that's alright, though, cuz it doesn't make sense to me, either. i made it to the next round of the oxford application process. *pats self on back.* and i ate lunch. so that was good.

in my dream this morning, i was getting to know this guy who was trying to compare the volume of rain over land during the day in wisconsin with rain at night over the ocean. to complicate matters, he was concurrently trying to measure the intensity of the light of an airplane flying in eiather condition, only the ocean airplane was flying under water. there was more, but it escapes me.

27 October 2000

song of the day: “i think we're alone now” by tiffany
quote of the day: “i thought for a long time i wasn't photogenic. i've decided i'm just an ugly person” ~prof. howard...but it's not true AT ALL...she's great.

imagine me walking through red square. imagine i'm cold. imagine me putting on the hot sweatshirt while i keep walking. now imagine me hitting the clock in red square, tottering, but not falling. yeah. whoops. for culture night, lauren and i went to see rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead. parts of it were very good. hamlet fiend that i am, though, i was irked by other parts. it's definitely worth going to see, though, if you ask me. i went and saw travis at work yesterday, too. it was a fairly good day, i guess. io ho un quiz nell'italiano oggi. eek. then weekend.

last night in my dream i was responsible for catching a serial killer, and the only thing we knew about him was that he owned a used car lot...so i had to carry all my dirty laundry across the key bridge and then change my outfit in a bank. *shrugs*

26 October 2000

song of the day: “faccia intoccabile” cuz, yup, i tried to translate it...
quote of the day: “he invaded. yes, with an army” ~witek

wednesday passed fairly uneventfully. i went to a very good mass with shannon. and i went to bed at a reasonable hour. bad news, though: i didn't do my laundry. i did, however, learn that most conversations can be ended with the phrase “my underwear can.” today i'm going to theology. oh yes. and italian. then i'm gonna try to figure out how to summarize medieval history in two paragraphs. big hugs for brandon, john, T, val, and dustin today. and anyone else who's had a rough day or two.

my dream last night involved people carrying stuff through doors and pages torn from magazines and turned upside-down. i don't know. i woke up at 4 and thought that it was realistically time to get up. it's foggy. i like fog a lot.

25 October 2000

song of the day: “lady in red” by chris de bourgh
quote of the day: “i mean, we weren't even drunk sunday night” ~john

it's pretty sad when i can't remember the details of yesterday, wouldn't you agree? i remember tabling for amnesty. and watching a guy bite it in the worst of ways trying to run down the stairs between reiss and ICC. ouch. and i didn't do enough work, but i watched the real world. and then i went to bed. and then i was woken at 7:30 by garbage trucks. yeah. that was cool. not so much.

i don't remember my dream because, as i said, the garbage people are out to get me. that is all for now.

24 October 2000

song of the day: “at this point in my life” by tracy chapman
quote of the day: “young, catholic males like george w. bush. they think he's macho. i don't know.” ~mary mcgrory, my new hero :-P

yesterday was a monday. that makes today a tuesday. i had grand plans for all the work i was going to do yesterevening. i must have been delusional. hopefully i can do my laundry today. and homework. and some reading. and eating. the most worthwhile part of my day was, no doubt, attending a forum sponsored by the woodstock theological center on the values involved in the upcoming debate. it was quite amusing to see two washington post columnists, one of whom is also a senior fellow at the brookings institution pound on one of the directors of that durned hoover institution in front of a relatively liberal crowd. the hoover guy, desperate for something, tried to claim that reaganomics worked: HA HA HA. what 80s was he remembering?

in my dream last night, they had shoved a couple dorm rooms under the new gym at gonzaga prep, which would have been fine, except the freshman volleyball team ran through every 30 minutes or so. for some reason, there was also a component of my dream that involved bekah trying to get everyone really really excited about frosh orientation...i figure that must be left over in my unconscious from two months ago, and i'm just cleaning it out now. dreams are great.

23 October 2000

song of the day: “it happens every day” by dar
quote of the day: “the particle concept is simply a crutch ordinary mortals can use to help them towards an understanding of the mathematical laws [of quantum physics]” ~john gribbin

i love how, no matter what's bothering me, going to 8:30 mass and talking to my mommy can make me feel better. she is very wise. i encourage you all to let your mothers (and fathers, and siblings, and elders, and friends) lavish you with their wisdom. oh how much i learn from the people i am blessed to interact with every day...life is good. if i ever stop learning from other people, put me out of my misery, eh? i think i'm gonna do more reading about string theory...any physics majors out there reading this care to explain heisenberg's uncertainty relation to me?

i dreamed a dream last night...actually, as i was falling asleep, i had this weird vision of looking at IM through water--as if i were under 20-odd feet of water and looking up at a boat and a sunny sky...but i was definitely reading IMs, too. my dream was about being at my grandmother's house with my mom and my cousin stephen. i was making pancakes and talking about london, and then my mother started showing old family films, when her hair was long. and i burned the pancakes.

22 October 2000

song of the day: “buildings and bridges” by ani
quote of the day: “it's about the prisons we put ourselves in--those aspects of our personalities that we let define us--at the expence of our individuality” ~j. greg de felice

i'm bored, to tell you the truth. i feel like i do and see and hear the same thing every day. the best part of yesterday was getting horribly lost on the way back from dupont circle, because it was new. i saw new things; the path wasn't predictable. and i liked it.

last night i slept quite poorly. i had a dream late in my sleep, though, that i remember. i was walking down 6th in seattle when i saw a black towncar drive past with my boss from over the summer in it. he saw me and the car stopped. he handed me a small case through the window. in the case was a crucifix attached to a very nice silver chain. he asked me to go to the american medical association headquarters in chicago to find out everythng i could about the crucifix...don't ask me, i'm just as confused as you are.

21 October 2000

song of the day: the theme song from laverne and shirley
quote of the day: “it's a long road from law to justice” ~dar williams

yesterday was interesting, to say the least. amongst getting back that durn exam in italian (don't ask...ugh) and finishing my psychology testing, i managed to go eat at both filomena (where i met a mad cool friend of lauren and ang) and bangkok bistro, where i talked dustin's ear off. other strange occurences: manda called me just to ask about the veracity of “mortal city,” and i wrote maria a far-too-long email about my soap opera of a life. party in the girls apartment, but i was in a very morose mood, and started feeling poorly, so i went home at about 1:00. today promises to be work-filled. it's all about improving my grades at this point, since it seems like i have no control over anything else.

let's see. dreaming. as i was falling asleep, i had a weird vision of a woman with brown, curly hair--who happened to be in a wedding gown--looking over her right shoulder at me while tears streamed down her face. i don't remember much of my dream-proper, except the part where i was reading a book that required a much more precise knowledge of classical music and astrophysics than i possess.

20 October 2000

song of the day: “providence” by ani, just cuz it fits my present state of mind.
quote of the day: “becky, do you want speghettio's for dinner?”~mom. “i already had italian today”~rufus

thursday culture night included a whaaaaacked-out indie film at the hirshhorn. it was quite interesting. the walk home from the mall was also good. it was a generally satisfying evening. other things of note: participating in psychological research is mad fun. and i love rice-a-roni, even if some nights i have to do work instead of chilling with cool cats.

19 October 2000

song of the day: “ride wit me” by nelly, cuz whoopty music is awesome possum
quote of the day: “it doesn't taste as bad as it smells” ~john

well well well. today i'll be selling my mind to the psych department instead of eating a nutritious meal in the environment-hating darnall dining hall. i skipped theology today, mostly cuz i'm a bad person, but also a little bit cuz i was mad tired. what else? chandra and i went to the tombs and ben and jerry's last night. the ben and jerry's guy was an idiot, and he only charged me $0.35 for my ice cream, even after i told him. bonus, eh? then i walked through the most beautiful streets i've ever seen in georgetown. some night, ask me to show you. it was a very calming experience.

according to seth, i talked in my sleep a lot last night. heheh. i also had a dream in which my parents were supposed to pick me up at this coffee shop at the intersection of two very quiet country roads in the middle of expansive wheat fields. they didn't pick me up, though, so i couldn't get to the airport. suddenly, i was with sam in bekah's fictitious beach house in seaside, and bekah's brother was standing outside the door waiting for us to go in the hot tub. from there i ended up jumping through an mc escher painting in a mad attempt to get on a marc train while on my cell phone castigating my parents for having not picked me up. what does it all mean?

18 October 2000

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Justin's death. Say a prayer for him, please.

song of the day: “i will remember you” by sarah mclachlan, because it's today.
quote of the day: “what does the pope wear?” ~fr. kemp. “one of those little hats?” ~random theology kid. “they all wear those f*cking hats” ~fr. kemp

picture this--oral comprehension italian exam. me, asleep. quite the sight. oops. i just want to say right now that jerks who lie to my sister about her bf cheating on her are treading on very thin ice with me. now that business matters are taken care of, on to pleasure. i watched 10 things i hate about you last night in good company, and i avoided work quite well, all things considered. unfortunately, i got to bed at about 3 am again, which is no good at all. i'm gonna start using the bedtime again here really soon. this is crazyness.

i've gotta go bathe and shave now, and study for the written part of my esame that's coming up in nary an hour. hope ya each have a pleasant day.

17 October 2000

song of the day: “thank you” by dido
quote of the day: “i despise that chicken” ~ham, toy story 2--the best movie EVER.

i've decided that i have a bitch of a man-cycle...at the middle of every month i get horribly pissy. i'm pissy right now. so please forgive me, and give me a few days. compounding that, i got back my hawrrible history midterm yesterday, and i have an italian exam today and tomorrow. ugh. in fun news: meg and john and i visited dustin and travis at their respective crombies yesterday, and we went to dinner at bangkok. in less fun news: i have a hang nail and i really need to start doing some of the reading for my darned history class.

16 October 2000

song of the day: “i shall believe” by sheryl crow
quote of the day: “port and marshmallows: the new dessert of champions” ~dustin

so another weekend is over. how was sunday, you may ask. it was pretty good, except the very end was slightly marred. oh well. sometimes you just have to sigh and pray for the best, i guess. homework was done, in some truncated form, anyway, yesterevening. and i got to talk to T yesterday for the first time in what seems like ages--that was mad cool. oh! john and i had spiral mac and cheese: quite possibly the best food ever, besides garlic.

last night i dreamt that it was a friday morning and i was trying to fly to NYC for the weekend. i was being taken to the airport by a tall native american man driving an alligator, but i hadn't packed yet. it was quite bothersome to me. the groupe seeing me off consisted of john, meg, travis, and some kid who claimed to be from my psych class, though i didn't think i'd ever seen him before. he was sitting in a big brown couch on the sidewalk in front of darnall. travis was trying to teach john the dance to “oops, i did it again,” and meg was standing in the planter box for no apparent reason.

14 and 15 October 2000

i'd like to preface this by saying it was SO not my fault for not updating the past couple days. both seth and i have been sans online. it's been awful. sorry.

song of the weekend: “my baby's got sauce” by g. love...cuz that song's the bomb.
quote of the weekend: “you just have to take it and put it in your mouth” ~some random woman standing near me at the smithsonians piano 300 exhibit saturday.

ok, i already said it, but the dominant issue in my life since thursday night has been my desperate lack of ethernet. it's been awful. and meg's been gone, but john decided to stay, so that's been fun. friday he and i went to teaism and then f'd a little su around gtown--visiting trav-dog at work and such. saturday seth, sam, dustin, steph, abby, john, and i went to the smithsonian fun stuff. today i have to do mounds of work...a scene for italian and a paper proposal, plus a lot of reading for theology.

i've been having lots of dreams about seattle recently. friday night i dreamt that there was a guts bus that took us from gtown to the U district in seattle...right by the university bookstore. only after we were done wandering around, we couldn't find the bus stop again, so we just wandered over to 45th and visited U. village-- the shopping center without a soul. though i must give their bartell's giant props for the stunning oral hygeine section.

13 October 2000


song of the day: “either way” by guster
quote of the day: “my uteral lining MUST be tearing itself from my uterus, cuz it hurts like an alleycat in a minefield” ~mandahouse

friday the thirteenth of october. and a full moon. watch out tonight, y'all. in other news, last night was definitely the top three nights i've ever had here. sam and lauren and i went to dupont--teaism, a bookstore, the vigil, cvs, and then walking back on a lovely evening. then drinking good wine under a near- full moon on the lxr rooftop. the wonderful company was complemented by wonderful conversation. we discussed the price of self-respect, progressive taxation, and the dangers of bowing to stereotypes, among a seemingly infinite number of smaller topics. i guess, then, in conclusion: props to my companions for the insights into human nature and human behavior, and for sharing a great, if sometimes chilly, evening with me.

12 October 2000

song of the day: “what a good boy” by bnl, cuz it's such a damn good song.
quote of the day: “i would give my sheep a vascetemy” ~sam

it's thursday. we all know what that means: culture night with lauren. YAY. i think we're going to dupont. there's a vigil this evening in the circle at 8 pm for a local gay student who was murdered in his dorm room. if you have time, i hope you'll consider joining us. on a lighter note...thursday is my favorite day of the week, and this weekend should be fun, i hope, even if meg and john are skipping town. yesterday was a beautiful day. i had lunch with john before a very bad psych test, and history was worse than it's ever been. i was considering setting myself on fire to get out of there. ugh. then in the evening, there were the debates, in which gore kicked some major GWB booty, though a lot of people who watched it must have been napping, cuz they missed it completely. here's an example...gore pointed out that texas ranks 49th among states for percentage of both women and children with medical coverage, and 50th for percentage of families with medical coverage. bush responded by hemming and hawing for a bit, and then saying that he has a “good heart.” excuse me? what?

all i have to do is dream dream dream. last night's dream wasn't particularly good. i was on a train and i had to get off to 1)see an ani concert 2)save the world from a plague similar to that in the rock, which i guess will be our honorary movie of the day.

11 October 2000

song of the day: “flute loop” by the beastie boys...cuz i heard it at kramer's last night, and it reminded me of how much i miss that song.
quote of the day: “we will push on into this mystery. and it will push right back. and there are worse things than that.” ~dar williams

yesterday was a great day. i did NO work. sam and i went to dupont and wandered around in the cold before sitting in the “““outside””” area at xando, where we proceeded to get the worst service of all time. i'm in the process of doing some last-minute reading for psych, so this is where the update must end. oh, one more thing: the dream last night featured the first nekkid running of bloomsday...ack.

10 October 2000

song of the day: “the circle game” by joni mitchell
quote of the day: “when things get too difficult, sit on your butt and slide” ~maria

well, i'm back at school. for those of you who didn't already know, i went home to surprise my family for joan of arc day. it was the best weekend EVER. i had soooooo much fun. to everyone i missed while i was in spo: sorry, it was a crazy weekend. now i'm back at school. ugh. i'm already tired of the grind again. i don't want to do work. or my laundry. but i suppose i must. only one class today--italian. theology got cancelled, for which i'm very thankful. lunch with danielle at noon, then hopefully doing all that homework i've been neglecting. fall break should definitely be longer.

5 October 2000

song of the day: “homeward bound,” by s&g...cuz i'm more than a little homesick
quote of the day: “oh so we were doing stunting today at cheerleading and we were trying to lift janet (trying), and she fell on my head and gave me a bloody nose” ~erin

last night was full of good conversation, tons of learning, and very little school work. sam, meg, and i went to teaism instead of fulfilling our responsibilities as students. i, for one, feel that i'm a better person for it. and no matter what you think, don't knock salty oatmeal cookies until you've tried one. i also chatted very briefly with james and members of my family last night. i may be going to boston this afternoon. if i do, you will all be forced to suffer the long joan of arc day weekend without daily updates from me.

a very strange thing happened to me in the shower today--what do you do when it becomes obvious that the shower you picked has a clogged drain? do you switch showers in the middle? won't people think you're a freak? how about just turning the water off when you're not rinsing? then they might think you're masturbating. it was quite a big problem for me early this morning, but i survived without flooding my floor: woohoo.

4 October 2000

song of the day: “so what” by ani, cuz it just fits so damn well...
quote of the day: “i'm convinced there are ugly sheep involved” ~'not' shannon

well, can we all chant “one” over and over again. i watched the real world last night: WOOHOO. oh how i have missed making fun of julie. it's been way too long. i also did far too little studying for today's history exam. would everyone PLEASE say a little prayer for me at 2:40 this afternoon? thanks a million. i have a runny nose. i hate that. especially when i have to go to class for three and a half hours today. sucky sucky suck suck.

the dream escapes me at the moment. sad day. maybe i'll repost if it suddenly comes back to me when i bathe or something.

3 October 2000

song of the day: “fixing her hair” by ani, cuz there's just so much you can say to the woman in the mirror.
quote of the day: “so fro yo isn't the same thing you'd get if you put dannon in the freezer?” ~will

well, last night was another night of no sleep and no homework. in truth, it sucked monkey butt. i'm skipping theology right now. i went to drop off my paper and pick up a quiz from last week. my grade was not a true grade, per se: nailed 2, almost on 2, top 5 believe it or not. how great is that class? he also told me that the midterm thursday will be about half the length of the quiz, which goes down as a plus in this busiest of busy weeks.

i only remember a sliver of last night's dream proper: i was so upset that i flew home last night, and there wasn't enough time to fly back for classes today, and so i did the only logical thing: i went to live in biosphere 2 for six months. my visions before i fell asleep were a little more interesting... one was of four french clowns playing scrabble. the other was sam, having earned himself a seat as a justice in the supreme court, being hit on the head with a gavel by the justice everyone loves to hate--scalia. weird.

2 October 2000

song of the day: “perfect gentleman” by wyclef, cuz it's the new room song.
quote of the day: “i know why it seems like christmas: the vagina on the wall!” ~shannon

i'm still mildly disoriented from the lack of sleep saturday night. here comes another week. at least there will be a long weekend at the end. YAAAY. yesterday included too little homework, which was alright cuz there was much conversation with sam, meg, seth, and others. it was all good. the weekend generally was one of the weirdest of my life. if we needed to describe it in two words: sexual tension. i wish i had my work ethic back. right now, i have the worst case of morning amnesia ever. i hope i'm not slipping slowly into the world of confused joe.

last night, i dreamt that they were moving the hastings at lincoln heights in spokane across the parking lot, into the KFC. the chickens would have none of that, though, and they were putting up quite the fight. i was wandering through the racks of magazines in transit, and there was a CD with a chaircature of my roommate on it. i tried to buy a cookbook, but when i got to the counter, it had turned into an n*sync calendar, so i gave up and left.

1 October 2000

song of the day: “after all” by dar williams, cuz it's the best song ever...
quote of the day: “your soap needs to go to a commercial break, man” ~james

when he said my soap, he meant my life, just in case you were confused. yesterday i started breaking in my new tevas. they're different from my old ones a little. it's a new month. look how little there is on the screen right now. it feels like kinda a new beginning. wow: the philosophy that goes into my daily website updates...you must be impressed.

i'm really fracking tired right now. five hours of sleep is too few. last night was, in two words, too much. we should have been keeping score at dinner, or something. it was generally like being in 7th grade. enough. no dream update, cuz it was a li'l, shall we say, inappropriate.