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30 November 2000

song of the day: “intergalactic” by the beastie boys
quote of the day: “the main reason i married my husband was because he wrote the first analysis of variance program at brown university. this was a man i knew i couldn't let slip away...i haven't divorced him because i'm sort of used to him now” ~prof. howard

yesterday i went to bed very early and i dreamt mostly about going home. nothing too interesting...it was raining at my grandma's house and we had to buy our christmas tree at an auction. other things that happened yesterday: i actually went to history, i had three meals, we had a fired drill here in darnall at 9:30 in the morning, and ian gave me some very good pumpkin pie (thanks!). that's really about it. happy thursday to y'all. (4:15)

29 November 2000

song of the day: “one song. glory” from rent
quote of the day: “the midwest is, like, the middle”~meg

it's HUMPDAY!!! this week needs to end, though i kinda wish that it wouldn't because that will just bring me closer to the doom at the end of the tunnel. finals finals finals. and as much as i enjoy my theology class, the take home final i got yesterday is gonna be a majore b*tch. ugh. (4:22)

my neck is sore this morning. i had a dream that katie and john f. and brandon were all here at my dorm, and we were forced to sail a boat through a banana republic, carve a pieta out of a wax crucifix, and (the worst part) babysit two hellish little girls who insisted on wearing their halloween costumes the whole time--one was a horsefly, the other was a blender. i don't know.

28 November 2000

song of the day: “teenagers, kick our butts” by dar williams
quote of the day: “you just have to ignore the parts you don't know anything about” ~prof. howard

now that the elation of this past weekend has worn off, i'm definitely ready for christmas break. ugh. so much to do. i have my interview for oxford today, followed immediately by part of my italian exam. AAAAAAAAH. i'm feeling a bit stressed out, and i already miss those cool kids who made thanksgiving so much fun. 20 days. (4:23).

27 November 2000

song of the day: “two little girls” by ani
quote of the day:
“reality is setting in” ~allison

a glimpse into one of the best weekends EVER:
HOUSE! • They look pretty on me, too. • Imagine Allison's family as a band of alchoholics. • Polishing off a bottle of Chardonnay in one sitting. • Mudslides. • “She doesn't make things like normal people because she's not from America.” • Are you speking English? What are we doing tomorrow? • Is that a direct quote? • Let's go for a really cold walk. • 4th Class Puerty Rico. • Mean-Head. • Your last name isn't “Bandero,” is it? • “She thinks she stinks. Smell her.” • “So, you're in the Air Force?” “Yes.” • Thank God for Utah. • Mr. Vice, I'd like to propose a toast. • Just push the “I believe” button. • It's too bad we didn't even consider New Big Wong. • Gross giggling girls in the elevator. • Huckleberry Bounce. • Filomena • Spot? What spot? • Drunk guy speaking French. • “Look at what I made Mike do!” • The chrstening the boat story. • Middies pole-dancing when we have our own Metro Car. • “I wish I had my glasses.” • Running up the longest escalator in • the world. • The movie with no plot. • The Chad. • Hay dos os en “Goose.”

To Mike, Allison, and Hector: HURRAH! (4:32).

22 November 2000

Thanksgiving Break is here!!

song of the day: “soft shoulder” by ani difranco
quote of the day: “she looks like she should be in the nutcracker” ~dustin

well, this is probably the last update until sunday afternoon. sorry, y'all...but i'm off to a WONDERFUL weekend 5 metro stops away. i hope everyone has safe and happy holiday, and that travel isn't too stressful for anyone out there. at least we had that splendiferous thanksgiving at home in august, eh? that was the best ever. (5:44).

some of the things i'm thankful for, in no particular order:
family, those friends who may as well be family, the beach, spokane, seattle, airplanes, chicken, gramma k-dot, cataldo, seattle prep, a moment of peace before another night ends, reading, warm summer days and cold winter nights, and everything in between, driving, ten fingers and ten toes, my health, enough to eat, going to bed, waking up, listening to people's stories, my whacked out dreams, getting/sending letters, seeing someone smile, mass, and folk music. and to end as i began: family.

21 November 2000

song of the day: “god rest ye marry gentlemen,” particularly the bnl/sarah mclachlan one.
quote of the day: “the syllabus collapsed a month ago” ~fr. kemp

sorry this is so late. it's been one of those mornings. this morning's li'l wake-up was at 5:54, if you were curious. and i had a dream in which i went to an ani concert at a zoo, and i introduced myself, and then suddenly i was standing next to my little sister becky and we were looking into a mirror and talking about the effects of direct sunlight on expensive rugs. i don't know.

20 November 2000

song of the day: “the ocean” by dar williams
quote of the day: “you've got your whole life to do something, and that's not very long” ~ani

yesterday was the day of nothing. it was wonderful. it would have been even better if it had been snowing, though. i really want to go shopping on M street in the snow. i don't even like shopping. or snow (once it's on the ground, anyway). i have a psych exam today. wish me luck.

i woke up at 5:25 this morning to go to the bathroom. i also had a dream that i was walking around campus and there was a flier saying that krypto had come back to campus to talk about the jesuit volunteer corps...i was so excited. i miss her a lot. so she gets a shout out today :-)

19 November 2000

song of the day: “tis of thee” by ani
quote of the day: “i just feel my mouth and swallow” ~meg

highlight of yesterday (besided the low-shot competition that always seems to accompany birthday dinner parties at the girls' apartments) was walking to safeway to get cinnamon for to make the room smell like christmas. i also had a li'l craving for chocolate, so i bought sme lindt...mmmmm. i went to mass last night at holy trinity. i did a lot of reading in our fair library, as well.

in my dream last night, i was kinda in HS, kinda here at gtown, and i was talking to this guy who drove a truch with no bed... it was just the cab. i forgot to look to see how it balanced on two wheels, though.

18 November 2000

Happy Birthday(s) to Brian and Laura!!

song of the day: “i'll remember”...the only madonna MP3 i have
quote of the day: “maybe she'll see my tongue” ~meg

i went out to basil thai with meg last night. it was great, except we didn't get nearly enough water, and my lips were on fire. i got an italian quiz back, too...and i did aight on it. i swear, if i could just spell giugno and facendo, i'd be doing sooooo much better in that class. i must say i'm ready for thanksgiving, though. my my my. if anyone out there has the phone number for al gore's lawyers, could you email it to me? i have some things i'd like to tell them. :-)

i dreamt last night that the senate decided to hold its next session in ICC. and that amanda's senior prom was held in a wendy's. and that i was carrying this blanket around a haunted, abandoned warehouse near the west side highway in lower manhattan. reconcile those. heheh.

17 November 2000

song of the day: “to make you feel my love” by garth brooks. for Amanda.
quote of the day:
“stop waiving your pickle at me” ~danielle

of my dream last night, i remember very little. that parking lot in front of saint mary's was replaced by a field of very tall tulips. i was walking through them, and they smelled like roses. the other part of my dream involved me looking out the window in my room at home, and puko being down in the yard. there was a tangerine that was also a sprinkler. whenever puko went to smell it, it would spray her in the face. she's not the brightest dog.

today is friday. i hope everyone enjoys it.

16 November 2000

song of the day: “the cherry tree carol”
quote of the day: “my ears are cold. it's windy” ~some guy in henle

let's see...i rearranged my picture pages. you should definitely check that out. and i've started making my christmas/birthday list, which i will soon post. i got a very amusing email forward from my aunt about the election. if i didn't send it to u and you would like me to do so, email me (retrofish@yahoo.com). today i'll be doing lord knows what. hopefully culture night will be revived. i'm hungry and i have to get to class, so that's it for now.

15 November 2000

song of the day: “carol of the bells”
quote of the day: “if you think you know what i'm doing wrong, you're gonna have to get in line” ~ani difranco

yesterday was fairly uneventful. theme night dinner was hawrrible. i can't even think what else i did, to tell you the truth. a bit of reading, writing a few letters, and otherwise, not much. i went down to M street. i went to a meeting to apply to become an RA. i talked to the fam on the phone. today i have an italian quiz. how exciting. :-P other than that, it should be a fairly normal day. one week until i get to see allison and mike!!!

14 November 2000

song of the day: “song for a winter's night” by sarah mclachlan
quote of the day: “i hate bush more than a gay man” ~becky b.

let's see. yesterday was pretty damn good, if i do say so myself. those papers got turned in without incident. the amnesty meeting was aight. i found out where i can get the stranger in spokane (YAY!). and i got to eat in the presence of joe lieberman. pretty damn cool, if i do say so myself. oh, i almost forgot the best part: i got to talk to allison. woohoo!!! anyway, yeah. i'm nominating it for the best monday of all time.

my alarm went off at 8:00 this morning. i woke up, looked at it, and i swear to god, the first thing i thought was “it's saturday, that means i have to lead a tour of the ducks.” i think i may have lost my mind...

13 November 2000

song of the day: “reason to believe” by rod stewart
quote of the day: “i'm too tall to be a criminal.” ~some basketball player in my theology class.

sorry about the lack of an update yesterday. i went to mass and brunch with Aunty Mary Beth, and then i spent the rest of the day working on my evil history term paper. i finished after 1 am, which sucks, but i wouldn't have given up spending the morning with her for anything, cuz she's so darn cool. anyway, i actually feel like i got a decent amount of sleep last night. and i'm wearing shadle colors right now, but that's ok, cuz i haven't done my bathing stuff yet this morning. i hope everyone out there has a splendiferous day, and that my aunt has a safe flight home. oh, and pray for the national conferrence of catholic bishops... they're meeting in DC right now.

11 November 2000

song of the day: “no more” by ruff endz
quote of the day: “ti piace fare la domenica?” ~my italian prof. “me piace andare a parcheggiato” ~a girl in my italian class

oops. forgot to do my update. i've been doing laundry all morning, and working on one of my two term-paper(ish) assignments due on monday. last night, i slept for like 10.5 hours. woohoo! and i dreamt that i could fly, though i had to keep running the whole time i was doing it. and i dreamt that i got a metal splinter stuck in my hand from holding a suspension bridge support cable.

10 November 2000

song of the day: “the waiting song” by ani
quote of the day: “so when you see a pile of naked people, you'll know immediately that you're not looking at the sampling distribution of means.” ~prof. howard

so, yeah...the election continues. i had a long discussion last night with sam over the relative merits of rejecting the patriarchy. i'm very tired. when i was about to fall asleep last night, i asked the sleep goddesses to give me a vision of something. do you know what they showed me? snuffalupagus, from sesame street. later in the night, i dreamt that they built a new bon marche in spokane, and the kids section was on the main floor, but you had to go up to the second floor and down a back escamalator to get to it.

9 November 2000

song of the day: “i'll stand by you” by the pretenders
quote of the day: “when i said i wanted to see a bush in the white house, i didn't mean george w.” ~animal

last night i suddenly remembered what i'm passionate about, who i care about, and what i want in the long run. thanks to bitch and animal and john for helping me remember the things i should never have forgotten. i'm still muy sleep deprived...oh yes. very. ugh. that's it for now.

8 November 2000

song of the day: “you spin me around” by dead or alive
quote of the day: “so now i've drawn closed the curtain in this stupid booth where the truth has no place to stand, and i'm feeling oh-so- powerless, just standing here with this useless little lever in my hand, and outside, my city is bracing for the next killing thing [george w.]” ~ani...thought the next killing thing isn't actually the shrub, it fits.

so. yeah. WTF? that's all i have to say. my state went to gore. nader stinks. they're recounting florida. cross your fingers. pray to god. why did i vote for gore, you may be asking? where to begin: women's rights, the environment, foreign policy, gay rights, education, gun control, the makeup of the federal bench (the sup ct. in particular), and (last but certainly not least) george's HAWRRIBLE teeth.

in other news, my parents left yesterday. yeah, i know. only 5 more weeks until i go home for the holidays, though. my mother also rightfully informed me that i'd misquoted her below, so i fixed that. i just called 7-SNOW...apparently we still have classes. i hope my professors don't expect me to have done any work in the past 24 hours.

7 November 2000

song of the day: “pig” by dmb
quote of the day: “who's gonna be president, tweedle-dumb or tweedle-dumber?” ~ani

it's election day. i hope i don't have to move to our socialist neighbor to the north. my parents are also leaving today...sadness. what else is up? hmmmmm...i have the 2nd half of my italian exam in a half hour. and that's really about it, i think. vote.

last night i dreamt that it was raining, and i was sitting in a bay window watching people run through the commons. and my uncle steve was telling me to “live in the now.” yeah.

6 November 2000

song of the day: “wide open spaces” by the dixie chicks
quote of the day: mom: “look, creigh, that church is for sale...wouldn't it make a cool house?” me: “wouldn't you feel sacriligous?” mom: “only if you had sex.”

well, today is the day from hell. an italian exam, collecting data for psych, actually going to all my classes, getting back the worst psych exam ever, amnesty speaker preventing me from seeing my parents this evening. ugh. at least our lowest grade in psych gets dropped, eh?

in the dream last night, i was trying to screw giant bolts intended for sheet metal into a large block of red wood, and then saw off the top of the bolt. i wasn't very good at it, though, and the popcorn machine yelled at me.

5 November 2000

Happy Birthday, John!

song of the day: “anticipate” by ani
quote of the day: “i never thought i'd pull a dog from between the legs of a naked old man while he sat on the pooper...” ~jan ward

the other cantidate for quote of the day was a brief conversation at the restaurant last night: BJ: “you're eating here again tomorrow night?” dad: “well, it's a long trip, so we figure we'd better come twice” mom: “if you're lucky [winks]” me: “ewwwww” dad: “she's all talk”

yesterday was a lovely day with the parents, if i do say so myself. we went to annapolis and mass and the restaurant. now i have waaaaaay too much food in the fridge, and i'm still full from last night. oops.

4 November 2000

Please pray for my next door neighbor back in Spokane, who was hit by a car two nights ago...

song of the day: “you had time” by ani
quote of the day: “non mangiare dove non posso bere del vino”
~signora camerini

mmm...benihana. i love it when my parents come to visit...not just cuz they bring me my birkenstocks and take me to nice restaurants, but because they're sooooo damn cool. my mom, though, said she is getting a bit weirded out by my dreams (which is quite shocking if you understand that her dreams are as off-the-wall as mine. today, we'll be going to annapolis to have lunch with mike (YAY!) and doing a little bit of shopping, too, i hope. plus: din din at the restaurant. props to seth for vacuuming the room yesterday. i pointed it out to my parents, and they were impressed...

in last night's dream, i was the bad guy, at least for the second half. in the first half, i got a group of us invited to a hoighty-toighty dinner party in gtown, only bobbo kept shooting people with his nerf bow and arrow...they took it well, though. in the 2nd part, i was in charge of delivering a message from the bishop to a parish to say that the funds necessary to bring their church up to code hadn't come through, so they were going to have to tear it down...i didn't like that part so much.

3 November 2000

The Parents Arrive!!

song of the day: “most of the time” by bob, but i like ani's version betta
quote of the day: “i hope i don't get pregnant from just showing up at the football game at east valley” ~manda. “just take upriver drive the whole way, and you'll be fine.” ~derek

okay, i don't know what to say. my mind is blank. completely. my parents are getting here tonight: YIPPEE! other than that, ummmmm, it's a friday, and that's abouts it. 3 weeks from now i'll be chillin' like a villain with mike and allison and hector. until then, the grind goes on. i dreamt last night that most of my friends and i were forced to watch this video on thanksgiving in military training school. then, when it was over, the instructor gave us a quiz on thai culture.

2 November 2000

Happy All Soul's Day.

song of the day: “down, down” by 311...don't know why...
quote of the day: “i'll probably be arrested someday” ~prof. howard

i was going to work on my history term paper yesterday. i swear to god, i was. then meg offered to go out with me, and i took her up. she and sam and i had a very good conversation...props to you two, homies... anyway, i also had a quiz in psych yesterday...i did about half of the calculations by hand (don't worry about it, john...it was good practice for my ever-waning arithmetic skill :-P). anywho...yeah, that's mercoledì in a nutshell. today T gets to georgetown...YIPPEE!! oh what a great weekend, if a little full. how lovely is life, even on those days where you wake up on the waaaaaay wrong side of the bed??

last night was no good for the whole sleeping thing. i didn't get to bed until like 1:30, and even then i was doing some reading. then i stopped reading and tossed and turned for a long time, eventually drifting into a fitful sleep. i woke up twice during the night. i have no sense of balance, apparently--it has left me completely. i ended up rising at 6:45...ugh. there had best be time for a nap this afternoon.

1 November 2000

Happy All Saint's Day.

song of the day: “hello” by lionel ritchie
quote of the day: “i don't know about that hundred-fold thing, but i do have a fleet of mercury sables, and i'm still working on that eternal life business.” ~fr. pat.

goodness gracious. we've reached november. you blink, and there goes the semester, it seems. thoughts on october: what a wild ride that was. i'm glad i got to go home. i'm glad some other stuff happened, too. it opened with too little sleep and closed with just about enough. in five words: to hell in a handbasket. good dreams, though...

speaking of dreams, i don't really remember last night's dream. i do remember my pre-sleep vision, though: al gore was standing in a half-coconut, and geore w. “crack-fiend” bush was wearing a blond, woman's wig. i don't know.