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31 December 2000

The last day of the millenium. Woo-frickety-hoo.

song of the day: “end of the world as we know it” by REM
quote of the day: “what's that fondant?” ~becky. “the jaberwocky” ~the rest of the table

lets see. hmmmmm. amanda's car wasn't liking me so much yesterday. i was late for an awesome-possum coffee with aaron. then a li'l walk to the HM and a great dinner at tanglewood in coeur d' alene, followed by a rendezvous with a cool lady who knows one of my favorite people in the world (kelly) and who taught two of my other favorite people in the world (katie and bekah). after all that excitment, i got to watch resevoir dogs, which i hadn't remembered being so heinously racist. :-(

30 December 2000

song of the day: “center of attention” by guster
quote of the day: “becky gets around” ~my dad

i did bunches of stuff last night that i never really thought i'd do last night...called a locksmith, broke into an elevator shaft...tons of fun, i'd say. then there was thai food, which is always a kick in the pants. and mansfield park. and becky won her basketball game. i even got a fair amount of sleep last night. rcb: missed ya, bud. heheh.

29 December 2000

song of the day: “lemon tree” by pp&m
quote of the day: “travis stole my mascara” ~salamander

the mayor thing was fun yesterday, wasn't? it was nice to see all those people. nothing else particularly interesting to mention, i guess. i went to vertical limit last night. that's about the full extent of my excitement for the 28th of december. i've lost all track of the days of the week. it's all the same. chaos. pure chaos. mi piace!

28 December 2000

song of the day: “crazy for you” by madonna, cuz it was in that
one movie that was filmed in spokane quote of the day: “come here, stand in front of the light. stand still, so i can see your sillhouette. i hope that you have got all night, cuz i am not done looking yet” ~ani difranco

yesterday was mad phat, despite borderline sleep deprivation. thai chicken fettuccini (how sad is it that i take italian and still can't spell that word) in dinner number one. a wonderful li'l chicken sandwhich at the elk in dinner number two. a movie and good conversation. what more could i want in a night? don't answer that. new links up on the links page. check it out.

27 December 2000

The 20th anniversary of my baptism.

song of the day: “born a lion” by ani
quote of the day: “oh, that is me! i thought it was a palm tree.” ~mom

i heard joan baez in nordstrom yesterday. and it was hottie day downtown. i had dinner with the bekahs, and finished my christmas shopping. now i just have to get things in the mail. oh joyous day. i'm tired, so this is where today's update must end.

26 December 2000

Happy Saint Stephen's Day!

song of the day: “hold on” by wilson phillips
quote of the day: “worst diaper ever, but think of all the things he's had to eat today.” ~aunty marguerite

that was a just plain wonderful christmas. in addition to lots of books and cds and a cool new feature for the dorm room, the food and company were exceptionally pleasant. the best part: the AMAZING family cookbook that the aunts and uncles put together for ever member of the family--it's just the coolest thing ever, not because i cook, but because someday i might. or someday i might marry someone who does. i promise i'll get christmas gifts to people sometime soon.

25 December 2000

Merry Christmas!

song of the day: “do what you will” by jen mcclung
quote of the day: “becky can't even make a sandwhich” ~mom

midnight mass happened at 10 pm last night. funny, that. i got a bunch of christmas shopping done yesterday, and saw trillions of people downtown: the lamberts, the colquhouns, mike and christina, the russells, the mcfarlands, dakota, garret, and random people with whom i went to school at g. prep. a good day, though, all in all. i hope today brings you each peace and happiness, regardless of what you blieve or don't believe, and that the now lengthening days remind you all the spring is just around the corner.

oh, i almost forgot...we picked a family mascot: koalas in spandex. don't tell me that doesn't strike fear into your heart. we're making shirts.

24 December 2000

song of the day: “crazy game of poker” by oar
quote of the day: “do you want me to push you into him? will you push me into her?” ~brandon

as always, the 23rd proved to be a wonderfully busy day of holiday good cheer. or not, as uncle steve might prefer. it was good to see everyone at grandpa's mass. today will be spent doing last minute christmas shopping and failing. hopefully, something of worth will be done. i'd like to hang out with riff raff. she's my homie.

23 December 2000

1st Day of Hanukkah
Grandpa's Mass/Natale and JohnPaul's Birthdays!
The Lamberts' Holiday Party!

song of the day: “when doves cry” by prince
quote of the day: “i'd rip his balls off, if he had any” ~brandon

well, i went to a family party last night to celebrate one of my cousins' engagements. one of my other cousin's had made a gift for her fiance--a book of heretofore unspoken “rules” of the family. they were hilarious. best thing i've read all semester. i also got to see tons of people that i hadn't seen in ages, family and otherwise. i'm tired. let the fun continue, though :-D

22 December 2000

song of the day: “the circle game” by joni mitchell
quote of the day: “puko, give me my monkey back” ~beckers

it would appear that my younger sister has led a virtual lavatory revolution in the three months i have been at the town of george. the goal, it would seem, has been to fill our bathroom with ONLY things that smell girly. my hair now smells like rose petals. oh, the humanity. going downtown with the 'noskies now. fun fun fun!

21 December 2000


song of the day: “the rhyming song” by the muppets
quote of the day: “we do front the post in the zone, but...” ~rufus

yesterday the lack of sleep continued. yes it did. someday, i'm gonna take a nap. i hope. this morning, i'm gonna work out and then there's the whole picking up allison thing. good deal. also in the cards: un po' gioco di basket di mia sorella. there was other stuff, too, that i now forget. have a good day.

20 December 2000

song of the day: “the million you never made” by ani
quote of the day: “okay, we're going to try it again, only this time i'm going to put my tongue in your mouth.” ~cruel intentions.

sorry this is so late, y'all...my mom woke me up at the last minute to run errands. i got a new driver's license, though, and the new pic is actually decent. YAY. rufus says i look like i'm in the army in it. i guess that's not a bad thing. i'm mo' hungry now, so i'm gonna go eat at yummy qdoba here pretty soon. fill out my web form and let me know what you're up to, eh?

19 December 2000

song of the day: “i'll be home for christmas” by bing crosby
quote of the day: “they close the airport?” ~the woman sitting next to me on flight #2 to spokane.

well, alls i have to say is that it should never snow in st. louis. if you're reading this, though, that means i actually made it home, snow delays notwithstanding. guess who was on my flight from DC to STL: BL. hahaha. we watched a dvd while we were waiting in national. what else of interest happened yesterday? i spent far too much of my life on airplanes. i indulged in two very greasy personal pan pizzas at the airport. not the best day, i'd say.

however, i witnessed the “spokane effect” in rare form at seatac, and i remembered how wonderful the NW is both when we flew over seattle from the north end of lake washington and when i watched people in fleece with dreadlocks pulling their skis out of baggage claim. sigh...i'm home.

18 December 2000

song of the day: “night of silence” by i don't know who
quote of the day: “life isn't fun without limbs falling off unpredictably” ~john

ok, let me start by apologizing for the site being down yesterday. it wasn't my fault. i discovered it after i'd written yesterday's update, and was trying to upload it. i was very disappointed. sorry. well, today is the day i fly back to spokompton. everyone pray for mike, who's getting his wisdom teeth out today. and for brandon and T and everyone else still in finals mode. now let's get this holiday season underway! :-D

oh, and a quick shout out to fr. ribeiro for the nice email.

17 December 2000

song of the day: “crazy” by patsy cline
quote of the day: “is that chick naked?” ~shannon

sure enough, i woke up at 10:15 yesterday. never fails. i'm full on cursed. things that made yesterday weird: carrying a pillow up the aisle at holy trinity, the woman who cut in line TWICE for communion, the other woman who didn't close the blinds, shannon's dog comment. thanks to shannon and becky for a mad cool, if early evening. and sorry to becky for complaining your ear off. the book is underway ;-).

16 December 2000

good luck to Brandon as he takes his first final on “sh*t that doesn't move”...you can DO it. :-D

song of the day: “have a little faith in me” by jewel...bn, i swear your song will be tomorrow. i swear. what was it called?
quote of the day: “swear. SWEAR” ~the ghost in hamlet

last night was, um, interesting. i don't even like beer. yeah. a short indian woman managed to wrangle my theology final from me. fr. kemp, if you're reading this, i hope you got it. what else to say? i had a li'l taco bell. i know i know. a few more days, and then taco time will be within my grasp. yay. i'm doing this at 3 in the morning today, cuz i'm planning to sleep for as long as humanly possible tomorrow. my bet: i'll be up by 10 am. whatever. that's fine, i guess.

15 December 2000

song of the day: “party generation” by dar williams, cuz tonight we're gonna be the party, eh?
quote of the day: “you can try to train me like a pet. you can try to teach me to behave. but i'll tell you: if i haven't learned it yet, i ain't gonna sit, and i ain't gonna stay” ~ani

last day last day last day. i'm ready. then pure relaxation. and sleep. and hanging out. and shopping. and mass. i figure i'd best throw something useful in there. i hope that everyone else is beginning to ease into the relaxing part of the holiday season, and that the hustle and bustle of finals and all the rest can fade into the background so that you can find at least a day or two of peaceful repose. gotta go study a li'l more now. click out, homeskillet.

14 December 2000

If you haven't done so already, please take a second to fill out the li'l survey on the “random" page. Thanks bunches.

song of the day: “butterflies” by dan bern, for caitlin :-D
quote of the day: “you know what i'm talking about: GETTING DRUNK” ~fr. witek, my former history prof.

today is my day of rest in the midst of finals. in reality, it is my day of working my butt off on that durn take home theology thing, which i neglected to start last night. good luck to my homies takin' finals this morning--you'll knock their socks off, i'm sure. i swear i had dreams last night. good ones. i just don't remember them. i'm hungry, too. that's it for now.

13 December 2000

Happy Birthday, Aunty Mary Beth!!

song of the day: “bem, bem, maria” by the gipsy kings
quote of the day: “we met in a dream when we were both nineteen. i remeber where we were standing, i remember how it felt” ~ani. :-P

so, anyway. today is the bad final. after that's over, i can throw myself into completing that theology take home final/paper thing. and then psychology friday. and then i'm done. woohoo. i can't really think of anything else of pressing importance to say, except maybe that i'm gonna need all the prayers i can get between four and six to not lose my sanity in history. ack.

the dream last night involved german postal workers striking and taking over the grocery store across the street from my dad's office. there was some fears that they would start building weapons...i was confused, cuz that part didn't really fit with the part about suddenly being a sophomore in HS again. oh well.

12 December 2000

song of the day: “true colors,” by cyndi lauper
quote of the day: “i'm glad you were born” ~allison, in my birthday card, making my monday good again :-D.

i don't even have the foggiest idea about when i went to bed last night. i know it was some time between 11 and 1, but that's about all i know. oh well. italian final today. wish me luck. ack. actually, i can't imagine it being overwhelmingly evil...we'll have to wait until tomorrow's history exam for that. it's really windy here today, but even windier up in boston.

last night i had a dream that i was trying to walk to this japanese restaurant called edo that's in spokane, only i was walking through georgetown in sleet. then, suddenly, i was at the east end of lincoln heights, and i crossed 29th and went into edo, even though that's not where it is at all.

11 December 2000

song of the day: “so what” by ani difranco, even though i'm sure i've used it before.
quote of the day: “he's, like, ___ing abercrombie” ~meg

yesterday was a pretty darn good birthday, if i do say so myself. three naps. too much food. a li'l drinky drink. not much else to say, i guess. when my mommy asked, i told her it was better than my 17th birthday (if you don't know, don't ask. it was the birthday from HELL.) anyway, yesterday was great, and i just want to thank all you people, because without those i care about, a birthday wouldn't mean poop. particular thanks to my mother for going through hell to bring me into this world.

and many thanks to those, in particular, who made yesterday so special: allisonamandamomdadrufusbobbo beckybekahmariamariemegjohnsethbethkatiekatesarah shannonkristenallisondouglasbrandonlauralauren and everyone i've forgotten. i love you all to death.

10 December 2000

It's International Human Rights Day!!!!

song of the day: “teenagers, kick our butts” by dar williams, cuz from now on, they'll be kicking mine, too :-\
quote of the day: “i burped. ewww. it's like diarrhea” ~john.

sunday of study days. ack. no studying has been done yet, though i have been fairly effective in doing things like the take home portion of my italian final and my final paper for psych. i had a dream last night in which i was the first president with a telephone, and i was trying to call the senate, but the operators were completely inept. it was very aggravating.

9 December 2000

song of the day: “turn it on” by sleater-kinney
quote of the day: “does this remind you of rent“ ~lauren, at mass

well, yesterday was one of the more random days of my life EVER. kermit the frog priest. organ player with no socks and a rearview mirror. seven dollars for a croissant and orange juice is reasonable. party party. more oj. yeah. it was an all around strange day, though i actually did achieve some stuff i guess. when i got back from the party, though, i had to bathe, cuz i stank of cigarette smoke-- BLECH! laundry today, i hope. (2.36, 6.09, 9.41)

i had a dream last night that actually upset me a lot. we kinda crashed this woman's house and pretended to know her, but then she went upstairs and i was trying to tell my companions that what we were doing was wrong, and we got in a big fight. and i was eating a chocolate-frosted, glazed donut. i had lots of other dreams, too.

8 December 2000

It's the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

song of the day: “two step” by dave
quote of the day: “i want you all peeing clear” ~hopter

here come study days. fun fun fun. i wrote my TCD essay last night, and then i realized i'd written the wrong essay. UGH. so i did it again. in the end, that delayed my going to bed until about 1:45. sucky, i know. anyway, i had a weird dream that i was suspended in mid-air about 500 feet above husky stadium. it was amazing. i wad such a good view of lake washington, etc. something happened, then, but i don't really remember...it's all fuzzy (6:09). oh, yeah, thanks to john for making my night a li'l less sucky.

7 December 2000

Prayers for the soul of Mr. Dahlstrom today, please.

song of the day: “somewhere over the rainbow” by israel kamakawiwo'ole, because manda said so.
quote of the day: “io vivo per la gramattica” ~signora chambers

well, it's the last day of classes, and i have LOADS to do. oh my oh my. yesterday went better than it could have, all things considered. once i got the tummy ache taken care of it was pretty alright, i guess. it was the last day of asian civ, anyway, and we all know how long i've been hoping to be relieved of that curse. today is also the 58th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. bad roosevelt. bad. (4:49).

6 December 2000

Happy Birthday, Uncle Phil!

song of the day: “here with me,” by dido
quote of the day: “you say tomato, i say chicken nugget” ~mandahouse, and i know it's a repeat, but i like it still.

so, i woke up this morning at 7:00 with a really bad tummy ache, no doubt thanks to all the junk i ate yesterevening. i was laying in bad half-awake, and i realized that i'd totally forgotten to meet my italian partner yesterday for our skit. today is not starting well, i must say...

5 December 2000

song of the day: “venus” by bananarama, cuz nyquil makes me a li'l loopy.
quute of the day: “breasts don't hang like that naturally” ~julia

let's see. i was grumpy yesterday, so i took a nap. then i woke up, and i was grumpy about that. then there was nothing even remotely edible for dinner last night. thank goodness i got to spit baby marsmallows (my favorite small food) at julia. other perks from yesterday: lauren's birthday, talking to la mamma, and almost enough sleep. home stretch, baby! (5:05)

4 December 2000

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

song of the day: “marrow” by ani, cuz it's a great new song.
quote of the day:Nunc lento sonitu dicunt, morieris” ~John Donne, in my dream

so, yeah, it's 6:53 and i'm awake. fun fun fun. i'm going to birthday mass with lauren. yay. then maybe a nap or sumthin. last night i decided to watch life is beautiful forgetting how horribly sad it is. but it's still a great movie, i suppose. gee... what else is new? last week of classes. wish me luck. and good luck to all y'all.

mr. vice, i'd like to propose a toast: to another term at college, and to everyone who's stressing (or sick--heather, my whole family, john).

3 December 2000

song of the day: “burritos” by sublime, cuz i miss bekah...
quote of the day: “he had his hands on her hips, and they was kissing!” ~my li'l sister, becky

yesterday was a waste of my time. i did absolutely nothing. it was one of those days wherein i wished i could save all the time i wasn't doing anything for later, when i needed to do stuff. time is funny that way. anyway, yeah. four more days of class. can i make it? it shouldn't be so bad, i just need a li'l kick in the pants to get myself motivated for this nonsense.

last night, my dream included little episoded from jaws, along with random little scary parts about people being beheaded. then suddenly i was at the spokane country fairgrounds, and amanda and i were walking down the hallway that leads to the annex and she paid for skittles. then i woke up. (6:07)

2 December 2000

Maria is 20 today!!! YAAAAAY!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!
Go NAVY. Beat army!

song of the day: “waiting on an angel” by ben harper.
quote of the day: “i have to poop, too” ~meg

last night we went to bangkok for lauren's birthday (which isn't until monday)...it was all good. then meg and i walked to barnes and noble to buy books. yay! i want to reiterate my happiest birthday wishes to Maria, one of the coolest people i've ever had the honor to meet, who happens to be my cousin, to boot. how lucky am i? i'd also like to send a shout out to allison, and say that i had a mudslide in your honor last night. heheheh.

1 December 2000

Today is world AIDS day. Maybe we could do something other than wear trite red ribbons. Maybe not.

song of the day: “glass house” by ani difranco
quote of the day: “i get really violent about ANOVAs” ~prof. howard

manda is in seattle today interviewing for some scholarship, so everyone say a li'l prayer for her. i'd like to take this chance to welcome the month of december: we've missed you. this promises to be a busy month, what with the holidays and birthdays galore. it should be fun, though, if i can make it through finals with my sanity. i'm going over to the law school today, i think, to do part of my theology final. fun fun fun. (-).