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Wednesday, 31 January

song of the day: "save tonight" by eagle-eye cherry
quote of the day: "they suggest you cut back on crack if you're trying to get pregnant" ~prof. kotler

go to the random page, please. i've posted almost all the papers i've written since senior year there. i hope you like them. i got to thinking that this whole education thing doesn't make much sense if i can't share my ideas with those around me. i've decided to actively remedy that situation by posting my work here. don't steal it, please. that would be mad lame. i hope it can help give one or two people ideas, though.

i went to teaism with meg tonight. and talked on the phone for a bit (it always seems too short a time). i think i have strep throat. i don't like that so much.

Tuesday, 30 January

song of the day: "in our out" by ani...cuz i heard a funny boot of it last night.
quote of the day: "it's tough to shoot a kangaroo" ~prof. eklund

well, a month ago today i drank chai at nordstrom. that was a mighty good day. yesterday i did a lot, and (yet) didn't seem to do very much. weird. tonight i'm going to dinner with meg. that should be great. all my love goes out to amanda today. you're the best, chica. i'll see you soon! give yourself a hug from me.

ps - across the pancake ;-)

Monday, 29 January

HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY to my little bro, Robert!!!

song of the day: "find a way to my heart" by phil collins
quote of the day: "there are many, many pages, but they're not very long pages" ~prof. betz

well, it's Bobbo's birthday, so it has to be pretty good, eh? let's hope so. mondays aren't generally my favorite days. yesterday was work-filled. my favorite ad during the super bowl was the one with the squirrels, followed by the one with the monkey. i liked the animal ones. i had no dinner yesterday, so i woke up a bit hungry this morning. time for breakfast. the best part of my sunday was from 1:07 to 1:31 in the afternoon. less than a month.

Sunday, 28 January

song of the day: "breathing" by lifehouse
quote of the day: "i have syrup in my eye" ~meg

i'm not so much a fan of sundays. here comes another week, barreling toward me like a steam engine. i miss home a li'l bit. yup. i hope everyone had a good saturday night. my day yesterday was pretty good. today should be even better, though. meg and i have a dinner date. and i get to go to mass. and i get to do lots of homework. woohoo! oh. a good part of yesterday: buying picture frames. and filling them. quite pleasant.

Saturday, 27 January

song of the day: "night of the jonestown flood" quote of the day: "there's no my child has cancer in team" ~mandahouse

yesterday was great. should have done a lot more work, but it was still amazing. italian was okay, lunch was pretty good: hummus with red bell peppers--yum. then i met the psych class for which i am TAing and went and watched a civil action with shannon. it was all very good. i meant to take a nap, but that didn't work out so well. i signed up for AGAPE, went to dinner and midnight theater with ian. i even got to talk on the phone AND online with aav. good day. good day.

Friday, 26 January

song of the day: "oh, sister" by dan bern
quote of the day: "i hope you all get 100s. what do i care?" ~mr. rahill, my philosophy TA

friday friday friday. do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and your whole life makes sense? that's what yesterday morning was like. it was very satisfying. then i went to class from 11 to 7, which was moderately less satisfying. i really like huckleberry jam. today is friday. for some reason, i have a load of work to do again this weekend. and i've been working all week. my my my. have a good one.

Thursday, 25 January

according to egreetings.com, today is "booty call" day.
i don't know what that means.

song of the day: "leaving on a jet plane" by pp&m
quote of the day: "rats aren't cute" ~prof. kotler

well, yesterday can be described as nothing less than WONDERFUL...the weather was great, i got quite a lot of work done, i had three very satisfying meals, and (best of all) i got a care package from the coolest kid in the whole world. i love life. today is thursday. and it's been a month since christmas. wasn't that break great this year? wow. good memories. anyhow, tomorrow is friday. woohoo!

Wednesday, 24 January

click here to read a really scary article in the NYTimes

song of the day: "her life (in a nutshell)" by bnl
quote of the day: "i buttoned most of them" ~meg

do you ever have those days where you feel like you may have overcommited yourself? i kinda had one of those days yesterday. i am now a TA (gainfully employed: YES!), and i'm on the verge of becoming one of the coordinators for the 8:30 mass at dahlgren. add that to 18 credits, and we've got one busy bubba. i figure it can go one of two ways: i can become a nervous wreck or i can become extremely efficient, giving up the 3+ hours i spend on this damn thing every day. in a concerted effort to make the latter a reality, i'm going to do my psych reading for tomorrow right now. woohoo! have a GREAT day. aav: 35.

Tuesday, 23 January

song of the day: "highway patrolman" by bruce springsteen (but dar williams does a phat cover of it on badlands)
quote of the day: "sometimes, the fastest route home is through the mud" ~maria

well, i think i'm not going to drop philosophy, but i still need to talk to one more person about it, so hopefully i can get that in before add/drop ends at 5:00. i have child psych today. that class makes me want a child. or five. i don't know. i have to go take a shower and stuff, so i'll check all y'all lata.

Monday, 22 January

Big hugs for Meg today.

song of the day: "black" by pearl jam
quote of the day: "i want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life. oh, just to be with you, is having the best day of my life" ~dido

well, sunday came and went frighteningly quickly. i did a substantial amount of work. i got to see ms. sheep again, which was nice. the day ended on a high note, i must say... even if it was REALLY late. i'm feeling a lot better than i was friday, so i decrlare the weekend as a whole a success. today shouldn't be too bad. i have to do a skit in italian and write a paper for english. there's an amnesty international meeting at 8:30 in WGR-201B, if you'd lke to join us in our fight against the torture of children. really, though, who is for the torture of children?

in my dream last night, my whole family was sitting in hot springs in yellowstone. then i was in some small northeastern town looking at a bicycle with too much suspension. then the shopkeeper left, and i noticed that the door could be locked and unlocked from the outside without a key, but not from the inside. then i was at an ani concert on a chicken farm just north of the canadian border. dreaming is fun.

Sunday, 21 January

song of the day: "everest" by ani
quote of the day: "what is this, a prayer service?" ~some guy standing next to me at the inauguration yesterday.

oh my. how'd we get to sunday already? more importantly, how'd i get so much work after a single week of school? i walked some insane distance yesterday to go see curious george w get inagurated. prolly not the best idea for fighting off my imminent cold. today will be filled with work, food, mass, and missing folks from home.

Saturday, 20 January

the dark ages begin

song of the day: "sweetest thing" by U2
quote of the day: "was that funny?" ~raechel

i'm sick, so you don't get much of an update today. i'm going to the inauguration today. i talked to allison on the phone last night, and took nyquil, and got loopy. that's it for now.

Friday, 19 January

the last day of clinton's presidency

song of the day: "pulse" by ani difranco
quote of the day: "a watermelon coming out of my nose hole?!? i don't think so!" ~shannon

yesterday went well. it gave me hope for all thursdays to come, considering i have a class that starts at 11 and a class that ends at 7 on those darn days. anywho, i managed to get two+ hours of good conversation in with meg, sam, and shannon, and plenty of laughs. i was saddened to discover this morning that i had missed a call from allison.

i dreamt last night that i was in allison's dorm, only i was with my siblings. we went up to the 14th floor, to see the view (and suddenly the building was in DC). it turned out the kitchen was on that floor, so we talked to the chef about good restaurants to go to if you have a lot of baggage and you're in a corner coffee shop two doors down from a church that's on fire (i don't know, but that's the situation we came up with). then bobbo started walking around the kitchen with a boa constrictor around him. it was about to start squeezing, but i turned on the faucet, which scares snakes away in this dream. then i fell down near the elevator and i had a tarantula on my elbow.

Thursday, 18 January

song of the day: "everything" by lifehouse
quote of the day: "in 1994 alone, 13 people were killed by giant bales of hay" ~some kid i don't know

i don't feel like updating today. i realized that i accidentally skipped my tuesday psych class. woops. so i'm going to visit that professor today. and i'm buying one more book. and i'm going to teaism with meg. and other wonderful stuff. much love to everyone today, just becuase it's such a great thing to give.

Wednesday, 17 January

song of the day: "dead" by they might be giants
quote of the day: "i would have puked right on it" ~aaron

well, the first day of school went amazingly well. i went to mass and breakfast before my first italian class. i wrote an essay in english on a poem about which i knew absolutely nothing. i also found out that on 10 april, ani difranco is releasing two albums (not a double album, as previous rumors whould have led us to believe) called revelling and reckoning, which will together feature 28 songs organized thematically into the two albums. how exciting is that?!? also of note: i got an email from KELLY!!! YAY! and then i got a horrible headache. thus ended my evening.

Tuesday, 16 January 2001

First day of classes!

song of the day: "god fearing man" by ben harper
quote of the day: "i kinda like the LSAT" ~tony

ok, brief now. today i'm going to mass and eating breakfast, then i have italian and english and my RA interview. pray for me, y'all. and best of luck to everyone who has his or her first day of classes today.

Monday, 15 January 2001

song of the day: "you're aging well" by dar, just cuz
quote of the day: "marie, you should write an alcoholics' cookbook" ~aaron

sorry about the whole no update thing yesterday. here's a li'l rundown of the most important parts of my past couple days: saying goodbye to katie. gottschalks twice. coffee twice. mass followed by chinese food. saying goodbye to the lamberts and talking to allison on the phone. chess and driving. realizing i didn't have a ticket back to school. spending three hours after midnight on the phone convincing TWA to help me return to DC (not that i would have minded staying in WA state for, um, ever :-D). sleeping for 3 hours. making standby to seattle. sleeping my way across the country (and not in that dirty way). unpacking and organizing and chatting on the phone.

i just want to thank everyone who made this last break a few of the best weeks of my life. y'all are the best. ctown folks: the only thing that could have made my break better was seeing y'all. next time, eh?

oh, the vision from when i was falling asleep last night: a woman walking up to a koala bear and saying "hi, marcus, i'm keith sugar." i have no clue what it means. any guesses?

Saturday, 13 January 2001

g'bye, Brandon and Erin. have a safe flight!

song of the day: "murder she wrote" by chaka demus
quote of the day: "we're not getting a patio. i don't want to talk about an awning." ~mom

well, it's my last day in spo. sorry about yesterday's update. my dad took me for my last visit to the costco of my childhood the instant i woke up, and i just never got my bearings. i went to qdoba with rob for lunch, though, and then to see save the last dance with katie. after that katie and i talked for a couple hours about how amazing all our spokane friends are. it's true. i went to dinner at paprika con i miei genitori, and then spent the rest of the evening with brandon, since he leaves today. safe trips back to school for everyone in the next couple days. no update tomorrow, cuz i'm leaving on a jet plane.

Friday, 12 January 2001

song of the day: "miss jackson" by outkast
quote of the day: "the one thing i have to do is get better" ~aaron

short update today. and late. sorry. canadians are rude, apparently.

Thursday, 11 January 2001

song of the day: "gold to me" by ben harper
quote of the day: "i want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life" ~dido

i went to visit my kindergarten teacher the other day. that was a very nice experience, i must say. i have a small stomach ache at the moment, and i'm going to lunch with meg in a couple hours. then i'm holding my mommy's hand as she gets a very painful foot injection. ouch. other than that, though, my day isn't looking all that interesting. hope everyone is doing very well. happy thursday.

Wednesday, 10 January 2001

song of the day: "it wasn't me" by shaggy
quote of the day: "why do they stop at seven?" ~our waiter

as i type this, it's snowing to beat the band. woohoo. gotta love that. today i'm having lunch with cindy and fr. tom, and hopefully doing some other productive stuff, as well. i went to a kickass talk-thing on the terabyte triangle yesterday, and met a guy who offered to find me a job for next summer. yay. my tummy hurts. i want to go to sleep.

9 January 2001

song of the day: "uptown girl" by billy joel
quote of the day: "toni braxton always reminds me of phil" ~katie

yesterday was alright. my meals went well, anyway, and baking was actually kinda fun. i watched an award show and then a very good movie. i dreamed that i was attempting to avert an act of sabotage against the new king of england, but i couldn't speak with him because he only spoke french. luckily, the ceremony we were attending (at which seemingly hundreds of children heard about the experience of being deaf--ironic, isn't it?) was fairly long. about halfway through, all the muslim children stood up and left. then i had to jump from the roof of the palace through one of the windows of the ballroom. it was kinda fun, until the germans started bombing.

8 January 2001

song of the day: "book report" from you're a good man, charlie
quote of the day: "he's not the brightest bulb in the forest" ~brandon

i had a very good breakfast yesterday morning at the cannon street grill. then i went to traffic. then i came home and ate a very very good steak dinner. then i went to see what women want. two movies downtown in one day. i'm on fire. haha. last night before i fell asleep i had a vision of a beautiful woman with long blond hair and a white, full-body racing swimsuit gliding through crystal clear, blue water. it was neat.

asleep, i dreamt that i was stranded at the north pole with my luggage. i liked the north pole, but i disliked the volcano that made the ice break up and me fall in. i was saved by people in a boat from some central american country though. gotta love that.

7 January 2001

Goodbye, Allison :-(

song of the day: "out of habit" by ani
quote of the day: "i'm thinking about your water...it's full" ~kate

the weird dreams returned in full force last night. i was at seattle prep, sitting in history with maria and becky c, and mr. hendricks was going over our book review, but we pretty much refused to listen. then we went to physics, but we had a substitute. we were standing outside a beautiful old stone building which happened to be on an aircraft carrier, and as we stood there we watched a FedEx plane get shot by a missile. then we tried to activate the torpedos on the carrier so we could defend other planes, but some people didn't want to because shellfish apparently aren't fond of the change in water temperature that accompanies the use of torpedos.

6 January 2001

song of the day: "here with me" by dido
quote of the day: "i signed the release, so you can just stick it in my slot" ~charlie's angels

i'm not quite sure what to say about yesterday. i'm real tired and therefore real disoriented. i played a little scrabble and went to the fish and game show with my dad and brandon. and we transported allison from sacred heart to the federal courthouse. exciting, eh? i don't know if anything else of note happened, besides the receipt of a greatly anticipated email, so i went to bed a pretty happy camper. rcb: TONS of fun.

5 January 2001

song of the day: "in your eyes" by peter gabriel
quote of the day: "the less i hate him, the easier it is not to kiss him" ~Y2

well, let's see, only one thing could have made yesterevening better, but it was still pretty cool as it was. i got to see the elusive riff-raff. i got to hang out with allison and allison d. and katie and a few other awesome possums. anyway, i didn't have a margarita, although they were available, and i still slept incredible soundly.

the pre-sleep visions last night included an electronic balance (or "massometer," as i like to call it) with a tennis ball on it and a mail coach whose sideboard turned into a mouth and proceeded to "waaaazzzzuuuuup?" me.

4 January 2001

song of the day: "gold to me" by ben harper
quote of the day: "i had to work with ____ today. she drives abso-f*cking-lutely nuts" ~mom

i actually went to work yesterday, for rob. it was a lot of fun, except for the part when i got a paper cut between my index and middle fingers. that part was bad. lunch was good, and the bread at dinner was amazing. unfortunately, the last of the christmas decorations came down, which is sad. and i got to talk for what could only seem like too short a time with one of my favorite people EVER. watching west wing was fun, though.

ps - i had a dream with ani and aav in it last night. ani shared a kick-ass recipe for a drink that involved potato and coconut milk. it was strange.

3 January 2001

song of the day: "bed of lies" by matchbox 20, for aav
quote of the day: "there's nothing to see here, dogs..." ~me

well, yesterday was GREAT, though i can think of one or two things that could have made it even better. i almost broke my hand at jack in the b-fish. ouch. i woke up late and came downstairs to find that puko had puked poop. i know, i know: grossest thing ever. anyway, i had lunch at qdoba, ran up to hastings, and then went downtown for a bit, where i ate one of those delicious no bake cookies from great harvest. yay.

2 January 2001

song of the day: "overlap" by ani ;-)
quote of the day: "bobbo, the sauce is orange" ~mom

ok, mike leaves today. aaron and i went to say goodbye to him last night and, lo and behold, allison was there, too. we were therefore treated to stories of the debauchary that occured on NYE. whoa. you people. i'm hongry, so this is where the update must end.

ps - GOOD dreams last night. and good thai food.

1 January 2001

song of the day: "fire door" by ani
quote of the day: "the whole ride home we were trying to figure out if we were the ones who smelled so bad" ~mom

happy new millenium, i suppose. it's a somewhat arbitrary nationally-sanctioned party, eh? well, you know you're a lightweight when 4 drinks over 5 hours is the drunkest you have ever been. i'm not kidding. anyway, here's to the first day of the rest of our lives. make it a good one. i'll do the same, and we can compare notes later. :-D