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Friday, 28 February


song of the day: "homeward bound" by blackhappy
quote of the day: "oh my god. i had to pee like three times yesterday." -ian

apparently, i can be an RA after all. as i told my mom, though: are the tangible benefits? i'll think of something. haha. i'm going to 8 am mass today. this is the day i have been awaiting for oh-so-long. gtown folk: i love you to death, but i'm going HOME. YAAAAY. spo folks: here i come! gotta go pack now. haha. yeah, that's me.

Tuesday, 27 February

fat tuesday: SIN!

song of the day: "light one candle" by pp&m
quote of the day:
"i always tell people: if you're going to have a catholic university, you have to find mormons to cater it" -some guy at the ANASA conferrence

so, i don't want to incite pandamonium right now, but in 40 short hours, i will be at home. you should see the little dance i'm doing right now. it's mad phat. i finished both of my paper-papers last night. that was a very good thing. and i read a very boring wordsworth poem. i can't remember what else i did yesterday. oooooh. i got easy access pants. they're a little big on me, but i'll grow into them...heheh.

i had a weird dream last night, and i don't have time to describe it fully. but it included bungee jumping, hot dogs, and kosher toothpaste. and a really scary talking stuffed troll king. i'm not making this up. i swear to god.

Monday, 26 February

Happy Birthday, T!!

song of the day: "someday soon" by carly simon
quote of the day: "i had a boyfriend like you once. real quiet, alllwwaaaayss thinkin'... turned out he was a propane tank. explained a lot of things, actually." -pinky and the brain, via abby

someday i will indulge in the luxury of sleeping past 7:15 am EST. oh yes. i know you doubt my resolve, but, to borrow a turn of phrase from an ice cream shop in seattle: "if i can dream it, i can cream it." doesn't that just sound way too dirty for any respectable business to plaster up on their wall? perhaps it's just me. today is monday. i go home wednesday. how happy am i? i'm thinking that maybe i'll update just once or twice during break. i'm not gonna tell you when, either...just to keep you on your toes. haha.

i had a weird dream last night: me and meg and john and ian were sitting on meg's futon with fr. o'donovan. meg decided that she had a great drinking game for me and john and ian to play. we had to stuff three candy corns up each of our nostrils, and then crawl back and forth in the living room, blowing one and only one candy corn out of our noses into a keg cup at each corner of the room. the weirdest part: when the candy corns hit the bottom of the cup, they turned into muppets. oh yes.

Sunday, 25 February

song of the day: "the promise" by tracy chapman
quote of the day: "maybe you're not doing it right" -ian, over a chicken rico at booey's

let's see: today is the day of the english term paper. i'm already two pages into it, and not completely sure that it's my best work. then again, all the commentaries i've turned in have been pretty half-assed, and he always says that they are "excellent," so maybe there's hope for me yet. i need to go bathe and eat and stuff, and then come back and work work work on the term paper. come to 8:30 mass tonight. yeah.

Saturday, 24 February

song of the day: "friends with you" by john denver
quote of the day: "short like me?" -bekah

i took nyquil last night. and managed to stay awake for about three hours after that. i know you're impressed. i had a few great dreams (wink wink) and a few weird dreams last night. in the first weird dream, my mother and i waited at the DMV all day to renew her lisence. finally, at 5 pm, they called her number (3), only to tell her that they were closing, and that she could return the next day. i scolded them about not having change when they demand people pay with cash (misplaced angst directed toward the gtown registrar, i think). we went out to our truck, and this pizza hut delivery guy was trying to put a sticker on the back window. i pushed him out of the truck bed. in the second weird dream, amanda and i were hiking up a big hill in prague (does prague have hills?) and we ended up at this party on a patio overlooking the river. cindy was there, as was my aunt marguerite. the sunset was beautiful, and we didn't have a camera.

Friday, 23 February

song of the day: "iowa" by dar williams
quote of the day: "so you're telling the kid 'you can't read, but that's alright, cuz you can roll a ball'" -some guy in my child psych class

i'm up real early. gotta go register for that ASANA thing, and then eat breakfast before meeting snoop shanny shan and the laurenator to buy tickets for the dispatch show. then i'm going to italian, having lunch, proctoring a psych test, and (hopefully) taking some nyquil and sleeping for the rest of the day. i know that won't happen, though. i'm seriously aiming for an 8:30 bedtime. i have mad work to do this afternoon before that happens.

buon weekend!

Thursday, 22 February

song of the day: "find a way to my heart" by phil collins
quote of the day: "but first they go jolly nuts" - meg

i have a cold. just so you all know. stuffy nose. post-nasal drip. sore throat from the aforementioned. someday soon, i will return to the candyland of the west coast. i had a very weird dream last night. alas, i remember none of it. today the national weather service tells me it will snow. i don't know about that. it's not snowing now. it's gonna take a lot of work to get three to six inches on the ground by nightfall.

i have an exam on aristotle this evening from 6:15 to 7:05, and i'm holding a review session for Prof. Howard's Research Methods and Statistics course at 9:30 on the 2nd floor of Lauinger. come learn about main effects and interactions! ok, it's shower time for me. have a great day, yo.

Wednesday, 21 February


song of the day: "garden" by ani difranco
quote of the day: "it was, like, he had cheese all in his hands" -my philosophy TA

yesterday i was busy busy busy. i had a run in with that mean guy who works in the college dean's office, and he was very rude to me. i was about two seconds from asking his name and writing a strongly-worded letter to someone or other. i think he saw how ticked i was, though, cuz he started being real nice to me real fast.

last night i dreamt that i got in an argument with my italian professor about the role of food production in human history. don't ask why. i have a huge speech to give in history today, and an italian skit and philosophy exam on thursday. will it ever end? yes, in seven days, when i get to go home!!

Tuesday, 20 February

song of the day: "next episode" by dre
quote of the day: "you can talk of great philosophy, but if you can't be kind to people every day it doesn't mean that much to me." -ani difranco

i had a dream last night. kelly jones and i were in new york city getting trained on effective use of a white labcoat. she was saying something about having to flip everything in an incubator nightly at 2:30. then we were in spokane, and i was late for packing everything up to return to the town of george. we were downtown, and there were two new li'l courtyard dining places. one was called pall mall. it was very nice. then we were at camp reed, and we were going to meet at graves castle. i was going to take the chaise, but it ended up being a basketball, so i just walked. the mud was really deep, though, so i woke up.

Monday, 19 February


song of the day: "if he tries anything" by ani
quote of the day: "i'll drink this whole pitcher myself" ~john

i worked my butt off yesterday, and i still didn't finish that darn history paper. today. i swear. last night i went to a going away party for T. i had a little bit to drink. then i talked to aaron. then i got my finger crushed in the door by some girl who didn't even have the decency to apologize for having done is (she has bad bubba karma now). so now my fingernail feels real swollen.sad day. no fun to type like this.

mandahouse is a legal adult today. how frightening is that? my parents only have two minor children now. wow. have a GREAT birthday, manda. i'll see you in 9 days!!

Sunday, 18 February

song of the day: "if i fall behind" by faith hill
quote of the day: "i took your comforter, because i didn't want to be cold in my old room" ~mom

yesterday i did no work. i got to see chandra, though, and T. and i worked on my resume a little bit. it was really cold and windy yesterday. i don't like that. i'm officially a coordinator now for the 8:30 mass now, though. yay! today will probably filled with studying, since i didn't finish that paper last night. i need to do laundry, too. oh my oh my oh my. ten days.

Saturday, 17 February

song of the day: "homeward bound" by simon and garfunkel
quote of the day: "i HATE them" ~T

11 days until i go home for spring break. three exams, two papers, and one presentation between me and sheer, unadulterated bliss. can't wait. last night i had dinner at cactus with john, scott, meg, and T! it was great fun. ian and i tried to go see a movie, but we failed, so we ended up at kramerbooks. that was also fun, but i went to bed WAY too late. today i'm going to lunch with chandra at one. and there's kristen's bday party. and i ought to do tons of work. ACK!

Friday, 16 February

song of the day: "sick of me" by ani difranco
quote of the day: "i took spanish. my professor told me i was a wonderful person, but that i didn't know what i was talking about, and that i should go home" ~prof. kotler

today's update is giving way to a call to political action for my fellow washington state residents. start by going here: http://dfind.leg.wa.govand finding out who represents you in our state house and senate. email or write to your senator and ask him/her to support Senate Bill 5769. then do the same for your two representatives, the corresponding House Bill is 1758. the legal recognition of homosexual couples is an importand step in securing equal rights for everyone in our society. do this, if not for yourself, than for your gay friends, neighbors, and future children.

Thursday, 15 February

happy birthday, kristen!

song of the day: "i saw the sign" by ace of base
quote of the day: "the only way we're ever going to end bigotry and intolerance is if everyone is angry and defensive all the time" ~poona

so the play was great. except for the smoking in there. that part was mad disgusting. i had an italian quiz yesterday, too. that actually went pretty darn well, if i do say so myself. other than that, nothing too interesting happened. after i got back from the play i had one of the most satisfying conversations i've had in a long time. thanks, aaron.

today is thursday. that means class forever. this thursday is special, though, because in the midst of my neverending classes, i will have the great honor of sorting study proposals for prof. howard's class. who needs free time on thursdays, anyway?

Wednesday, 14 February

happy (aa)v-day!!

song of the day: "if i wrote you" by dar williams
quote of the day: "god doesn't have a penis" ~one of manda's teachers.

i hope your today goes better than your yesterday. i hope i can help make that the case. i hope that in fourteen days, you feel even better. gtown folks: look for me in red square at 1:10 and 2:30 giving demonstrations with contraceptives and bananas. don't miss it. also, the vagina monologues are tonight at 7:30 and 10 pm... go support the hard work of these wonderful women. it's also pay what you can night for poona here in DC. how jealous are youi, slapass? heheh.

Tuesday, 13 February

Happy 20th Birthday, Bekah!!!

song of the day: "if my heart had wings" by faith hill
quote of the day: "i do really exist, and i can answer questions" ~prof. eklund

well, today marks two thirds of my tenure in the wrong washington for the portion of spring semester preceeding break. in other words: out of the 45 days between my two times at home, there are only 15 days left. this is a cause of great joy to me, for though i love all you gtown folks with all my heart, i miss home a great deal, as well. anyhow, i have a psych midterm today at 4:15. wish me luck. i'm going to need it. then come buy a candygram and help stop torture in the airport lounge at leavey from 6 to 9.

props to meg for exploding dough all over my room last night.

on restraint: it's not as easy as i would have hoped. heheh.

Monday, 12 February

song of the day: "mysterious ways" by U2
quote of the day: "amanda, quit assing my leg" ~erin

well, sunday came and went, and i did a bunch of homework, but not nearly enough. so begins another week. two more mondays after this one. then a wednesday. that's about alls i have to say about that. the weekend, in tutto, was neither good nor bad. parts of it were both, but the experience generally was quite neutral. the stretch between here and spring break is the worst of my semester, so say a li'l prayer for me, eh?

Sunday, 11 February

song of the day: "anticipate" by ani
quote of the day: "rucifus the devil visited the sarcophagus in grease." ~shannon

i've been saying for a long time that i'm gonna do work. today i'm actually gonna do it. i swear. i hope, anyhow. yesterday was sunny, but a li'l windy for me. otherwise, though, it was pretty good. the best part of going to sleep last night was when a phone call woke me at 1:30. the worst part was when football players and stoopid girls woke me by running around the floor screaming at 5:30. yeah.

Saturday, 10 February

song of the day: "firedoor" by ani, for the moooooo
quote of the day: "hey, let's have a pretend fight" ~joe hoya.

18 days. eighteen. dicciotto. XVIII. i stayed up way too late last night. stoopid party. today shall be full of work. and errands. it's not gonna be as gorgeous today as it was yesterday, unfortunately, and it was windy enough to blow things over in the room lasst nights. i had a weird dream that involved counterfeiting, polar fleece, and AP european history. i dunno.

Friday, 9 February

song of the day: "hammer and a nail" by the indigo girls
quote of the day: "kuwait is labor intensive." ~prof. betz

so, yesterday was pretty crappy-boom-bappy, if i do say so myself. between not getting the RA post, and getting back a very disappointing italian exam, it wasn't the best of mornings. still, three great phone conversations put a smile on my face (and, um, yeah), and the weather and fresh cut grass made spring's imminence a great comfort to me. i went for a run through dumbarton park. i've been reading sense and sensibility, so it's weird to run through the park and think that it was once a part of the grounds of the estate. what a strange world we live in. what a beautiful world.

to the future gimp: go get some stitches. i can't wait to see it, in its healed form.

Thursday, 8 February

song of the day: "a case of you" by joni mitchell
quote of the day: "i think i was a little hot and bothered last night" ~aaron

sorry about the delay in posting yesterday's update. the server was down in the morning. yesterday went pretty alright. i went to meeting about post-graduation fellowship opportunities. scary. i also went for a jog. yes yes, i know. but the urge hit, so i took advantage of it. there was mac and cheese at dinner last night. meg and john leave for boston today. buon viaggio! only twenty days. how great is life? i spent hours and hours correcting exams last night. and i'm not done. but i figured out that face book guy is in the class. interesting, eh? much love to all on this wonderful thursday. AMDG.

Wednesday, 7 February

song of the day: "the way you love me" by faith hill
quote of the day: "my ass is talking" ~lauren m.

yesterday the weather made a turn for the better. today it is unbeleivably beautiful, as well. i'm loving it. can you tell that i look forward to spring with every fiber of my being. heheh. today is PACKED. goodness gracious. and as if that's not enough, the psych class for which i am the TA is having their first midterm, so i'll be grading grading grading until the cows come home. i hope you are all enjoying yourselves as much as i am. take care!

Tuesday, 6 February

song of the day: "take my breath away" by berlin b/c top gun rocks
quote of the day: "that's one of them fancy hyperlinks" ~prof. eklund.

monday went pretty well. i got really tired in history, though, and it didn't snow enough for school to get cancelled. i cut my fingernails and talked to aaron on the phone and went to bed too late for my own good. there was an amnesty meeting somewhere in there, too. and i wrote a paper on william blake's "the book of thel." weird poem, eh? today i have lots of stuff to do. someone remind me to figure out my summer job situation, eh? ok. take it easy, y'all. i hope each of you has a great day. write me an email and let me know how you're doing if i haven't heard from you in a while, k?

Monday, 5 February

song of the day: "like the deserts miss the rain" by everything but the girl
quote of the weekend: "if her naked body were strapped to my belly, nothing would happen." ~boris

i didn't make it on retreat. i took an emergency trip to new york city, instead. it was amazing. here's a glimpse:

shuuuubby • ready in a half hour • it has no flame • it's warm in here • there's a burger king • are you there yet? • which way do we go? it doesn't matter • eating every two hours • hitting people with shoes • "i'll take them back to nordstrom" "did you buy them there?" "no" • 1/3 of the calls • tons of italian food • naps. everywhere. • rediculous?!? • bum and dog trying to get hit in times square. • wine and cheese. • mmmmm...happy hour. • no jelly beans • annoying fork in soup girl • chinese new year. • free gifts • ignored by the driver • why would you want to leave later? • the little coat • one sale only day • meryl streep • that's my favorite pinosky, too!

aav-wish you could have been there.

Friday, 2 February

Happy Birthday, Mommy!!!!
happy ground hog day

song of the day: "you spin me around" by dead or alive
quote of the day: "it's an empty house, not a temple" ~shannon

i'm going on retreat today, so no update until monday. i hope you all have great weekends. to the gtown folk: go see bent. it was a wonderful, powerful play. somewhat shocking at times, and very moving. go see it. to the spokomptonites: if you see my mom today, wish her a happy birthday. to "the stripper": play song number four again, and think of me, please.

Thursday, 1 February

song of the day: "february" by dar williams
quote of the day: "there was the infamous impersonating egyptians." ~a girl in my history class

well, i don't think i have strep any more. that's a good thing, right? it is thursday, which is good, only i leave for retreat tomorrow, which means i have to pack and stuff tonight, and i won't be able to update on saturday or sunday. i'm looking forward to it, except i have so much work this semester that i'm not going to be able to do over the weekend. anywho, waterloo...yesterday was pretty boring, although the weather was very nice.

i had a dream last night that a coral snake had made its way into our house, and i had tried to immobilize it with the legendary ceramic elephant, but someone else let it go. so it kept terrorizing the house. luckily it didn't kill anyone. i complained to my mommy about it, though, and she picked it up by its tail, swung its head around like a lasso, and smashed it into a rock. it was only then that we realized that it wasn't a snake at all, but a string of beads tied to a walnut. aav:ltfw.ily.