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Saturday, 31 March

song of the day: "chelsea morning" by joni mitchell
quote of the day: "alright. i lied. i'm sorry. let's kiss." -nelson, from the simpsons

there won't be an update tomorrow, as i'll be putting the finishing touches on the new design. as a matter of fact, there won't be a site to visit tomorrow, just that front splash page. sorry about that. i'm not sure how much of the file structure needs to be replaced, so that's the story with that.

i have a new goal. i'll tell you about it monday. i think it's pretty cool.

i had a dream last night that my family was at war with another family. the rules for the war were that you couldn't use firearms, and that you had to do that crab walk all the time. i was sitting in the upstairs hall of my house with brandon, right next to the door to robert's room. puko came tearing out of robert's room, and jumped on my shoulder and over the little banister thing, and down into the stairwell. brandon and i were laughing, when she jumped back the other way, and tried to steal my 'ular. i don't know.

Friday, 30 March

song of the day: "nightswimming" by REM
quote of the day: "overthrow the government: plant a tree" -one of the folksingers from last night

it's finally friday. i'm interviewing today for a post on the admissions committee. it's also the first day it's actually supposed to be warm in a long while: YAY! i have an italian presentation today, and a HECK of a lot of homework to do this weekend. yeah.

i had a dream last night that i somehow got convinced to join john and meg and the bc kids at badlands last night. only it somehow wasn't badlands when we got there, it was a bike shop in downtown spokane, and it was very well-lit, but the bathrooms were sketchy. anyway, the best part was that joni mitchell was there, and i convinced her to walk to my gramma's house with me to hang out with my family. three cheers for folksingers in dreams.

Thursday, 29 March

song of the day: "by my side" from godspell
quote of the day: "migrants buy things" -prof. eklund

i was mega tired yesterday. i almost took a nap for the first time in ages. i hate thursdays, and i hope this one is better than most. i have a TON of work to do this weekend. lord help us all.

i had a very strange dream last night. i was at my cousins' house in seattle, trying to explain its design, and why the parlor was so symbolic, and then all of a sudden i was on a dock with meg, and she was jumping between docks that were drifting toward and away from one another. i tried to jump, but i fell in the water, and this guy walking past had to pick me up. he turned into seth, and we went to go be spies in italy/new york. when the counter-espionage forces figured out who we were, we had to throw a couple of them off the empire state building before i rode in a really big elevator with allison and then washed my face.

Wednesday, 28 March

song of the day: "end of summer" by dar williams
quote of the day: "drinking when you're 14 probably isn't the best idea, especially if you're pregnant, as we've learned in this course" -prof. kotler

so, i normally listen to dar williams because she makes me smile. i was listening to "the end of summer" last night, though, and i caught a glimpse of my own mortality. i realized that, no matter what i do, everyone i love will grow old and die, and that we are just one generation sandwiched among countless others, and that the wisdom of the ages is much larger than we can ever realize in our short time on this planet. oh my. why do i listen to folk music, again?

Tuesday, 27 March

song of the day: "gabriel's oboe" from the mission
quote of the day: "i have a way with sluts" -tony

i almost got blown up by a bomb yesterday. and i missed my history
class involuntarily, which was a major bummer. i did, however, have a good day, generally. i did a little studying for philosophy, and had a little conversation with tony about lots of random stuff. tonight is the interfaith seder: YAY. have a great tuesday.

Monday, 26 March

song of the day: "500 miles" by pp&m
quote of the day: "i love to be the one who disappoints you when
i don't fall down" -brandon

what now? is it summer break yet? why do i keep having dreams about eating? i think i'm addicted to food. i can't stop eating, even for a day. i'm getting my phone fixed to today. and i'm checking the specs on the rotary girder.

oh, how i miss walking up to the edge and jumping in, like i could feel the future on your skin...

Sunday, 25 March

i miss you, aardvark!
i've started making rufus faces.

song of the day: "estoy aqui" by shakira
quote of the day: "this course is awful" -my philosophy TA

i'd like to start by asking for prayers for a classmate of my sister's, who committed suicide friday. remember, someone always loves you.

i hope everyone is doing well. i found out from my mom that i will be joining my whole family at an ani concert in july: woo woo! sadly, the infamous aav left yesterday. i know. sad sad sad. i'm getting a bit itchy to return home again. this midwest thing stinks. thanks to tony for dinner tonight: you rock. sorry about no update yesterday, i was in a bit of a rush to do everything i needed to get done before aav jetted. have a good sunday. i'm ready for real spring.

i had a weird dream last night. i was on the 6th floor of darnall, using the bathroom, and all of a sudden the bathroom was really a ballroom. and professor moran cruz was walking in in full academic garb. but it was really prof. howard. then there was a student at a podium speaking about a study, and prof. howard was telling people that the design was horrible. then everyone in the national medieval studies association was playing basketball with crowns on their heads. what does it all mean?

Friday, 23 March

song of the day: "perfect gentlemen" by wycleff
quote of the day: "i love riding the vulva" -ian

yesterday was the day that would not stop. i can't stop now to type. take it easy, y'all!

Thursday, 22 March

song of the day: "sweetest thing" by U2
quote of the day: "they're like walrusses" -kristen

yesterday, i rode on 4 buses and 4 trains. aaron has me beat, though: 2 cars, 2 planes, 2 trains, and 2 buses. whew. i have an italian quiz today. and i have to argue about my philosophy grade. and i'm going to the one acts. and the tombs. and it's the first trip to badlands. i know, i know. i'm already ashamed of myself. it could be worse, though, i guess. i have a BUSY day today. i hate thursdays, but i like this thursday. peace out, yo.

Wednesday, 21 March

the day of the aardvark.
two weeks since beckers turned 16.

song of the day: "justify my love" by madonna
quote of the day: "perhaps you were drinking. i don't know. you went on a date" -prof. betz

i would definitely never drink on a tuesday night. never. unless i was celebrating the best day i've had since i left home. and the fact that today is the day. yeah, so yesterday was pretty darn good. in addition to a better psych exam, i had two promising leads on summer employment. i also got to talk to my mommy, which always makes for a good day. and i did laundry. and i got an A on my first english term paper. and i got into the history honors program. all in all, it was exactly what i needed to get me out of the funk i've been in for the past little bit. so, thanks to everyone who helped make yesterday so damn good. and thanks to God for the first day of spring, even if it was a little bit cold.

Tuesday, 20 March

Vernal Equinox

song of the day: "either way" by guster
quote of the day: "burned my pillow. and my monkey. yes" -tony

tomorrow. aardvark. oh yes. today i have a psych exam, which is good, cuz i don't think i could muster the strength to take notes in that class today. i'm sorry about the brief updates as of late. i've just been really tired, and that makes me a little curt. it'll get better soon, i hope.

Monday, 19 March

the 21st anniversary of my conception!

song of the day: "carress me down" by sublime
quote of the day: "remember, anthony, that in this life there are nothing but possibilities." -kerry

i watched the exorcist last night. it gets less scary every time i see it. gonzaga's in the sweet sixteen. in the words of brandon: booyah. this is going to be one crazy week. it should be wicked cool though. bring it on. i'll try to be ready for anything. take it easy, yo.

Sunday, 18 March

song of the day: "albatross" by judy collins
quote of the day: "is your hole that small?" -tony's friend teresa

every time i drink i hurt my finger. i'm gonna work my butt off today. that's really all i have time for right now. have a great sunday, y'all. and cheer for the zags today. oh yeah. oh hell yeah.

Saturday, 17 March

song of the day: "carry you" by dispatch
quote of the day: "getting laid isn't so bad, either" -ian

well, the hoyas won, the zags won, the cardinal won. the first round did me good. on to the second! i hope everyone is enjoying st. patrick's day. i will be celebrating by drowning in the nearly endless piles of homework that i have this weekend. i'd better get back to it now.

Friday, 16 March


song of the day: "hustler" by jay z
quote of the day: "if i could wish one thing for my parents, it would be to get them into beer or pot." -aaron

yesterday was the day of having to deal with stoopid people. grrrrr. they bug me. what's the deal with having a financial aid counselor when gtown doesn't give me any financial aid? i just don't understand. anywho, i also got back my first philosophy exam: we'll just say that it is the worst i've ever done on an exam in my life, and i think that a number of my points were overlooked. i'm a bit aggravated by the entire situation, really. in the good news pile, on the other hand: georgetown beat arkansas last night. HOYA SAXA, baby.

Thursday, 15 March

congrats to beckers on being able to drive. give the weez hell!
weeze: i'm just kidding. lighten up.

song of the day: "and the band played waltzing matilda" by joan baez/eric bogle
quote of the day: "you close your eyes, but you keep playing tetris. i hate that." -prof. kotler

for today's update, a little glimpse into my note-taking skills. here are yesterday's history notes: experimental dog • salivating dog • donkey hotay • lone pine • trenches • hands • 2273 • soccer • neck • cruetzfeldt-jakob disease • tennis • rats playing dominoes • a fish needs a pizza like a lesbian needs a bicycle • forces • western front • 1300 in 3 years • verdi, cairo, aida • dried plums • acronyms • mexico • new jersey is the garden state • mucca paza • quicksilver • half • basketball • up down top bottom charm strange • xenophobia • 2pac • R: I, E, Ps, Ph • F: I • NW: E; Totd, Refl. Ps; 13, 14. I; rEg. Ph; Qs. H; Top.

Wednesday, 14 March

good luck to Rufus on the driving test today!! do it, doug!

song of the day: "lord, i have made a place for you in my heart" by greg brown
quote of the day: "i like the penis" -ian.

some nights you need to do work, some nights you need to learn how to play cribbage and talk to tony. some nights you need to do the former but end up doing the latter because you really like to procrastinate. anyhow, last night was good. i got to visit snoop shanny shan and becky b. i got to talk to aav (ALWAYS a good thing), and i got to visit someone on my floor for the first time ever. coincidentally, i had a lot of fun, even if my entire work schedule got thrown out of whack.

a request today for prayers: for Heather and Tyler and their new baby.

Tuesday, 13 March

song of the day: "wonder why they call you bitch" by 2pac
quote of the day: "then i came back and got in a fight with my pants" -seth

tuesdays are better than thursdays. 8 days. EIGHT. listen to song four. that's about alls i have to say for today. sorry i've been so brief lately...my brain melted over break. take it easy, cowboys.

Monday, 12 March

song of the day: "walk with you" by dispatch
quote of the day: "did i tell you about my sexual dream involving my dad?" -ppkatey

the grind resumes. ugh. at least that stomach ache isn't as bad. now my throat hurts, though. i think it's from lack of sleep. third day of the novena. it's tough from across the country. i'll be going to mass at holy trinity today. gotta go go go. i miss home already. love y'all.

Sunday, 11 March

song of the day: "looking for the holes" by ani
quote of the day: "i wasn't even that drunk at that auction" ~my mom

back at the town of george. spring break was lots of fun. i wish i'd seen a li'l bit more of my family, but all in all, it was a great break. don't know if i'm ready for more school. neither does my appendix, apparently, as it's raising a mutiny of my abdomen as far as i can tell. hope everyone enjoys sunday.

Thursday, 8 March

song of the day: "another day in paradise" by phil collins
quote of the day: "we play roller derby, manda and i, when she's not looking." -dad

so, i'm headed to ptown today. woohoo! it should be a good time, though i must say i'm a little nervous about any awkwardness. i guess only time will tell. i have to go back to the town of george in a couple days. that makes me sad. i went to coffee with stephen last night. chai actually. it's too bad jen couldn't join us. i'd like to send a shout out to snoop-shanny-shan today, and wish both her and stephen safe and happy trips. peace out, yo.

Tuesday, 6 March

song of the day: "heaven on their minds" from JCS
quote of the day: "i can do you both at once" - waitress at david's pizza.

i'm a lazy bum. i admit it. but look, you get updates two days in a row. nothing all that exciting is going on in spo today. i got my teeth cleaned, and i bought another nalgene bottle (narrow mouth: fun fun fun) and an extra top for my 6-day-old nalgene bottle (thanks for that, aav!!). i walked around the neighborhood on this beautiful afternoon, and thanked my lucky stars for having such an amazing life.

Monday, 5 March

song of the day: "thunder" by ACDC
quote of the day: "get your shame out of my armpit" -aaron

well, here's the first update for spring break/march. hope everyone is having a merry ol' time, wherever you are. i cut my fingernails. i washed the dog. i didn't take a nap, though. a big shout out to the g. prep girls' basketball team and the seaprep boys' basketball team. and good luck to mandahouse in her lilac princess comp tonight. kick that one girl's ass!

ps - aardvark. aardvark. aardvark.

pps - "ethan": remember eyonisis.