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Monday, 30 April

song of the day: "little plastic castle" by ani
quote of the day: "i'm all about you and drugs" -aaron

sorry about the lack of an update yesterday. i don't know what happened. i hope everyone had a peachy keen weekend. mine was aight. i succeeded in doing no work whatsoever. so i guess that's pretty good. i saw miss congeniality saturday night, and i went to a choir concert last night. i had a weird dream last night that my laptop had insanely small keys. and that i was walking past the warricks house when two people (who clearly weren't the warricks) came out of it on pogo sticks. then i was on a train with my uncle steve, who was telling me that he needs to start training for something or other. and then i was at a wedding, only all my clothes were wrinkly, and i was real sad about that.

Saturday, 28 April

song of the day: "what a good boy" by barenaked ladies
quote of the day: "buh" -la mia professoressa d'italiano, as she fell down

so. the funniest part of the party last night was when ian took that really sour drink away from me. thanks, buddy. also yesterday: i walked downtown and visited memorials and museums. and i didn't do any work. woohoo. i had a dream last night in which there was this guy whose name was how he spelled it. so, like, you would have to call me be-ewe-be-be-ay. weeeeird.

Friday, 27 April

song of the day: "loom" by ani difranco
quote of the day: "there is a man with one of those airguns down there" -my english prof, after having opened a window during class, leaning out, and yelling at said man with "air gun"

so. there it is. i had those things in italian and psych yesterday, and whether they went well or poorly, they did, in fact, go. and now they're gone. and that's what really matters. best news of yesterday was, of course, that one of my little sister/one of my best friends/one of the coolest people in the world will be joining me at georgetown next fall. i'm molto excited. today, done with work, anthony will be wandering aimlessly around the mall

sto votando per giuliana perché è un animale grande e ottuso. mangia troppo cibo, puzza, e russa. qualche volta, non si fa la doccia. è sporca, e non me piace per niente.

Thursday, 26 April

song of the day: "heart of glass" by blondie
quote of the day: "those SOBs, when they bombed the embassy they hit the coner where we kept our alcohol" -a georgetown grad/ambassador

remember how much i hate thursdays? well, at least this is the second to last one of the year. woo woo! 11 days. i have those evaluative exercises in italian and psych today. woops. didn't do much studying for those. and i didn't do my english reading either. i was in wind down mode last night, apparently. i've gotta run. it's time to shower and go eat breakfast.

Wednesday, 25 April

song of the day: "egg man" by the beastie boys
quote of the day: "now you know why i'm like the way i am" -my psychology prof.

so, let's see. i'm a little less stressed now, though i'm muy behind in italian because i've been putting all of my energies into those papers. actually, one of them isn't done yet, but it just needs to be polished before i turn it in this afternoon. my A/C was leaking a lot of a a very gross sticky brown liquid. so i called facilities and they fixed it. but now it's taking a long time for it to dry. argh.

Tuesday, 24 April

song of the day: "the ocean" by dar williams
quote of the day: "ignore that S there. that's just there to trick you" -my history prof.

way too stressed.

Monday, 23 April

Belated Happy Bday to my cousin Mary!

song of hte day: "here for now" by ani difranco
quote of hte day: "oi. adolf hitler is in the hallway" -the gramma in liberty heights, who is my new favorite person in the whole world.

my whole weekend is a blur. no time to write now. i must tackle this history paper. when did i lose the ability to churn out a medium length paper? ARGH.

Saturday, 21 April

song of the day: "come to my window" by melissa ehtridge
quote of the day: "TBIYTC" -fred

i wasn't going to update, but i had the weirdest dreams EVER last night. i'm a complete idiot. i thought it would be a good idea to take a nap at 8:30 last night. then at 9:30, when i woke up, i was like "bah. i'm going to bed for the night." so i did. and then i woke up at 3, completely ready for a new day. unfortunately, my clock wasn't. oh well. random other news: i lost my GU ID card last summer, and my aunt found it yesterday in the hallmakr in lincoln heights. how random is that?

anyway, my dreams: in the first part, there was this buff girl with short blond hair walking down the street. she was wearing a tank top, and she had her watch around her left bicep. anyway, little richard came up to her, and he had CRAZY hair. and he grabbed her bicep and they both ran off into the night singing a tina turner song. then, in my second dream, i was trying to drive a stick shift while going around a corner and talking on a cell phone, and my car floated off the freeway. i was standing by lake union in seattle, and looking up at a new triple-decker bridge they were building, and i realized they'd made it out of a LOT of play-doh. so it start to sag and then collapse. it was pretty scary.

Friday, 20 April

song of the day: "i had no right" by dar williams, cuz i found out yesterday that it's about a jesuit priest.
quote of the day: "oops, i fell into your face" -ian

yesterday wasn't really all that great. the weather was a bit nicer, and that was a good thing, but i keep not getting enough work done. i resigned my position on amnesty's executive bord, since i'll be drowning in other commitments next year. so that's kinda interesting. it's been a good two years of being their research bitch, though. haha. anyway, if you don't get updates this weekend, please accept my apologies in advance. i've got trillions of things to do, and i'm going to try to stay offline as much as is humanly possible. i'm showing a girl from seattle around campus tomorrow, and i've got spring RA training all day sunday. add to that two 10 pg papers and two exams in the upcoming week, and you've got the makings of antisocial bubba. hope everyone has a better weekend than i'm gonna have. take it easy, y'all.

Thursday, 19 April

Happy Bday, Louis!

song of the day: "tamburitza lingua" by ani, cuz R&R just keeps surprisng me
quote of the day: "whatever happened to plain old lavender blue dilly dilly dilly dilly..dilly... dilly. silly" -i don't even know.

last day seemed very mixed. i got up early and all. and ate plenty of food. and i got into the advanced english seminar for next fall. and i found my history notebook. and all that was good. but i got a bloody nose, and the interview with the hoya people didn't go as well as i would have liked. oh well, today's a new day, and today i'm going to do loads of work and sit through loads of classes: ACK.

i dreamt yesterevening that i was swimming competitively again. only i had to swim naked. it really wasn't all that traumatic. then i dreamts that i was with my parents in filomena, and my auntie mary beth and my gramma were there too, and we found them in the waiting area and asked them to sit with us. and then i dreamt that this girl justine in my italian class got a hair cut, and she didn't like it while it was happeneing, but it looked nice in the end.

Wednesday, 18 April

song of the day: "thriller" by michael jackson
quote of the day: "in order to top someone from doing something, they have to be doing something." -the guest lecturer in my psych class.

i went to bed really early last night. like 11 o'clock. it was very nice. yesterday was, in general, a pretty good day. i found out that my history class today and my english class tomorrow are cancelled. i learned all about eating disorders in my psych class, and i got to have dinner with my roommate and his mom. now, if only it were about 30 degrees warmer out, eh?

i really enjoyed my dreams last night. in the first one, i was visiting seattle prep, only it was kind of a college, and maria and stephen were going there. before i swung by, i went to that capital hill market thing on broadway to get periodicals. seattle prep was much bigger than i remembered it. there was a stream running through it. in the second dream, i stole my siblings away from mass one saturday night, and we flew from spokane to DC. then we took a train to NY, and the subway. the subway actually ran above ground, though, and the far north end of manhattan ended up being shockingly similar to the area of seattle around sand point. go figure.

Tuesday, 17 April

Happy Birthday, Shannon!!

song of the day: "untouchable facee" cuz it's classic.
quote of the day: "i wish she'd bring ME vaseline" -our cabbie after easter dinner

well, yesterday was a moderately productive day. if i'd done what i did yesterday every day over break, i'd be in a very good place right now. i didn't, of course, and now i'm scre-ed. oh well. it will all work out. i now have 13 books for my history research paper. and no books as of yet for my english term paper. ACK. here comes the end of the semester. T, kev, and tara are all gone: sad day. now work can be done, though, and that's a good thing. i had a bunch of good stuff to say about the past couple days, but i'm blanking on all of it now. i guess that's aight, though. have a good day, y'all!

Monday, 16 April

song of the day: "sick of me" by ani
quote of the day: "did they bring out a tray of the J-man yet?" -beckers

i don't like mondays. i'm all written out.

Sunday, 15 April

Happy Easter!

song of the day: "what do you love more than love?" by dar williams
quote of the day: "you are still the song i sing to myself when i'm alone" -ani.

yesterday was mad long. t and tara and i walked a good 8 or 9 miles. then ian and i walked another 2. three cheers for walking, eh? the ptown crew bailed on me for easter vigil mass, so i spent two and a half hours in the balcony of holy trinity by myself. oh well. i love easter vigil. i laid in the sun for like 2 hours yesterday afternoon...got some good sun on my face. today i'm locking myself in leavey and doing work. it's crunch time, folks. once these two papers are done, i won't be nearly as stressed.

the dream: we were at this HUGE drive-in mass, and everyone had to drive through a hut that resembled an espresso stand for communion. while we were driving, becky was telling me about how poorly her class at gonzaga university had gone. and then ian was trying to show me this annoying polo shirt with no buttons that you had to be wearing to use these hand rails that had lights underneath them that shone korean characters on the floor. that's what i thought.

Saturday, 14 April

song of the day: "dance with me" by hepcat
quote of the day: "i didn't really like when you were blowing air through me" -meg

well, yesterday was probably the nicest good friday of all time. it was in the upper 70s and sunny here in the district. i actually got to sunbathe. i had all you can eat sushi last night for dinner, and i found out i can eat quite a lot of sushi before i throw it all up. not that i did, but...you know what i mean. i went to bed early last night, and i got up at 8 today: WOO! and instead of doing work ever, i'm going down to the nationall mall (or, as ian says: lawn) with T and tarah. then i'm coming back here and ordering li'l cafe and ironing my stuff, and then going to easter vigil mass at holy trinity, then it's time for the easter party. oh yes. oooooh yes. and my roommate's mom comes to visit tomorrow! YAY!

Friday, 13 April

Good Friday

song of the day: "your next bold move" by ani, cuz i love folk
quote of the day: "you are my date. you don't know how lucky you are." -T

i hate going to bed late. i'm going to sleep at 9 pm tonight. i don't care what's going on. that's about alls i have to say, except that mandalou is the poo, so take a big whiff.

Thursday, 12 April

Holy Thursday

song of the day: "school night" by ani, cuz r&r rocks!
quote of the day: "i'm not your hand towel" -meg

i think i've been giving easter break a lot more credit than it deserves. it's really not all that long. crap. i really have to get a lot of stuff done today. i'm going to lunch with dean mcauliffe and then adjudicating something or other with ian. it's all good, i guess, though last night resurrected a lot of ani songs. and i never got to talk to aav. take it easy, today, y'all! go to mass tonight.

Wednesday, 11 April

song of the day: "butterfly" by crazy town.
quote of the day: "oh my god. cocaine is so bad for your health" -heather

what a day yesterday was. i found out that i'll beon the admissions committee here at the town of george next year. and i got an interview for the post as the webmaster for the hoya. and i have to meet with some guy from the CIA about lauren's security clearance. T and tur-RAH get here today, and kev got here last night, so easter break is slowly assembling itself. i have an italian thing today. and i'm meating with the dean tomorrow for lunch. it's been a busy previous 24 hours. i'm definitly ready for break.

Tuesday, 10 April

song of the day: "we belong" by pat benetar, becuase we should do a biography on her.
quote of the day: "your tongue has no place on my ID card" -tony

i don't remember much of last night's dream, except the part where i had a green lolly pop and was inside a blockbuster video. bastards: replacing my TCBY. anyway. yesterday was pretty damn good. i got to talk on the phone due volte. it was 89 degrees here at the town of george, and i had a very satisfying meeting with the history academic auditors. i went to bed a little late, though, and i really feel like i let someone down, but it was otherwise a very good day.

Monday, 9 April

song of the day: "better man" by sandy lam
quote of the day: "i want to run a 5k naked. wait. that would get all floppy. and painful" -ian

random event of yesterday: driving to annapolis to see the moon at midnight. that was pretty cool. yesterday was nice, but i didn't do enough work. today is supposed to be even prettier. tonight at five, i have to represent the history department undergraduates at a peer-institutional review. ack. no pressure. wish me luck.

what i dreamt: i hitch-hiked across the country to get to gtown in the fall, but they took me to the law center, and you had to do this trick with walking through the right doors in the right order to get to the GUTS bus, and i ended up in the basemnt, cuz i couldn't figure it out. then, all of a suddent, i was half on seattle u's campus, and half on georgetown's campus, and i found the ruins of an old science library. i was looking through the rubble, and i found a live pearl jam CD. i walked into the structure itself, where a new set of steps was being being built. when i emerged from the structure, i was in spokane, and i was going to dinner with my family. we went to this restaurant right down on the river in the valley, but we were at a giant harbor, and there was a volcano about a half mile away from us. it was scary, but pretty.

Sunday, 8 April

song of the day: "fortunate one" by old station orchestra
quote of the day: "all the priests are high. except fr. harris. i love him" -john john

i realized that night that the hall light, which seemed so bright when you turned it on, is nothing compared to the dawn, which is nothing compared to the light which seeps from you while you're sleeping, beautiful...

yesterday: woke up late, visited ian, ate brunch, went to the library, came back, talked on the phone, chatted on IM with brandon, vaccuumed, becky's birthday dinner, asiafest, parties senza alcohol: essendo ubriaco e stanco sono la stessa cosa per me. talked on the phone again.

in the dreams: barry was being mean to amanda, so i flew home to yell at him. then amanda and i went to my italian class, and la mia professoressa started operating on a very large, yellow, stuffed ape. then tony was getting married at the lincoln memorial and fr. harris was there. it was a li'l schizy, in retrospect.

Saturday, 7 April

song of the day: "chilli con carne" because it is totally random.
quote of the day: "i thought that was an african-american thing like ten years ago" -my english professor, about break dancing

i saw sean connery yesterday. and the prince of spain. i walked around a lot. i talked to aav, but only once. i went to a living stations of the cross, and to the "showcase," which was way too long, but lots of fun. after that, i went to an AU party with ian, tony, and andrew. ih. that's about alls i have to say about that.

my vision last night as i was falling asleep at the party was of two walkmans. i was examining the diffences between the volume knobs. my actual dream was moderately aggravating...i was at the beach (yes, THE beach) with aaron, andrew, and amanda, and i really wanted to take them all to a have a fire on alki in west seattle. so i went ahead of them in a super shuttle to get everything set up, and they stayed behind for a bit. somehow, though, i could see what was going on back at the beach. no one was wearing any pants (though everyone was wearing boxers), and aaron was sitting by himself at a picnic table. they were running very late, and i realized that i should have driven to alki instead of taking the supershuttle. i called them, but they said they wouldn't be able to make it to alki before sunset, which upset me because i really wanted them to see the sun as it set over the olympic mountains.

Friday, 6 April

song of the day: "elderly woman behind the counter in a small town" by pearl jam
quote of the day: "i'm sick and i'm jumpy. leave me alone." -prof. kotler

yesterday, i got a postcard from my parents that i couldn't read, and an email from Y2Katie that i could read. so, huge shouts out to both of them. it was another beautiful day. and today should be even nicer. i had an exam, and went to visit meg at work. aardvark. and lauren was at A&F when i got there. and rica stopped by while i was there. and lauren and meg and i went to a spontaneous dinner at paolo's after meg got off work. then i came back home and talked on the phone for a while and had a LARGE number of visitors.

i hope anyone who wasn't having the greatest night last night is feeling infinitely better today, and remembers that i'm always here to talk, no matter what. got it? good.
:- )

Thursday, 5 April

song of the day: "là ci darem la mano" by mozart
quote of the day: "where's the rest of the class?" -prof. eklund

yesterday was a day of ups and downs. i got to talk to the aardvark a lot, but i had to go to class on a gorgeous day. the guy who returned library books late on my account gave me $8 to cover the fines, but then i had to write a $565 check to the IRS. you get how it went. all in all, though, it wasn't half bad. three cheers for spring. i bought my ticket to asiafest. i went to theme night dinner. i thought about the future of my academic career. then i went to bed. pretty standard, really.

what my unconscious had to say last night: i had a friend, whose name was jim, and he got drafted to go to vietnam. he was a generally happy guy when he left. while he was there, though, he was diagnosed with cancer. so the military agreed to send him home. while he was en route, though, his whole family (parents, sister, wife and kids) was killed in a huge explosion. it was very sad. then, in a different, less depressing dream, i could only use instant messenger if my computer was in my closet.

Wednesday, 4 April

song of the day: "nightswimming" by REM
quote of the day: "apathy is gonna fight this fight for me" -ian

humpday is here. my psych class got cancelled yesterday. and it was wicked nice out. so three cheers for that. i also believe that i have my philosophy exam under control, and so now alls i have to do in the next week or so is 2 ten page papers and a few three pagers. whatever. spring is here, and i'm happy about that. despite snow in pullman, i hope that my NW friends are getting in the spring mindset as well. i can't wait to see y'all ASAP.

i dreamt a dream last night: i was in charge of finding a new button for dupont circle. not a button you put on your backpack. a button that you press that makes something happen. i couldn't do it, though, and they called me incompetent and sent me home so that my mom could show my how to survive in "the real world." when i got home, though, no one was home, so i had a long conversation with the older of our two dogs, missy, who was lecturing me on particulars of quantum mechanics. then i woke up, cuz i had to go to the bathroom.

Tuesday, 3 April

happy birthday, Becky B.

song of the day: "hey hey" by dispatch
quote of the day: "the less i hate him, the easier it is not to kiss him" -katie

yesterday was a pretty good day, i do declare. mandahouse got into gtown. i hope she comes here, because we'd f serious s u all over dc. the fam is in the city (westside-style) for the week, so i hope they have a lot of fun down there. in other news: i got my first pay check from the psych dept. it should cover a small fraction of what i apparently owe the federal government for last year. ack. i'm almost done memorizing stuff for my philosophy midterm thursday, too. now all i need to do is my psych extra credit, and i'm set for the week. i'm ready for easter break, y'all.

dream: it was christmas time, and someone had given me a child to take care of. it wasn't cold, and we were running down a big hill by leavey that doesn't really exist, making airplane noises. all of a sudden, we were in the lobby of a really nice hotel in spokane, and my mom was telling me that my cousins were coming into town for grandpa's mass. i went to meet them at eddie bauer, and i hid among the coats, because i knew that if they saw me right off, their pet koala would get scared, and it would all be for naught. don't ask; i don't know.

Monday, 2 April

song of the day: "heads carolina, tails california" by jodee messina
quote of the day: "there's no sex safer than no sex" -me and meg

well, it certainly was an interesting weekend. a good end to march: the month of fun. april is the month of work. ack. it's time to kick it into high gear. between now and the end of classes i have 2 quizzes, 2 short papers, 2 long papers, and 3 exams. then finals.summer is within sight, though. can you feel that? uh!

oh, my idea. between college and law school, i've decided i want to walk across the country, to raise awareness of something. i haven't decided what, yet, though. if you'd like to join me, it'll be the summer of 2003. i'm sooo not kidding. anyway, welcome to the first full month of spring. i hate daylight savings, especially when it results in my going to bed at 4:45. heheh. no interesting dreams to tell you about, though. sorry.