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thursday, 31 may

quote of the day: "william shatner's son knocked up my cousin." -my mom

wow. who knew that a kid i went to grade school with was secretly a second cousin who was also the grandson of william shatner? so, anyway. i feel muy disorganized today. i'm gonna go work ou and then do some work in the sun. perhaps that will help. i also need first american title to call me back. argh. i must say, again, that i was extremely impressed by katie's mp3 collection last night. and by her rubik's cube skills. :-)

tuesday, 29 may

quote of the day: "you are a china shop, and i am a bull. you are really good food,and i am full." -ani

i took yesterday off. sorry. the aardvark is coming today. woo woo! i saw blow the other night (aka, the most depressing movie ever). if i learned one thing, it was that marijuana people are a lot more fun than cocaine people. or something along those lines. today, i'm gonna do a little work, maybe read some for me, and then just chill. i went for a wicked long bike ride with beckers yesterday. i need a shower. laters.

sunday, 27 may

quote of the day: "brandon, i wish i had your head with me always" -allison

amanda graduates today. congrats! i get to eat french toast for breakfast. allison's was wicked fun last night: thanks. and that's where it stands for the day.

saturday, 26 may

quote of the day: "why didn't you get it on book?" -john f.

slowly, the throat is getting better. today is baccalaureate for g. prep. congrats to manda and all her friends. and welcome back, allison! the next two weeks should be nonstop fun, i hope. today: mass, then laying in the sun. then working out. then a li'l party at allison's. yay! i think there was something else i was gonna tell y'all, too, but i don't quite remember. later, gators.

friday, 25 May

quote of the day: "you know what time it is. you know you lost the key" -katie

got up late. did some work. went to cattle-doo. allison gets home today!! :-D

Thursday, 24 May

quote of the day: "i think i might pee on myself" -ian

my mom got hit in the face with a log yesterday. and i got x-rays at my dad's office. i ate cinnamon rolls with brandon and blizzards with beckers and bobbo. i laid in the sun for about an hour. all in all, i had a fairly busy day. gotta go see about a job now.

Wednesday, 23 May

quote of the day: "in new york, you feel like everyone is screwing everyone. in san francisco, you feel like everyone is screwing the tourists. i'd rather be in new york." -my dad

is allison back yet? no, sadly. i have a bit of a sore throat, but i'm getting by. i'm a bit closer to being employed, which is a very good feeling. i'm hongry, though. gotta run. lots of stuff i'm forgetting to say, though. oh well.

Tuesday, 22 May

quote of the day: "i got kicked in the face. it's not even my birthday." -manda

yesterday i got me some underwear. and 2 new polo shirts. and my mom paid my cell bill for last month: woohoo! i'm still unemployed, though. gotta call mr. burns and rob today. and i'm applying at the cannon street grill, too. anywho, it's time to get go go going.

Monday, 21 May

quote of the day: "she'd just have a big stick" -my mom

well, it's monday. that means the job search continues. argh. wish me luck today. i think i'm gonna go work out before i start looking. fun fun fun. anyone have a lead for me?

Sunday, 20 May

quote of the day: "babies are fine when they're sitting up, but..." -beckers

yay for cheese and snausage fondue. and yay for being sore from working out yesterday. and yay for sundays. and yay for aardvarks. i'm gonna go play simcity now, cuz i'm just that cool.

Saturday, 19 May

quote of the day: "looks like someone is hungry." -katie

well it's saturday. and i don't really feel up to par. i need employment. anyone need summer help with something that takes some brain power? email me if you do, ok? i need to do something today. and it can't involve me spending money. any ideas? take it easy, y'all!

Friday, 18 May

quote of the day: "the walmart side is NOT what it used to be" -annoying suburb woman behind me on the plane

i get a haircut with suzy today, and we're having a family portrait. and i'm gonna work out, i think. and try to find a job. the noskies leave for milwaukee today: congrats, erin!! thanks to katie for a wonderful yesterevening. aav: call me. please :-)

Thursday, 17 May

song of the day: "white lightning" by george jones
quote of the day: the retelling of a conversation between a woman and her husband:
"there's a rat!
it's not a rat. it's an opossum.
well, it's still a rodent.
it's not a rodent. it's a marsupial.
it's a rodent to me.
i hate seattle.
you need to learn to close the garage door."

ok. so you didn't get any update yesterday. i woke up and packed myself silly. now i'm back home. YAY. i need to get caught up on some major sleep. flying home was a nightmare. i think TWA and i are caught in a blood feud.

i can't believe another year of college is over so soon. and i really can't believe that i've recorded a large portion of it on my website. all in all, it was a good year. the beginning REALLY sucked, besides the ani difranco concert. i made some new friends (aaron, sam, ian, tony and--at the end--joe come to mind). and i missed spending time with old friends (john, meg, kelly, etc). still, i think i learned a lot, both with my heart and with my mind, and i came out better for the wear.

i'm really thirsty. best month of my sophomore year? probably december. worst month? prolly september. it seemed to fly by. i'm glad that next year it can fly by with manda there. i'm very sad that i won't see much of allison next year, though. in the past year i think i got a much better sense of what i want from the next few years of my life, and though it changes A LOT, having a slight sense of direction is a very good thing, i think.

okay. time for me to go work out, y'all. have a good one!

Tuesday, 15 May

Belated Happy B-Day to Allison!
Bye bye, Meg
song of the day: "mortal city" by dar
quote of the day: "let's try sex" -amanda's AP english teacher

i'm gonna fail my philosophy final today. that's fine. i have infinite packing to do before i leave tomorrow. i can't believe a year is over, already. just as a warning, tomorrow's update will prolly be wicked short, but i promise to write on the plane, and you will all be treated to a long update thursday with my thoughts on my sophomore year. until then, here's a list of things about the city:
ghetto booty boy • woman on plane with cell phone • just $4 • late night coffee in the east village • screw walking across the country, i'm moving to the city • why does it smell like garbage • lost on the subway. over and over and over. • BKFE/GKFE • no cell phone: ACK! • no mothers around on mothers' day. • "organic" dining • where's little italy? • frightening ristorante sales pitches. • whaddaya mean they don't take credit cards. • a free krispy kreme

Saturday, 12 May

song of the day: "end of the world" by REM
quote of the day: "the recipicant of the congeniality award is the most sympatical" -hostess of ms. universe

so. i hate going to bed at 5 am more than i hate ANYTHING. yeah. so that's my opinion on that. no updates tomorrow or monday, because i'm going up to the city to hang out and meet an awesome possum priest. woo woo! today: lord knows, but i'm hongry, and i know that dinner is coming from dean and deluca.

Friday, 11 May

song of the day: "circle in the sand" by belinda carlisle
quote of the day: "word to your boobs" -some friend of amanda's

sorry about not updating yesterday. aardvark and i seriously walked like 12 miles yesterday. ack. and more walking today. YAY!

Wednesday, 9 May

song of the day: "playing to the greed" by dar
quote of the day: "where else would he take it?" -abby

BKFOTE. i had my english final yesterday. it went really well. i was quite pleased. i'm starving to death. avro' il mio finale d'italiano dalle 4,00 alle 6,00 stasera. i got my paycheck yesterday. i also went to arlington national cemetary. i think my cold is getting a little bit better, but i don't think it's helping me to sleep for 8 hours a night in A/C. i get to go home in a week!!! YAAAAAAAY.

Tuesday, 8 May

song of the day: "every state line" by ani
quote of the day: "that's really big. i don't know if i can take it" -aaron

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. i have my english final at 2 pm today. wish me a large amount of luck. it's funny, cuz once today is over, my courses in both my majors and my minor will be done, so i'm wont to kinda slack. i'll try not to do so, though.

Monday, 7 May

song of the day: "glass house" by ani
quote of the day: "i think my printer is gay" -ian

aaron is coming today! i'm off to an italian review thing. later, gators.

Sunday, 6 May

song of the day: "dig me out" by sleater-kinney
quote of the day: "i get to hook up with matt, cuz i showed him pictures of me making out w/ a girl." -amanda

yesterday, i did some italian homework. yup yup. not enough, but some. i also had funny run in with a squirrel and fr. o'donovan. today, i get to play around until 4, then i have nonstop activity until 10. ack. at least we still get tomorrow off. i need to go get boxes from the corp. hmmmm.

Saturday, 5 May

song of the day: "lake of fire" by nirvana
quote of the day: "we'll just get rid of the keg and put a porch out there." -some guy in safeway yesterday

i had a dream last night wherein they remodeled the bon marche in spokane and made it much nicer, only you had to scale the walls to get to the bathrooms, which was real tough if you had to go at all badly. i walked like 4 miles in the *record* heat yesterday. oh yes. i did. and i got a bunch of cookies from my mommy: YAY. what else happened? i don't really remember. oh. i watched popular and the real world in ian's room. and, um, yeah. i think that's pretty much all i did yesterday.

today, i'm going to go and take notes on my italian performances. and i'm going to walk over to dupont to buy a CD. and i'm going to do lots of homework. or at least i intend to. lord knows if it will happen. take care!

Friday, 4 May

National Aardvark Day!!

song of the day: "boys in the hood"
quote of the day: "kant was this crazy, celibate, monkish guy." -TA joe

sorry this is so late. it's study days, it's hot as hades, and the ftp server wouldn't let me on this morning. take it easy, y'all!

Thursday, 3 May

Happy Last Day of Classes!!!

song of the day: "none of your business" by salt n' peppa
quote of the day: "she can get margaritas with her chest" -ian, of course

i did not sleep very well. i had a dream about those damn tents on the front lawn. katie: yeah, i was up before you went to bed, but i was in the shower when you msg'd me. sorry about that. i'm glad you're done! tony: i took that quiz. ian: i hope your site is done. john: i hope your date went well. everyone else at the town of george: let's close this year with a bang. everyone else at home: i CANNOT WAIT to see you all again!!

Wednesday, 2 May

song of the day: "i'll fly with you" by god knows who
quote of the day: "last night i stayed up late to smoke peyote" -some priest at the JesRes yesterday

277. argh. ok. well. georgetown day was BEAUTIFUL. those tents are wicked scary. the jesuits eat real well. the show is now over. and i will be home two weeks from today. how excited am i?

Tuesday, 1 May

Happy May Day!
Happy Georgetown Day. Go BLUE!

song of the day: "i think we're alone now" by 80s superstar tiffany
quote of the day: "no matter what's true about math or science, the world is weird" -my philosophy TA

ok, so it's may now. ack. when did that happen? when did i get done with half of college? stop the train. i want to get off. today is georgetown day. i'm having lunch with Fr. Ribeiro in the JesRes today. i got another freaky letter from the jesuits yesterday asking me to join them. it's almost like i'm being stalked by a religious order. haha. j/k. my grand attempt to embarrass myself in front of my italian class occurs tonight at 6:30 in mcneir. venite e vedeteme parlare italian male. molto male.