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saturday, 23 june

last update for quite a while
quote of the day: "i forgot to put on the key lock..." -james

do you ever feel like you're going to spend your whole life atoning for a single sin...like no matter what you do, it endures? just checking. congrats to michelle and phil, as they wed today. may god be with you in your life together. yesterday i got lost on my way to the reins. oops. i had lunch with rob. went shopping with the mom. worked out with bobbo, and had coffee with james. all in all, it was a pretty damn satisfying day. i also finished the blackwater lightship by colm tóibín. amazing. probably one of the best books i've ever read. seriously. go buy it today. and read it.

those of you who know me well know that it's rare for me to not be able to come up with a song (normally by ani difranco) to summarize how i'm feeling at any given moment. but that's sort of how i feel right now. don't know why. can't really explain it. oh well.

friday, 22 june

quote of the day: no one said anything quoteworthy yesterday. sorry.

the sunset was BEAUTIFUL last night. breathtaking. i drove to pullman. that's about everything i did yesterday. it was thoroughly nonthrilling. ugh.

thursday, 21 june

quote of the day: "that's a lot to be coming in one moment" -josh

i'm boycotting starbucks now, cuz i've spent the past two days waiting for people who haven't shown up. ah well. che sara', eh? also in news about yesterday: a very good tooth-cleaning. a walk down garland, and some homemade pasta. there was a little red violin hidden in there, as well. today i'm driving down to pullman-town for to pick up rufus at a basketball camp. i think that's about it. we're almost to the beach.

oh yeah, just as a heads up, i'll be on vacation beginning saturday night and continuing until roughly the 3rd of july, so i won't be updating, but rest assured that i'll be having fun and that i'll let you know all about it when i return. go Mariners!

wednesday, 20 june

quote of the day: "we have the loosest slots around" -casino commercial on the radio

you ever have a really cool plan, and then it doesn't work out like you wanted, and you feel like it would have been better if you hadn't tried at all? that's sorta how i felt yesterday. i did get to lay in the sun, though, and i saw my kindergarten teacher and met her grandkids. that was neat. and i, of course, saw the aardvark, which is always nice.

tuesday, 19 june

quote of the day: "i have one hidden talent. but it will mess up my lipstick." -mariah carey on TRL yesterday

yesterday i was all tuckered out. so i laid in the sun, which removed every shred of energy i had in my body. that made me so lazy i barely had the energy necessary to breathe. it was really that bad. i miss becky. i wish she weren't far far away at basketball camp. i'm getting really close to finishing fasting, feasting by anita desai. it's really good. i'd endorse it. so feel free to pick it up at your local INDEPENDENT bookstore.

monday, 18 june

quote of the day: "you can't always have bottoms. sometimes you need a top." -my mom

ok. let me think. yesterday was father's day. i had a good work out. i went to the library. i at lunch and dinner with the fam. i didn't really do anything with anyone outside the fam, to tell you the truth. oh, what a sad social day it was. today: meeting at 10:30 with one boss. gonna work out before that, i hope. so i'd better head out pretty quick. then i'll prolly head over the the big HM and do some work for rob there.

sunday, 17 june

quotes of the day: "how cute is that dress?" -katie; "on you or on me?" -brandon

i did absolutely nothing productive yesterday. i had a dream two nights ago about the seattle prep library. yesterday i had lunch at taco time with brandon, laurie, and katie. then brandon and katie and i went downtown. i sincerely didn't plan to buy anything. i ended up getting a f-day gift and some new abercrombie pants. katie got a new pair of pumas, and brandon got a polo jacket and a pair of shorts. all in all, a success. then i went to mass, and later katie and i went to atlantis. it was ok. weird and violent for a disney flick, though. today: me + law library for 10 hours = fun sunday. i think it opens at 11. i guess i could go work out before then. how exciting my life is.

saturday, 16 june

quotes of the day: "when he sings i want to jump on him" -meg
"i can't wait for them to kill you" -brad

to quote ani difranco, "what kind of paradise am i looking for? i've got everything i want, and still i want more..." i get a haircut today. and it's Y2's last full day in spo for the summer. sad day. i've had wicked fun hanging out with her lately. i'm already looking forward to the fun of christmas break with her and allison and the rest of the crew.

friday, 15 june

quotes of the day: "i don't know about the north side" -jonathan
"if our spouses ever leave us, we should make out." -katie

ok. well. yesterday was strange. the barbecue at rob's was fun. i hope the green team won cranium. it was nice to have finally met the previously mythical jonathan. 3 beers get me drunk. moulin rouge wasn't as amazing as it had been built up to be. and i got swamped by work for mr. burns. so i'm spending all day today in the GU library. ugh. things are confusing sometimes. that they are. i had weird dreams last night. very weird dreams. and we're having our report card dinner tonight. yay! gotta work out.

thursday, 14 june

quote of the day: "let's not talk about that..." -katie

not much to say. barbecue at rob's today.

wednesday, 13 june

quote of the day: "becky's a position slut. and a team slut." -mom

after 6 hours of sleep two nights ago, i woke up and did loads and loads of work. oh yes. i did work. i looked nice. i left the house three times all day. i didn't buy a soccer ball. i had two dinners: one korean, one thai. i talked to ian and joe. i hung out with brandon. the Ms won again. yay!! and, really, i think that was yesterday in a nutshell. today: i'm not quite sure yet, but check back tomorrow, and then you'll know. haha.

tuesday, 12 june

quote of the day: "it's probably a sin to eat at taco bell." -katie

well, i finished one whole set of things for rob yesterday. and i may actually crack the revised code of washington for mr. burns someday soon. no promises, though. i watched cthd for the 2nd night in a row, this time with katie. much to my surprise, i actually got a good workout in yesterday, as well. in other news: if it rhymes, it must be true. and i can shower faster than katie can pee. oh yes.

monday, 11 june

Happy Bday, Stephen!
quote of the day: "my only family, my only enemy" -crouching fingerbowl, hidden bobcat wearing a saddle

so, yesterday was pretty fun. went downtown with brandon to buy him some shoes and ran into the pride parade. came back and drank mike's hard lemonade and waited for the grad party to start. watched the Ms win and then watched that wicked cool movie. then i went to bed too late and woke up too late. ah well, what can ya do? today promises to be filled with work, though i must admit i did a bit of work last night, too. hope you all get off to a great start this week!

sunday, 10 june

quote of the day: "todd, you were trying to keep us all in a cow pen" -my dream alter-ego

so, yesterday at nordstrom i ran into this kelly girl from gtown who definitely doesn't live in spokane. that was SO weird. she was the first person i met at the town of george freshman year. we ate with her at hoya's my first night in town. her and rubs. weird memories.

so, my dream last night, in brief: i went to cataldo to visit mrs. staeheli, and she told me she was pregnant for the 4th time in 4 years. then my mom and i had trouble with the apartments we were having built. then i was in one of rob's buildings, and there were two very antithetical businesses in it and it was chaos. then i tried to get to a party at gtown, and had to go to the bathroom, cuz i couldn't find the party. so i went to the woods, and saw a cow pen and everyone who was supposed to be at the party was being held there with a single cow, and todd (a friend from hs) wouldn't let them out. then i ran, and i was suddenly in a dorm hallway naked, and bekah came up to me and i woke up and i wasn't naked, and we went to todd's dorm room and i told him the story and he said "no" and then i woke up for real.

saturday, 9 june (69!)


quote of the day: "what did he expect? he was in beijing!" -elizabeth byrd

yesterday was thoroughly unproductive. slight good did come of random things, though. i worked out. i got a slurpee. i went to the new rainbow center with rob. i had a fun dinner with fun people at thai on first. i heard a story about marie's skirt falling off on the way into the dmv to get callie's lisence. and we had a funny discussion at allison's house last night about whether living in sin was just living realistically in the modern world. and decided it is. how else can you know that you won't kill a person for their little quirks :-P. on a sadder note, i had to say goodbye to allison for 6 months: have a safe trip to boston, and then to england! we'll miss you, as always. today, i'm planning to buy a swimsuit. oh yes, that's how exciting my life is. take it easy, y'all!!

friday, 8 june

quote of the day: "you don't have to work out" -katie

let's see. i woke up too late yesterday. and i didn't do enough. this morning, though, i'm all over it. it's too bad today is the last time i'll see allison until christmas: 6 months is WAY too long. makes me sad. maybe i'll go visit her at cambridge. i hope. i went for a long walk in manito last night with katie, and then we went over to allison's and watched event horizon and had chocolate cake for her dad's birthday. that was fun. too bad brandon is working like 73 hours a day, and couldn't join us. here comes his weekend, though. props to marcie on the lgbtq report. i read it: good work! in other news--i hope katie has a safe trip to ptown this weekend and becky has a safe trip to montana and kicks some serious booty in basketball.

thursday, 7 june

quote of the day: "are you familiar with dicks?" -a woman who interviewed my sister for a lifeguarding position

yesterday yesterday. i spent too much time in the car. after having been at two very impressive houses at complete opposite ends of the spokane metropolitan area, i can honestly say i'd rather live in my neighborhood. today: i need to do some work. i need to swing by the office, and do a few other things as well. gonna hang out later with katie and allison, i hope. oh yeah: i'm working on getting some new pictures up in the galleries, and taking out some of the ones i'm not as fond of.

wednesday, 6 june

quote of the day: "regretfully, i guess i've only got got three simple things to say: why me? why this, now? why this way?" -ani

congrats to robert "bulldozer" house on graduating last night from cataldo. and to austine for graduating from holy names. and to christy for continuing the tradition of arrupe/ignation scholars. oh the hooded sweatshirts we will make! i can actually see some sun today (it's been go-o-one oh so lo-o-ong).

i had a dream last night wherein allison and i broke into the spokane interstate fair. once we were inside, we stole food and drinks, only i refused to use styrofoam, so we had to find the waxy type of cup. and we ate big, soft pretzels with peanut butter on them.

tuesday, 5 june

Happy B-day, Mikey!
quote of the day: "her dirty friends better not bring their swimsuits and expect to go in the hot tub. i don't want any dirty people in there. i just had it cleaned" -val

let's see. Ms won last night. yes they did. yesterday was like winter in seattle...only it was summer in spokane. ugh. any seattle prep people reading this: could you please email me? just so i know you're alive. i need to see you kids this summer! other news: all work and no play makes bubba go crazy. or something like that. nah. it's all good. ok. time for more reading and stuff. take it easy, y'all.

monday, 4 june

quote of the day: "someone could have lost their virginity in your dorm room...probably not bill clinton." -my mom

well, no little smokies yesterday. but plenty of work, and a couple other things, too. doug juice, for example. no, that's not dirty. katie and i watched the emperor's new groove and she had a taco salad. i worked out and had lunch at qdoba. today: meeting with mr. burns at 11. lunch with rufus at 11:45. then more work work work. this employment thing is rough, let me tell you!

sunday, 3 june

quote of the day: "i'd love to come home to you every night" -y2pimp

thanksgiving was the bomb diggity. kudos to eggers for the wonderful stuffing. and kudos to katie and brandon for fun sofa conversation. and kudos to the f'ed up movie eXistenZ. and yeah. good luck to beckers in the remainder of her tourney. oh, how much work i have to do today. but, the aardvark IS coming to visit briefly, and i'm going to get little smokies with brandon.

saturday, 2 june

quote of the day: "speaking of overweight..." -allison

you ever have just a plainly cruddy day? yeah. i hear that. that was yesterday. i don't know. i just didn't feel like i was in gear. i need to listen to more ani difranco, i think. i need to go work out, too. and i'm hungry. got a bit of work to do, as well. gotta run now.

friday, 1 june

quote of the day: "he wants to have sex with me but i said no / cuz / i do not want him to cheat in you / he was in moscow / in fact where we met" -Tan Prince271881...and no, i don't know what he's talking about. neither does aav.

let's see. it's already june. damn, gina. stop this train. after some confusion, there was no partying for tonyhouse last night. i know: sadness. i've got a meeting to start the lawyer gig today. YAY. three cheers for gainful yet flexible employment. well, welcome to june, y'all. hope those of you still in school finish up with a gusto! for those of you already out: call me, i get bored laying in the sun all day every day. haha.