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tuesday, 31 july

quote of the day: "i think linda would shit tacks over that." -featherstone

yesterday wasn't all that exciting. i didn't work out. i bathed at 1 pm. and i emptied the dishwasher. i had a meeting with mr. burns. i'm not done with work yet. soon, though. in the evening, i was lost without a mariners game to watch. so i went to weber's with brandon and christine. we watched the way of the gun.

monday, 30 july

quote of the day: "i can't make out with god... god doesn't have a penis" -manda

yesterday was pretty laid back. breakfast with the fam (senza mom piu aaron) at manito. Ms swept the twins again: woohoo. spokane's baseball team sucks the big one though. beckers and buzz saw and i went to the game together. free tickets. free hot dog in becky's lap. a GREAT dinner at home--though i still don't like olives--followed by a symphony concert and fireworks downtown. the evening was topped off by watching double jeapordy and a lil bit of sleep.

sunday, 29 july

quote of the day: "i can suck melancholy out of a song like a weasel sucks an egg" -that guy in riverfront park

bought some sudafed for my mommy yesterday. and i went to mass. cleaned the house. cleaned my room. drove to the valley with aaron. went to taco time with dad for lunch. had a little ice cream con Y2 and anaconda. tree returned from camp and went to mass with the fam. then brandon and aaron and i went to the park and saw some fireworks and a wicked cool rattail mullet. and rabbits. and did i mention the fireworks? this was followed by a reunion-esque party at solan's house. have a great one, y'all. :-)

saturday, 28 july

quote of the day: "take it off" -guy yelling at the woman telling us why the AMC theatre was so frickin hot

saw planet of the apes. marky mark vs. monkeys. fun stuff. before that, i had a relaxing morning at home capitalized by no bosses calling me. grrrrr. got some 15th grade shoes. had some french fries. went on a long run. am sore. had interesting girls flirt with me, and met up with james and jonathan at the merc. that's really about it. aardvark.

friday, 27 july

quote of the day: "your uterus could seperate and you would die" -some woman at silverwood

spent all of yesterday at silverwood. that was fun. the Ms won, finally, against kansas city. i got to hang out with brandon and see marie. and, well. i'm tired. so that's all y'all get for now.

thursday, 26 july

quotes of the day: "i like old women." -manda
"the alternate plan is to give a penquin some viagra and lock you in a room with him." -the campers who caught buzzsaw in counselor's ghost

i'm done with the first two chapters of the online family cookbook. click HERE to check it out!! i miss bekah. hear that, bekah? i miss you! i hope you come visit us at the town of george this year. we'd show you a good time, i promise. camp last night was WONDERFUL. chameleon and riff raff and Y2 and nilla and annaconda: i miss you already. snoop and hopter...sorry i missed you. being back there reminded me of last year when i visited. i was in much better spirits this year, i must say. i even got to lead a song. (WOOHOO!) and i got to see "tree" do his thing. and, since i'm a giant sap, here are the lyrics to one of the best songs EVER:

what a friend we have in time:
gives us children, makes us wise,
tells us what to take or leave behind.
and the gifts of growing old
are the stories to be told
of the feelings more precious than gold.

my friends, i will remember you,
think of you, and pray for you,
and when another day is through
i'll still be friends with you.

baby's days are never long;
mother's laugh is baby's song;
gives us all the hope to carry on...

wednesday, 25 july

quote of the day: "she could talk herself out of a sunburn." -preview last night

so, back to work. but going out to camp today. met luis yesterday afternoon. meeting with mr burns today at some point, i think. we'll see. there's not really much else to say. i'm glad becky is back. we missed her. saw the score last night. pretty good flick. gotta love edward norton, even when yer supposed to hate him.

tuesday, 24 july

quote of the day: "i said 'guys i'm like you, i like monster trucks, too. wanna see how many pushups i can do?'" -bloodhound gang

the moon was beautiful last night. i had two dinners with brandon. there should be another tonight. watched the emperor's new groove. went downtown with manda. had a REALLY good workout yesterday. hopefully today as well. i had a dream last night about a chair lift that went from here to seattle. you had to get off at weird places, though. and so we let bobbo drive. scary, i know. eventually, i (by myself) ended up in a small-ish house with allison and marie. but marie fell aleep before i could tell her i'm the JSA RA. then i saw some of my cousins. and a sketchy guy in an SUV drove by. and i woke up. i'd best go. i have tons of work to do today.

monday, 23 july

quote of the day: "if i was a monkey, i'd sh*t in my hand and throw it at you" -a former coworker of brandon's

i have never spent 2.5 hours shopping at nordstrom. until last night. the junior league reception was a lot more fun than i was expecting. and i got three new pairs of pants. but no shoes for 15th grade. speaking of which, i leave in three weeks. oh my. the aardvark is off fighting fires. scary, eh? i hope he returns safe and soon!! i had the best run of my life yesterday. i was very happy with myself. anyhow, i have tons of work to do today. i should go do that now. take it easy!!

sunday, 22 july

Happy 21st, Tony!!
quote of the day: "he punched me in the balls" -overheard at the shadow game last night

my life is so weird. oh well. i got to see katie. and go to the perry street fair. i saw a hooker there. really. and brandon and watched the Ms and the shadow win today. that was nice. not really much else to say. i hope aunty mary beth et al. have a safe trip back to seattle today. take it easy, y'all.

saturday, 21 july

quote of the day: "i don't know if it's just spokane mormon's or what, but i can always spot them" -james.

so yesterday i went downtown four times. FOUR! saw jurassic park 3 with james. that was fun. the movie was a bit short, though. not enough carnage. i figured it out though: there weren't NEARLY enough expendable characters. today, i get to see katie for the first time in like six weeks. it's been too long. anyway, time to get started on the day. ARGH.

friday, 20 july

quote of the day: "your mom doesn't like anyone...when she's hot." -dad.

saw becky off at the airport for san diego yesterday morning. then we went to see aunty mary beth at gramma's. then we went to the center for faith and healing for a ideas on the new back yard. and then we had taco time. and then i did some work. and then my mom and i worked out. then i washed the car. then i ran to roseaurs with manda. those are pretty much the highlights of my yesterday. my dad's on vacation now. and uncle dave gets here today. i think james and i may hang out, as well. i guess i'll let you know tomorrow.

thursday, 19 july

quote of the day: "it is a happy stretch of time when lovers set to chronicling their passion. when no glance, no tone of voice is so fleeting but it shines with significance. when each moment, each perception is brought out with care, unfolded like a precious gem from its layers of the softest tissue paper and laid in front of the beloved -- turned this way and that, examined, considered. and so they sit, and touch, and talk, and breathe, and so they string their moments into a glorious chain, and throw it round each other's necks, garland each other with it. invisible to all others, it shines for them, a beacon across a crowded room, across an ocean, across time" -ahdaf soueif.

and so, thursday is here. i don't know, sometimes. i'm leaving for school again so soon. this summer went so quickly. "it's just that time of year when we push ourselves ahead. we push ourselves ahead." there are a lot of things in my brain right now, but nothing i know how to express coherently. i'm sorry.

wednesday, 18 july

quote of the day: "maybe if it's a horse" -my mom.

got a meeting with mr. burns today. gonna finish typing some stuff for that this morning, then go to that shindig around 3. gotta work out. gotta take the laundry up. last night we dined late at a thai restaurant and i went to see legally blonde with rob and one of his friends. i saw michele and kelly at RPS. you know how exciting they are: their ceaseless wit and stunning conversation skills are almost too much to handle. that was about it as far as excitement yesterday. i got a haircut with suzie, too. and i don't think i left the house more than once or twice. oh well.

tuesday, 17 july

quote of the day: "they took it around the horn" -my dad.

i dreamt sunday night that maria's family had sold its amazing house in seattle and moved to a big new unimpressive house in the burbs. how disappointing. yesterday i worked my tookus off. bobbo and i watched life is beautiful and brandon came over to eat his lunch at us. then i finished working and we all went to work out. the furnace guy came, and a landscape architect to do something with the back yard. we had a good dinner, at which we entertained yet another guest. apparently summer is hosting season. i talked to Y2 on the phone (YAY) and i shaved for the first time in like 6 days. i talked to james for quite a while, which was very nice. and then i did some reading and went to bed.

monday, 16 july

quote of the day: "that's why he was pooping so much!" -homer simpson.

here's a glimpse of everything that's happened since last tuesday morning: on the drive over... onion. free nachos. ani. that's my brother. not real lesbians. early speeding. i forgot the good camera. putting off breakfast over and over and over. i forgot my sleeping bag. podunk border crossing. kind kanucks. inhaling arby's. dustiest place EVER. mountains everywhere. no tents at lake louise. buffalo sausage pizza. stoopid fire pit. breaking in the explorer. granola. five star hostel. the 18-click hike: will this hill never end? food, finally! working at the lake agnes teahouse. ski bums from britain. pouring rain, so no cooking. teahouse guy at the bakery. how much can we not drink in canadia-land? bread and butter. brewster everywhere. no, we don't take credit cards; we're an international tourist destination... sketchy video store. the guy with the nipple ring. aardvark pizza. towel-free showers. hot spring in the lightning. breaking in the tent. bubba's waterbed under the tent. poor pillow. the safeway with the best view. stealing a real estate guide. making friends on the gondola. hell yes we have mountains in washington state. hummus. oops @ edo. soooooooo full. 3 beer drunk bubba. tired arm. amazing breakfast. didn't even have to lie to customs...

tuesday, 10 july

quote of the day: "douglas county: yuck. who would ever want to go there?" -lawyer at the courthouse yesterday.

the phrase "small world" is no loger acceptable. from now on, i'm operating on the assumption that the world is a small place, so the use of "small" before "world" is just silly and redundant. speaking of silly, you should see thie wicked cool hat i found. i took a 3 hour nap last night, and my family forgot to wake me up for dinner. so amanda and i took a long run and visited gramma k. and that was that. tonight is ani. then it's time for banff.

monday, 9 july

quote of the day: "it's that damn singing ghonorea" -i don't remember

so. sorry about no sunday update. i went to newman lake with weber, brandon, john, and the aardvark. biscuit was there for a bit, too. we met a girl who brandon and i had gone to the san juans with back in the day (the day being 1993). and that was fun. she didn't recognize me, and we have kate kimbal (sp?) to thank for recalling the memory for us all. happy birthday to mrs. f. still need to go see marie. ani is tomorrow. then banff, so another break from updates. sorry there have been so many lately. summer is crazy cool.

saturday, 7 july

quote of the day: "i slept on the tramp" -bobbo

yesterday, my dad asked my sister when she had to be at work. after a moment of thinking about the question, she responded, "i ate breakfast at mcdonalds." she was a cat yesterday. we went to work out as a sibling unit yesterday. that was fun. and we went to moon's for dinner. the aardvark came to town, but he's not feeling so peachy today. we're gonna go to the lake. with brandon. who quite at cyrus two days. happiest day of the summer!!

friday, 6 july

quote of the day: "since the bride's not here, that could put a damper on things, but we'll still have fun" -some woman at a bachelorette party in cliff park last night

well, let's see. what happened yesterday? i had a very good work out. i ran into laura oliva and mrs. mark at the club. i meant to go visit allison's mom, but i got busy doing deposition summaries, and i only paused for an hour to go down the the holley mason building to fill out tax forms. we had tacos for dinner here, and then i went to meet rob. we took a walk to watch the rising harvest moon from the crest of cliff park. it was pretty cool. then about 10 young women (lower 20s, i think) came up the steps with torches and candles. i thought they were going to do a sacrifice or something, but it was really just a failed, survivor-esque bachelorette party. they were drunk, and they didn't seem to mind that we watched their party, laughing at them on occasion. from cliff park, you could hear manito's thursday night drummers. when i got home, i talked to sarahsheep, which is always a wonderful way to end a day. bring on the weekend!!

thursday, 5 july

quote of the day: "your nipple will never look the same if you take it out" -some woman downtown yesterday

well, the 4th went off without anyone in the house house losing a limb. so that's probably a good thing. my eyes hurt. it was really hot yesterday. i'm still working my tookus off in anticipation of tomorrow. someday this summer, i hope i get a paycheck. oh yes oh yes. it's time for me to go work out now. later, gators.

wednesday, 4 july

quote of the day: "billy, you can lick my stick." -joe

what a couple weeks it's been. despite climactic storms at the beach, and social storms in portland, the whole experience was wicked fun. it started and ended with an aardvark and my being late. i miss the beach already. so much happened:

niko drops the ring. related to karen. grandparents' bed. creaky door. bottle of wine. stuck in stevens pass. thank goodness for the other cabin. muck walk. deep river. sunburn. aborted trip to seattle. big storm. russells and tessa and billy. parents to dinner, kids get chinese. stephen arrives. beach breakfasts. too much golf. drive to portland. meet the bride. taco bar. not a pet name, a mean name. many glasses of beer. buying ice. tailgate before the wedding. dates sit here. john's nose on camera. the forestry center. can i find your name? you were "THAT GUY." drunkest couple. walk in the parking lot with alyssa. "tell them B.O.B. sent you." tap dancing at the bartender. cut him off. "is he really *that way*?" just give me a whiskey and then. hung over by the after party. i'll be in the bonus room. no and no. late prom pictures. tons of food. splitting up for dessert. slowest coffee orderer ever. guess where i am. staying. finding the cricket. not enough sleep.

i have SOOOO much work to do before i meet with burns again friday. happy independence day. thanks to everyone who made my vacation so great.