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wednesday, 31 october

Happy Birthday, Val.
Happy All Hallow's Eve.
quote of the day: "i'm taking off my pants." -rob

so. i don't have a 1-on-1 today. that means i can spend my day at the library of congress. which we all know is my secretive, masochistic paradise. and then i have english, but no thesis. and then i will be joining the moooooo at TMBG, which should be just awesome. i am, however, getting a little more weirded out by this anthrax business. yesterday, i heard a girl on her cell phone say "i'm pretty sure it's just a touch of the flu. i'm not too worried about anthrax." i never thought i'd hear someone say those words in earnest in my life. hmm. well, no use worrying over something outside my direct control. still...

tuesday, 30 october

quote of the day: "i like cranes.there's a purple one. it's just a baby. and then another one moved mud around. and another one was moving a dead one. it was touching. we needed a minister of sorts. lxr sucks. no cranes there." -mandahouse

hey hey hey. a new section for the site is in the works. i just need copy of macromedia flash to bring it into existence. if you have a copy i can use, email me. other than that, today is a working day, like yesterday, tomorrow, and friday. and i hate to work. oh well. debate tonight. be there.

monday, 29 october

quote of the day: "if he comes here, we're getting married." -mandahouse

monday monday, can't trust that day. ugh. oct(mar)tober is almost over. and that can only mean one thing: more work. can't wait for thanksgiving though. i have a lot to be thankful for. like spending today at the prison of learning. and being able to do homework naked. what a wonderful, wonderful land we live in.

sunday, 28 october

quote of the day: "i thought that was an accident." -ian, referring to rob's haircut

so, the LOC was kinda productive yesterday. i printed a lot of stuff i have to go over now, anyway. other stuff to do today: finish a book, write a bibliography, and study for psych. the work seems to be neverending. we're getting frighteningly close to the end of october. and november isn't very long at all. pretty much, college almost over. SCARY! ack. don't think about that. i had lunch with aunty marguerite at clyde's yesterday. that was wonderful. always great to see family back here in the wrong washington. really, what else is there to say? i'm going to fresh fields today. happiest of days. i love life.

saturday, 27 october

quote of the day: "when i started at georgetown, i was a vegetarian. and straight." -rob

ok. so i didn't hit up the LOC yesterday. but i did have an amazing lunch at bistrot du coin. it was molto yummy. i'm having dinner with aunty marguerite today. that should be cool. parties last night. too many cops. and the play we went to at walsh really wasn't all that good, unfortunately. but, k-billy's supersounds of the 70s weekend just keeps on...truckin. have a good one, y'all.

friday, 26 october

quote of the day: "it's okay cuz he's seen me naked" -ian

yesterday was generally a bummer. nothing real bad happened, but nothing real good, either, and i have a feeling that this resource center thing has one more hurdle to overcome. petitioning proceeded according to plan. good deal. i'm spending today and tomorrow at the new, anthrax-free library of congress. pray for my academic soul. parties tonight!

thursday, 25 october

quote of the day: "i don't know about her. she's really tall" -chip

sorry about not updating yesterday. i wrote the update. i swear. i just forgot to upload it to my ftp server. mostly cuz i'm dumb. well, completely cuz i'm dumb. the whole petition thing is going very well, i must say. after our first full day, we have upwards of 250 signatures (i'm shooting for 1600). so that's good. had lunch with chip and a kid i hadn't met before (jack). that was cool. and it was over 80 yesterday. i'm pretty sure that's odd, considering that (as of today) there are only two months until christmas!! it's thursday: oh hooray!

wednesday, 24 october

quote of the day: "i am a rock star" -prof. walker

another beautiful day. the loc is STILL closed. arrrrrgh. ok. regroup. i had a dream last night in which the skin on the bottom of my foot was split down the medial edge from the tip of my big toe to the back of my heel. it was very painful. i want everyone to go see the new movie life as a house: seen from a distance, it's perfect ASAP, just cuz it has a funny title. and i also want every georgetown student who reads this to track me down and sign my petition to set up a sexual minority resource center. happy hump day!

tuesday, 23 october

quote of the day: "because you are a lazy american. you have have to learn how to use a typewriter" -Prof. Ágoston

last night i got WAAAAY too little sleep. that's for the birds, yo. guess whom i miss. rachelle. it's looking like a nother day in the upper 70s. is it late october or mid july? did i miss a memo somewhere along the way? underground zine a few places around campus yesterday. that was nice. and oooooh. today is pewsnaper day. always disappointing, but still... duty wasn't too bad last night, thankfully. nothing major. benihana was fun last night, but i missed breakfast with amanda this morning. sad day.

monday, 22 october

quote of the day: "if by 'bi' he meant 'flamingly homosexual'" -rob

i continue to grapple with midnight's children. i read 150-odd pages yesterday, and hope to do the same today. it's not a quick read, though, unfortunately. it feels like one hundred years of solitude (aka the best book of all time), only more forces. in the good news pile, though: i finally finished my ASN app. now i should prolly get started on JVC. ack. so much work. welcome back to the week, folks. pizza party instead of english today, followed by an east campus dinner at benihana. yum. and on duty tonight. yuck.

sunday, 21 october

quote of the day: "people rushed the stage, but in a totally communal fasion" -daneille

nothing starts a day off as well as an email from allison l. yesterday, after a 45-minute long trek to capitol hill, i was informed by a sign that the library of congress will be closed from thurdsay 18 october through monday 22 october to test for anthrax. i kicked the building and returned to the town of george to spend my day study-napping in the 72 degree sun on top of the esplanade. i will return there and, hopefully, tomorrow, for the same purpose. happy sunday, y'all.

saturday, 20 october

quote of the day: "those germans get around" -ryan

well, i got a couple free shots of vodka last night. and a phone number. firsts for both of those little phenomena. heheh. i had dinner with the moooooo at teaism. that was good times. except for the whole me being an idiot and trying to get my computer stolen thing. ugh. i'm spending today at the library of congress. i think i might even have a real topic at this point. we'll see. this whole thesis thing is tough without an adviser to tell you what is reasonable to explore. anyway, happy weekend, and happy escape-ing to rob.

friday, 19 october

quote of the day: "you are a problematic person" -Prof. Ágoston

i did well on a history exam yesterday. that was good. but i'm still swamped. and late for breakfast right now. i had a dream about driving through the canadian rockies, but they weren't as cool in my dream as they are in real life. and something about a train leaving spokane. it wasn't a bad dream. just weird.

more remembering: a little bit of hunchback with todd and christine and brandon. allison in montana. heather watching anna. allison hugging jon jurich when she thought he was me in bekah's driveway. finding justin's id in the sofa. so many memories. i don't want to forget.

thursday, 18 october

quote of the day: "i will remember you. will you remember me? don't let your life pass you by. weep not for the memories" -sarah mclachlan

justin died four years ago today. has it been so long? it's frightening to think about it. makes me reminisce. a lot. thinking of that sunday morning. my mom waking me up, crying softly, sitting on the edge of my bed. going with laurie to find brandon, hunting near sprague. spending the rest of the day at bekah's house, alternating between laughing at good times and sobbing uncontrolably. and then monday, painting the people's billboard. the ables family bringing us dinner. i miss you, justin. and i miss all you spokane people: allison, brandon, mike, katie, bekah, todd. you all mean so much to me, and i couldn't have made it through that worst of years without you. it's so strange that it was four years ago. they've passed with so little interest, it seems. *sighs*.

wednesday, 17 october

quote of the day: "as long as it's not my boyfriend, it's none of my business" -rep. barney frank (d-mass.)

i put book tape over the banff sticker on the hand rest of my keyboard to stop all the red from rubbing off. that's a good thing. and i don't have english today. that's a good thing, too. in the bad news pile, though: i'm going to spend the whole day at the library of congress, working my tush off. i did poorly on yet another psych test yesterday. ARGH. and i have a very frightening history midterm tomorrow. *weeps in fear*. have a good one, y'all.

tuesday, 16 october

quote of the day: "i so want to be a slut" -rob

it's frighteningly easy to get out of the habit of writing these things every morning. all apologies for that. things have been very bipolar here... i'm having tons and tons of fun, but i'm wicked stressed by the ever expanding "to do" list. wanna know what's funny? vanessa and i want to do pretty much the exact same thing next year/after that. which isn't bad, since she's like one of the coolest people at gtown, and i'd like nothing more than to learn from her (for all of you who don't know, she's from spo... of course... haha).

thursday, 11 october

quote of the day: "no one would pay you for trying to walk through a closed door" -prof. agoston

a month since the terrorist attacks. please keep the families of the victims in your thoughts as time passes, and try to remember that justice never calls for the death of innocent people. i had best intentions of getting up at 7:30. i even thought i set my alarm. i was going to meet rob for breakfast at 8. when i woke up at 8:25, i layed in bed, thinking, "gosh, the sun is high in the sky for 7:30." then i thought, "ah, sh*t." amanda and i are gonna have a giant lunch today. i got a paycheck. that's why. and then i'm going into HOMEWORK MODE. i'll catch y'all on the flipside. take care of yourselves. and becky, if i don't talk to you: have a GREAT time on search!

wednesday, 10 october

quote of the day: "christ is well-endowed if you want to look closely. that's a sign of verility" -prof. paxton

sorry about the lack of an update yesterday. i regret to say more may be in the works. what can i say? it's midterm time and there's a lot to do this weekend. i think i may have to cut myself off from the internet completely. desperate times call for desperate measures after all. when i get everything done, though, i'll make a grand return to the world of online. hahah. right. too much coffee last night, and not enough paper. that's what i have to say about that.

monday, 8 october

quote of the day: "claiming lesbianism is like taking the 5th. it's just easier to be a nonpracticing lesbian than a practicing heterosexual" -Laurel

i had soooooooo much fun the last couple days with allison d. and now i think my head is gonna fall off, i have so much work. crappity-crud. aardvark. freaking out here. no more time to talk. everything today is eating and working. ARGH. good luck to everyone in the same position as i!!

sunday, 7 october

quote of the day: "i thought i had big towels, but..." -allison d.

allison d. leaves today. sadness. but now i can start doing all that work i've been neglecting. i slept a lot last night. we went to the zoo yesterday. that was fun. and we didn't do nearly as much walking as friday. i baked a big cookie this morning. and now i'm going to firehook bakery for a little french toast. and then, hopefully, a little teaism. and then work until i die. well, mass tonight. but work after that. i'm so hungry. gonna go eat.

saturday, 6 october

quote of the day: "i had fun with nair yesterday" -ian

so. it's one pm already. crap. i'm on duty in 6 hours. that sucks. so allison d. is here. woohoo!!!! we went partying last night. really hard. wow. 2-beer drunk bubba shouldn't ever have 6 beers. not without a lot of water, anyway. i didn't get paid yesterday. i hate the psych department. oh well.

friday, 5 october

quote of the day: "my ass dials my phone sometimes" -manda

so, sorry about the lateness of this update. i was up at bwi picking up allison D. and seeing guys with HUGE guns. scary. then i went out for thai food. i wanna say that i was quite pleased to hear of gwb's move to provide over $300 million in aid to the afghani people. good sauce. i'll be very interested to see how it actually works in practice. ok, back to last night's weird dream. part of it was about the layout of my dormitory. then there was the part about a guy harrassing a bald eagle, whose other eagle friend then attacked him, and i had to throw my favorite blanky from when i was a kid on the eagle. then it changed to a mass at sacred heart, and ike martinson was there. when was the last time i thought of that kid? i hope he's doing well. ok. see y'all tomorrow.

thursday, 4 october

quote of the day: "hey it iz daaaad its so kool to be iming u while u r talking 2 mom i lov awl this techno stuf and really seem 2 be geting the hang of it. okeydokey luv u daad buy" -dad

what larks, pip. so, rumor on the street is that becky is going on search in about a week. who knew? i hope she has fun. i hope she remembers to take a brick in her bag. yesterday i feel better. and my thesis topic got a bit more specific. da da da. last night i went on an irresponibly late walk to dupont circle with rob. it was so nice out, though, that we really couldn't help ourselves. anyway, on our way back, we saw about 8 police cars stopped at a corner about a block ahead of us. when we passed an alley, we saw a guy in the alley jumping into the bushes. just then a metro car was passing by...so we pointed him in the right direction. he seemed very appreciative. cops started coming out of the woodwork then. talk about dutiful citizens. *pats selft on back*.

wednesday, 3 october

quote of the day: "i'll come to your potluck. i'll bring napkins." -divina

i think i'm getting better. yay! now i can start working my arse off again. wow i've got a lot to do. holy poop! i did so bad on a psych exam yesterday. we'll see how THAT turns out. today is wednesday. i'm on duty tomorrow: LAME. tonight i have that one thing. thesis seminar. i really have to start doing crazy mad research on that stuff. really. i no coherent today. no' a' ah.

tuesday, 2 october

quote of the day: "i miss you like the deserts miss the rain" -everything but the girl

how much does that song remind me of my good cousin maria, and math tutoring on saturday mornings? thanks for the email, y2...sorry i was in bed already, trying to get my sleep on. manda came and made me ramen last night. and brought me actifed. both of which made me feel much better. maybe i should invest in some ramen myself. maybe not. i wrote one of the papers last night. the shorter one. didn't even outline the long one, unfortunately. nor did i study for the psych exam i have this afternoon. ugh. here comes a long week, even if it IS only 3 days long. oh, and i'm on duty 3 times in the next week. how lame is that?!?

monday, 1 october

quote of the day: "i don't mean i'm cool per se, of course; simply that i am cool vis-a-vis this meeting change" -fr. ribeiro

i forgot to tell y'all to go visit the family cookbook page, cuz i finished transcribing the third chapter. so now you can make gin fizzes. so, yeah. 4th day of weekend. 3 multi-hour meetings today. ugh. not a real day off at all. can't it be weekend again? oh, wait, it is weekend. it's all blurring together. i'm still sick, unfortunately. but boy did i have a weird dream last night. i was with my cousins phil and michelle, and michelle had a baby, and was talking quietly about how to announce the name change to the family. and i had a baby, too. it was strapped to a plate, and the plate was strapped to my belly. and i saw amanda in a boat, rowing past the house we were at on the ocean. and she was paddling with two little beer-bottle shaped oars heald to one side. i splashed her, and she got angry with me cuz she had to go to a dance, and she was dressed up. then i was at a church between maple and ash just north of the spokane river, and mike kingen was sleeping in a pew, and the sun was falling through the stained glass window onto him. and then we were in new york, in some scary harrison ford movie, and i lived in the spokane opera house, and there were two red suburbans waiting to take him and his family to a dance, but the drivers had been killed by criminals. and it was scary.