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thursday, 31 january

overheard: "it seems very rare that condom use is always regular in most cases" -research methods and statistics

last day of january. if you see rob a. today, give him a hug. if you don't know who rob a. is, well, don't. sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? it's thursday. weekly periodical day!! always a favorite, especially since it also demarcates the tale end of my schoolweek. not that that means i'll have any less work to do tomorrow than i have to do right now. it's just i won't have classes to go to on top of it. i think i'm on duty one day this weekend. hmm. i should look into that. and there may be a real bad picture of me in the blade this friday. keep your eyes peeled.

wednesday, 30 january

overheard: "it's great to get laid. if you're from newark, you know what i mean" -tom ammiano, president of the san francisco board of supervisors

first off, all apologies to anyone forced to interact with me yesterday evening, in my wholly grumpy phase. yeah. i was grumpy. i don't think i am any more. i was feeling very overwhelmed. but i got a very good night's sleep (thanks, almost entirely, to the mission soundtrack, which makes me so happy i want to cry), and now i'm feeling infinitely better. i also did some hardcore journaling last night. i'd like to extend my most sincere thanks to god, as well, for making it 71 yesterday and 74 today. january is always better in the 70s. and sure i have loads of work to do, but it'll get done, and i'm sure there's fun to be had along the way.

tuesday, 29 january

happy 15th birthday, robert!!
overheard: "it's a great human tragedy to lose the pig" -australian history course

god was oh-so-clearly taunting me last night. oh so clearly. at least gtown won the basketball game, and i avoided an angry locked out resident. and i got to see em all in one fell swoop. mmm. tuesday is hell day. just in case you forgot. and did anyone notice that it was like 71 yesterday? and it's supposed to be 71 again today? yeah. that's what i thought: a llamar? he's supposed to be dead! i slept quite well last night, even if not for long enough.

monday, 28 january

overheard: "if you think nonprofits are bad, catholic church people are awful" -googlebuttric lambda meeting

yesterday was a bum day. bum like whoa. i'm glad it's over. i think i need a good massage. and maybe a weekend at the beach. phone campaign starts today. wish us luck. in other news: it's another library of congress day. i think i can i think i can. marie called me yesterday. that's always a pleasant surprise. this week is gonna be brutal. oh, wait. this whole semester is brutal. i feel like i'm being perpetually gored by some sort of large mammal. at least there are two birthdays involved this week. so some folks will be getting their celebratory birthday kicks in the face. woo woo.

sunday, 27 january

overheard: "don't touch the handrail." "why?" "cuz if it stops, you'll get thrown backwards" -on a metro escalator

the dreams were intense last night. there was the one about them closing down the 7th floor of leavey for the speech today. there was the one about me beating up one of amanda's friends. and there was the one about me and brandon in a big english country house with well-shined hardwood floors, running and sliding on our backs down the hallway. and his mom yelling at us. the last one was the most fun, methinks. today: lots o' work. mass. and latenight. that's enough, isn't it. thank god for sundays: a day off from the loc. hmm.

saturday, 26 january

quote of the day: "dry campus; wet dreams." (or was it dry dorm; wet dreams?) -danielle

a lot of meetings yesterday. midnight theater was great, though. best program ever. unfortunately, i didn't order pizza cuz no one rsvp-ed in time. it's supposed to be in the 60s through at least wednesday. today's gonna be jam packed. and i've got a lot of stuff to do, so i'm definitely not gonna be social tonight. which is fine. best part about yesterday: hr in tight shirt. nam in pink shirt. so happy. anyway, i have to run, if i'm gonna get a decent start on the day.

friday, 25 january

quote of the day: "to suicide." (followed by shots) -overheard at the tombs last night

i don't really know what to say. i kinda want a nap. and i really should be doing work. AAAARGH. ok. it's ok. one one three. hr in tight shirt. that's it for now.

thursday, 24 january

quote of the day: "two openly lesbian polics officers going out and doing lesbian things in uniform. and loving it." -some police officer last night

good luck to james in his UW med school interview today: kick some ass, bud. three cheers for the stranger today. and for the googlebutric finally earning top news story in the voice. and jeers to the organizers of sunday's mass for propagating the myth that you have to be able to see the altar for mass to be a meaningful spiritual experience. to all those for whom that is true, i suggest you seriously reevaluate your faith. maybe people standing quietly isn't the biggest problem in that area. i'll apologize for ruining your massgoing experience when i get an apology from the catholic church and from the georgetown administration for margianalizing and demonizing a substantial minority group on this campus, and not a second before. ok. that's my rant for the day. no. wait. here's another. why the F--K isn't there any water in lxr? why was i not told of this? i'm an RA. we should be let in on these little secrets...like "hey, your residents won't be able to bathe thursday morning. warn them, so they don't have to look like goobs when they go to their classes and their internships." but no. not for us.

wednesday, 23 january

quote of the day: "i feel like i can't touch anything in this room because it's either been up your nose or in rob's crotch" -mandahouse

utah phillilps came to me in a dream last night. he told me that there are two things i should never do in life: design escalators or be sponsored by coca-cola. i'm gonna go to the libes of cons today. i had like eleventy brazillion dinners last night. ok, it was just two, but they were both pretty big: bistrot du coin and chiptole. and tomorrow is weekly periodical day, which makes me muy happy. ok. i think it's time to get started on the day. have a good one, yo.

tuesday, 22 january

quote of the day: "we could be a sexual newspaper beast" -rob

i don't really know about yesterday. i didn't get as much work done as i might have liked, and i forgot my leftover pizza at the tombs, which stunk. somehow, though, it turned out to be an ok day. i can't believe we're only a week and a half into the semester. AAARGH. save me from my work. people have been saying lots of funny stuff lately. and i've been scraping by. i want chipotle.

monday, 21 january

quote of the day: "that's what the ice is friendly" -joe, and he wasn't even drunk

so, despite the knights of columbus' (how the heck to you put that in the genitive?) best attempts at keeping us out of mass yesterday, we got in. and proved to be the mature and respectful ones. go figure. i thnk the day went quite well. well, i don't know about the day...i tried to do some homework and ended up with a 3.5 hour nap on my hands. and then rob came over and we were really at a loss to do much of anything. woops. two day week! haha. that's the best. ok. gotta wash myself and then go eat and do homework someplace i won't fall asleep. i really like suerte, just so you know. and i had loads of weird dreams last night, involving everything from manhattan to darnall to jenny mccarthy to football.

sunday, 20 january

quote of the day: "ohmigod" -the girl in the play last night as she bit it

so, hopefully i won't get arrested today. or beaten up. should be an interesting morning. and hopefully an afternoon full of work. i'm such a nerd. and i have no appreciation for this three day weekend stuff. oh well. chipotle for dinner last night. and it snowed yesterday. ian and drew are headed to new york for a show this morning. adam is already up there partying. guess i'm missing out. at least i'm out on a limb. congrats to BECKERS for making the headline. you da bomb.

saturday, 19 january

quote of the day: "well, i wanna fly through the air after being hit by a snowplow" -joe

is it just me, or is god mocking us here in DC by giving us the biggest snow we've had in two years on the saturday of a three day weekend. it's just cruel, really. i slept not so much on thursday night, so i got a good 10 hours last night. now i'm about even, right? go see arcadia. and remind me to do my homework. meeting today at one. and doing an RA interview at 3:30. ok. gots to run.

thursday, 17 january

happy birthday, melissa and vanessa!
quote of the day: "oh, no. you'll pay the price" -thesis seminar prof.

thursday thursday thursday. hooray. too bad i have classes from like 8:50 until 7:55 today. i had a dream last night that brandon, katie, allison, bekah, mary w. and i were forced to go back to prep and have a senior year next year with becky's class. but we were all totally able to blow off the classes and just talk the whole time. it was kinda weird. and there was no add-drop period. which was a shame. oh, and in part of it i was driving down 15th ave e. in seattle backwards in a minivan and then i saw my mom, who had a newly-performed wicked cool 1980s-esque perm, and discussed it with my auntie mary beth. and then there was this talking dog and a purple convertible.

wednesday, 16 january

quote of the day: "now that this show is on, i'm gonna have to start masturbating a lot more" -overheard during the real world

yesterday was absurdly busy. and proved to me that i'm very very ready for sprind. the sandals were fine during the day. once the sun went down, it got a bit chillier. going to the loc today. woo woo. and i have my first thesis seminar of the semester: ugh. oh well. the week is half over, for which i'm quite thankful. several many weeks left. and several craploads of reading to do.

oh...i'm working on a new opening page for this website. i was gonna show it to you, but i just now decided i'd rather have it be a surprise. haha. sorry.

tuesday, 15 january

quote of the day: "i was the only salt in a sea of pepper" -kemp

it's been a rough couple days. please keep Mrs. Kennedy and her family in your prayers for a while. the semester continues to speed up. ugh. there are still two classes i haven't yet had. one i have this evening. the other tomorrow evening. not so much looking forward to adding those syllabi to my dayplanner. at least the first real world of the season is on this evening. and at least duty was quiet last night. sleep is good.

monday, 14 january

quote of the day: "i didn't get daisy once this weekend. wait. i don't know what that means" -rob a.

sooooo much to do. i think i'm making today a special collections day. i only get one, so it may as well be right now. i went through 4 books for my thesis yesterday. i really need to be doing that every day. scary, huh? other stuff to do today: listen to a bunch of chaucer. try to learn to speak middle english. lil field trip to the new zealand embassy with my history class. staff meeting. on duty. hopefully a quiet night. maybe i'll have a neighborhood council meeting. heheh.

sunday, 13 january

quote of the day: "did you start a family and not tell me?" -mandahouse

so, there's still plenty to do this weekend. and not all that much time left. isn't that always the way weekends go? centoventicinque giorni. thankfully, i'm feelin good about this semester. gotta by books for kemp's class, still, but i can do that soon. and i need to write those JVC essays. they're tough. shoulda done that over break. sure, that's what i say now. anyway, i went to take a shower this morning, and some smell (not a bad one) reminded me of camp. first 8:30 mass of the semester tonight. hope to see lots of you there!

saturday, 12 january

quote of the day: "i think coming is very important." -ethics prof.

ok, it's pretty easy to put my finger on the weirdest thing that happened to me yesterday...joe, rob, danielle, and i were making a pilgrimage to AU's resource center. we took the guts bus and then a metrobus. there was a girl two rows behind me on the metrobus, and i heard her mention seattle at one point. that's not the weird part. a few minutes later, i heard her say "around spokane, the mountains aren't as big as around seattle, but we do have mt. spokane just outside town." so, i was on a metrobus with a spokanite. i kinda wished i'd talked to her. she seemed to be just a tad older than i am, and i'm guessing she's from the north side (or the north valley) since most hillers would think of mt. spokane as a little farther than "just outside town." besides, i didn't recognize her at all. weird, eh?

friday, 11 january

quote of the day: "you're straddling something." -ethics prof.

googlebutrick anarchy yesterday. and too many classes. boy, am i dreading next tuesday. i'm thinking about resigning from the admissions committee--let me know what you think of the idea. i just don't think i have time. i know what my mom would say: you have time for anything you really want to do. i'll admit that it's a matter of priorities. right now, my priority is getting my schoolwork done. and getting enough sleep. and eating enough. and not being the grumpiest human being alive. and being an RA, i guess. welcome to weekend!

thursday, 10 january

quote of the day: "the la...er, um...lawsuit." -joe.

i was soooooooo exhausted yesterday. and it was the first day of classes. i got some mesh shorts, though, which is cool. in the kinda bed news pile: i have an 8:50 class this semester on tuesdays and thursdays. i've never been a big fan of early morning time commitments, even though i'm always up by then. i just don't like the idea that i couldn't sleep in if i wanted to. and don't call me stubborn. i already knew that.

wednesday, 9 january

quote of the day: "i'd rather do less driving and more hot tubbing." -overheard at RA training.

it's wednesday, but georgetown has decided that it's really monday. weird, huh? i guess seattle prep used to pull that on us a lot, too, only they'd make wednesday tuesday, tuesday thursday, and thursday monday. just to keep us on our toes. regardless, it's the first day of the semester, and i already feel worn out. is that what being a college senior is about? that gets a big ole UGH from me.

tuesday, 8 january

quote of the day: "we need more cocks." -overheard at williams-sonoma

so, i'm back at the town of george for 4 months and ten days. and then i'm done with college. kookie. sorry about disappearing again. i didn't have the wherewithal to move archives around on a computer other than my own. i know, it's a lame excuse. i had a GREAT break. though it did have it's downtimes, i'd like to thank everyone who reminded me why going home is so great: aaron, brandon, allison, james, my whole family, mike, katie, bekah, rob, all the lamberts and the noskies, maria, gramma k. the list goes on and on. you are all the most amazing group of people i could ever hope to come in contact with you, and i'm sorry i couldn't have spent more time with you. but we will meet again. and it will all be good. take care of yourselves, k?