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tuesday, 30 september 2003

overheard: "i've found that the simpsons are very much like the bible" -matt

a. maz. ing. that's what i have to say about that. breakfast at the post was lackluster. luncheon at the capitol with sundry senators less so. the tour of the capitol was great. the senate floor is real small. who knew? the reception at the british embassy was a lot of fun. indian food dinner with 16 was wonderful. so many things have gone well this sailing weekend.

monday, 29 september 2003

overheard: "i need to get rid of some of this money" -joe

so. yesterday was a tad intense. breakfast with joe and vince. meeting with the world bank. attempted recruitment by world bank. lunch at world wraps. ummmmm...oh yeah. then an 8 hour dinner and reception at the amsec's home. two words: martha stewart. i spoke with lord waldegrave for quite a while. so that was my first experience with a british aristocrat. hmmm. what else to say. i just got back from breakfast at the post. that was nice. a little brief. it's chilly today. i need to get to sephora. i'm out.

sunday, 28 september 2003

overheard: "if anyone is interested in drinking at oxford, talk to me." -one of the other rhodents

sailing weekend: check. good decision making: uncheck. hmmm. good morning, paxton. i'm tired. this week has been exhausting. i really need to start going to bed at a more reasonable hour. someone remind me to do that. i have to go get ready for a breakfast with joe now. i hope y'all are doing well.

friday, 26 september 2003

overheard: "vegetables are what food eats." -mandahouse

la la la. breakfast yesterday with manda was buckets of good. she's going on agape this weekend, though, which is kinda sad. meanwhile, back at the gap...i bought a new map of london yesterday. i also attended the classes of frs. kemp and ribeiro and had lunch at the new jes.res. it's like a damn 4 star hotel in there. very nice. sailing weekend approaches. i'm kinda scared. i'm meeting one of my fellow rhodents for coffee this afternoon. i don't really have dinner plans. maybe mike will call me. dunno. oh. went to badlands last night. it was a bit much, though there were 2 cute boys there. la la la. OH! i had a li'l date on wednesday night that was fun like whoa. that's what i have to say about cambridge students who work for the IMF.

wednesday, 24 september 2003

overheard: "mexicans like it that way." -ian

speaking of discipline, i partied like a rockstar monday night with ian. definitely woke up drunk yesterday morning and had to make it to campus by 8 for breakfast with manda. then i took a nap and went to lunch with dr hager. on the whole, i made, um, questionable choices. whoops. but now i have to go eat breakfast. toodles.

monday, 22 september 2003

overheard: "it's just...fine." -bug

it takes a good deal more discipline to do this every morning than i remember. perhaps when i get back on a normal daily routine it will get easier. this weekend was good. i got to see joe and christina. went to cobalt friday. fell asleep early on saturday. went to mass sunday. so that was a good time. fr kemp may as well have canonized me on the spot, though. i was so embarrassed. oh. i had lunch with becky c yesterday at booey's. that was nice. this morning was "weirdos talk to bubba day" at dupont circle. i don't particularly mind, of course. it was a throwback to OTC. speaking of which, i sent them a postcard today. ah, being a tourist. i've really been enjoying dc, though, i must say. now if only my gocard would arrive. t-9 days to england. hurrah. joe's in texas for business right now, so it's just me and busty. ah, flatulent dog.

friday, 19 september 2003

overheard: "i do like a good hole." -mandahouse, again

ok, so that was the dumbest hurricane ever. nonetheless, it did manage to prevent me from leaving for new york yesterday. i'm scheduled to leave this morning, but if national doesn't open (they're closed until at least noon), then i'm just going to cancel that lil sidetrip and enjoy going to amanda's rugby game tomorrow. i need to go call my new yorkers to tell them this news. ugh. i'll be in trouble. stoopid storm.

thursday, 18 september 2003

overheard: "the only natural enemy of the hole is the pile." -mandahouse, of course

new york today? perhaps. yesterday: lots of gtown time. and the nat cat. saw ed, astarita (twice), hager, moran-cruz, and ummm, someone else, methinks. so that's good. next week is filling up. OH! and my mom found my go card, so i can get to and from campus easily next week. and that's a good thing. meanwhile, back at the ranch, there's a hurrican blowin' in today. craziness. gotta go call delta to see if my flight is still on. life is crazy. my legs hurt. la la la.

wednesday, 17 september 2003

overheard: "once the attitude is properly adjusted, you can thrust." -air and space museum

welcome back to DC. it's been splendid so far. rumor has it we're to get a hurricane tomorrow, though, so go figure. monday i got caught in the rain and i ducked under an awning to find prof. astarita. that was a funny run in. saw the french stalker yesterday. went with rca to bistrot du coin. that was lovely, as it always has been. we chat chatted. and then, yes, what? the cobalts. that was nice. i've been showing zac the sights. we walked a lot yesterday. today we're visiting the alma mater and the tombs, methinks. theoretically, i'm going to new york tomorrow to see joe and danielle and allison and shannon. this is assuming a hurricane doesn't blow me away. anyway, i need to get going. i get to see amanda and lots of other people today. hurrah!

sunday, 14 september 2003

overheard: "oh, fun, family bathroom time." -ryan d, a long time ago

so tomorrow is the big day. and by big day i mean both the day i leave for DC and my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. flight leaves early. ack. packing is almost done. i have to settle for 3 bags. there was no other way. went to mass and the elk last night. that was nice. had a great spinach salad. yum. today: who knows? adventure!

saturday, 13 september 2003

overheard: "that's not why their index fingers are so strong." -mandahouse

so yeah, now we've gone from the leaving town being a theoretical to it being fewer than 48 hours away. packing is a bitch. gotta go pick up the last of the dry cleaning. but, good news: joe isn't skipping town on me after all. so that's fun. ok...so much to do before i leave. gotta run. oh. my hair got butchered this morning. definitely going to get it cut in DC in two weeks. ARGH.

friday, 12 september 2003

overheard: "lonely? need a friend? try guster." -ad on freakster

a couple nights ago, i had a dream about my two-year old self showing up at the front door of my house in spokane. i answered the door, and was surprised to see, well, me. it was an interesting dream. last night i had a dream about harry potter and a hurricane. yesterday evening, we went and helped cindy vacuum all the water out of her flooded basement. so that was fun. what else? i started packing yesterday. it's a big undertaking. i'm not done yet. we'll see if everything fits where it should. ack. T-3 days until DC. i'm kinda sad to be leaving, but it will be good.

wednesday, 10 september 2003

overheard: "five thousand years ago, moses said...'mount your ass and i will lead you to the promised land.'" -sen john kerry

went to christy's volleyball game last night, after a wonderful dinner. yum. lunch was at chapala with cindy, and i also got a little filling yesterday morning. today, i'm having breakfast at arnie's with bobsforth and mom. what else happened yeseterday? oh yeah, i continued to avoid packing. ummmm. the hat is coming along nicely. that's alls i can think of.

tuesday, 9 september 2003

overheard: "forecast: jerky with a chance of irritation" -get fuzzy

so i forgot to pick up my dry cleaning yesterday. my mom and i watched the hours together. she thought it was much more depressing than i did. just goes to show, i guess. i really need to get my act together on this packing thing. growl. and i can't find my london foldy map. and my email is still acting up. but a week from right now, i'll be in DC. so that's exciting. today is a busy errand day. which should be nice. i'm out. cheers.

oh. one more thing. did anyone read the ny times editorial on dubya today? super harsh. wow... "Other wrong turns, however, were chosen because of a fundamental flaw in the character of this White House. Despite his tough talk, Mr. Bush seems incapable of choosing a genuinely tough path, of risking his political popularity with the same aggression that he risks the country's economic stability and international credibility. For all the trauma the United States has gone through during his administration, Mr. Bush has never asked the American people to respond to new challenges by making genuine sacrifices... Mr. Bush is a man who was reared in privilege, who succeeded in both business and politics because of his family connections. The question during the presidential campaign was whether he was anything more than just a very lucky guy. There were times in the past three years when he has been much more than that, and he may no longer be a man who expects to find an easy way out of difficulties. But now, at the moment when we need strong leadership most, he is still a politician who is incapable of asking the people to make hard choices. And we are paying the price." vote dean.

monday, 8 september 2003

overheard: "i don't understand how you are both so promiscuous and so shy" -julie marie

it's tough to get back into the rhythm of doing this every day. i had a good, quiet weekend. aaron came to visit friday night. we went to the fair with my family and then out with rob. saw the order. it was aight. nothing to write home about. very catholic. you know how i like that. saturday, aaron and i explored manito's gardens before he left (sad day). then marie and i went and helped dennis hession campaign at a symphony concert. weird. i know. mass at st al's followed, and then dinner with seattle cousins and gramma k at sawtooth. sunday brought a great breakfast, lots of knitting, and seeing open range. standard cowboy flick. ie dod loved it. what else? i leave a week from today for dc. that's exciting and sad.

wednesday, 3 september 2003

overheard: "there's a pig out in the park" -bobsforth

second day of school for bobs. i'm just chillin. can't much remember my dream from last night. must not have been that great. went to qdoba for dinner yesterevening, whilst dad shot an 87 at manito. today: abouts to go work out. then lunch with bekah's mom. oh. i booked my ticket to dc yesterday morning. i head over on the 15th of this month (for those of you keeping track, that's my parents' 25th wedding anniversary). hurrah. i really need to start making advances on my pre-departure to do list. ack. four weeks from today i leave for england. scary larry.

tuesday, 2 september 2003

overheard: "i'm a microbiologist. i don't give enemas" -mom, of course

ok. yeah. sorry about no updates for ages. i was sorta kinda doing a year of volunteer work and learning and loving and losing and changing. finished up JVC about a month ago. my housemates were amazing. i miss them all. this won't even be posted until i get to the UK, but i want to keep a record of my last couple weeks at home, and my transition time. so that's that.

i spent the labo(u)r day weekend in seattle with brandon and his family and his girlfriend laura, all of whom are wonderful. brandon--who teaches me something new about how to laugh every time i see him--reminded me that it's sometimes okay to make fun of colo(u)r blind people. we ate thai food. brandon's sister got robbed. we went to a wedding. we drank beer. it was a grand weekend.

before seattle i spent almost a week in banff with aaron. we're now sorta kinda almost rather somewhat broken up, i guess. i'm not sure. right now nothing feels different. he's gone, but he's always been gone. i'll try to get some pics of banff up on the site asap.

last night i dreamt about the new seattle library. there's a picture of just below that i took yesterday. i think it's pretty nifty. if you went to my school, you wouln't be there right now. heheh.