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friday, 31 may

overheard: "lesbians are so loud" -washington st.

yo. friday. last day of may. freaky. of course, the first of may feels like it was about five years ago. what else is up? artfest starts today @ the MAC in browne's addition. show up there. the river is at flood levels, so the falls are AMAZINGLY high. wow. go check that out. it's pride weekend here in the 'kane. i'm sure there's something fun going on for that. it's also a beautiful day...gonna be 75. perfect for laying out in the sun, possibly reading a bit. tristram shandy is, um, weird. but funny. thanks to joe for calling me last night. it was good to talk to you! ok. i'm out

thursday, 30 may

overheard: "that's why i have to hold my boobs, cuz becky's kicking me" -back yard

ack. two days till i launch my new site. ack. it's not even close to being ready. that's fine. i can post it incomplete. make sure you have internet explorer, though, cuz i still can't get it to work with netscape. ugh. it's another beautiful day. just got back from working out. gonna go lay in the sun now. i'll catch y'all later.

wednesday, 29 may

overheard: "it's not a fetish, i just like my boys wet" -down at the falls

i didn't get a chance to update yesterday. sorry about that. i don't know what happened. i was sore, though. and it was a beautiful day. i think it feels more like a sunday than a wednesday. guess that just goes to show how messed up my sense of time is. that's fine. i need to get cracking on this website if i want it to be up and running by the promised saturday deadline. ack. i'm gonna go work out, and then take care of that. well, first i think i'm gonna cut my fingernails. later, gators.

monday, 27 may

overheard: "get off my leg" -mom

yesterday was great fun. didn't spend as much time in idaho as i had planned. i was very tired. very tired. didn't get a nap, but got to do some reading. saw aunt celeste and uncle john and johnpaul, too. that was nice. got a late shower. had two dinners. watched the 9/11 documentary on hbo and then a scary movie. had a TON of fun.

sunday, 26 may

overheard: "it's weird feeling someone else's gums" -beckers

party in coeur d'alene today. be back later today or maybe tomorrow morning.

saturday, 25 may

overheard: "it's weird feeling someone else's gums" -beckers

starting the room cleaning today. exhausting work. who knew i had so much stuff. especially books. woohoo. qdoba for dinner last night. i miss chipotle, though. took bobbo to a play. went and saw enough with james m. saw james s and joe m at the theatre, and then laura h later at the blue spark. my dad's patients have a distinct advantage in recognizing me. aaron should be stopping by today. that will be nice.

friday, 24 may

overheard: "guys really like that when you have no teeth" -the kitchen

wow. updates have been short lately. sorry, y'all. i need to get on the ball and write some thank you cards. yes yes i do. it's sunny today. perhaps i will lay in the sun and read. i wish my clothes would get home so i could start working out.

thursday, 23 may

overheard: "this doesn't mean i'm a bottom" -sprague ave., downtown

i'm not sure what to say. had fun last night, but not enough ultimate frisbee. today, i'm having a picnic with my mommy.

wednesday, 22 may

overheard: "i'm the happy dog. the humpy, happy dog." -rufus

sorry about the late update. i've been playing mom for amanda, who got her wisdom teeth out this morning. watched memento last night with rob. that was a weird movie. i'm glad i saw it, though. now i'm eating peanut butter cap'n crunch and trying to think of ways to convince my parents to buy me a bike as a graduation present. it's still drizzly here. food is good.

tuesday, 21 may

overheard: "give me your armpits." -dod

i'd like to say that i LOVE sleeping in my own bed so much. so much. and that home is wonderfully overcast. i got two bottles of port for graduation from unca gordy and karla. mandahouse and i visited gramma k-dot yesterday. and picked up the puppies. and then i had two lunches. but just one very big dinner. coffee (by which i mean tea) with james last night was very nice. so was seeing the really high river and the really scary falls. and so was sleeping. it was also cool that beth filled out my website form. (hint hint to the rest of you).

monday, 20 may

overheard: "a screw is a screw." -mom

so that was college, eh? it was a wild ride. my diploma (which, incidentally, doesn't say georgetown anywhere on it--just georgiopolitani, which seems strangely similar to hippopotamus) made it across this great nation safely. and i slept despite the screaming child immediately behind me. much like the beginning of my first trip to georgetown, this trip ended with my seeing elizabeth at the airport: a wonderful full-circle experience. today, i'm picking up puppies and filling out grad school applications. i'm also visiting gramma and marie and laurie. fun stuff.

sunday, 19 may

overheard: "you don't lick it, you blow on it." -mom

well, graduation was yesterday. that was cool. very busy, though. not nearly enough sleep. i guess that's what going home is for, right? thanks to prof. astarita for another book (tristram shandy) and for being a big tricker-head. i don't want to toot my own horn, but i'd also like to say that it was a huge honor to receive both of the history department's awards at the tropaia exercises on friday. congrats are well-merited by vanessa, joe, and brian for their awards. we've definitely eaten a lot, lately. and i definitely received a GINORMOUS diploma yesterday. huge. in latin, too. and now, apparently, i'm a college graduate. who knew? guess i shoulda seen it coming. whoops.

college remembered: on this, the last day of college, i would like to remember move-in day, 29 august 1999: the excitement. the newness. the slight trepidation at having to make a whole new set of friends. to everyone at the town of george, particularly my two chicas who were abroad this semester, little sister, the voicers, and the googlebutric crew: i will miss you so much next year. stay safe. stay cool. and i hope to see each of you happy and healthy in the near future.

friday, 17 may

overheard: "there's no way i'm living long enough to pay all your ways through college, then dying so your mother can get a gigolo" -dod

yeah. yesterday rocked. sure i embarrassed myself while trying to learn the fbk secret handshake on stage, and i was wearing far too much wool for a day so hot. otherwise, though, it was AMAZING. who was right about breakfast? me. who was glad his family was in town? me. who had $1 highballs at cobalt? me. who won $250? well, not me, but aaron, so that's still good. who had an interview with his english professor and dr. porterfield? me. who got endorsed? me. who had chipotle for dinner? me. who's coming to town today? brandon and laura. WOOHOO!

college remembered: when i wanted to transfer, so i made a trip, completely solo, up to connecticut to look at wesleyan: a wonderful wonderful place, but in the middle of nowhere. and that's unacceptable. so i stayed here. and loved it.

thursday, 16 may

overheard: "...and submissive, too" -guy walking behind me and aaron in the village tuesday night

happy belated 21st birthday to allison (the coolest girl ever). i hope meeting hrh the duke of york went well. new york was tons of fun...a big shout out to justin, for being the coolest person i met there. other interesting stuff: columbia was really cool. i'll apply there for grad school. my family is now in town. that's fun. we went to the tombs last night. i was real tired. staying at a bar until 4 am can do that to you, i suppose. today is a scary scary day. graduation events are beginning, and i have a lunch and an interview beforehand. plus, it's supposed to be really warm. why does weather.com keep saying it's gonna rain saturday? grrrrr.

college remembered: deciding, on a whim, to update my website daily. and then keeping it up for SO much longer than i ever thought i would. and being able to look back over it now and smile.

monday, 13 may

overheard: "if you ever buy me a dress, i'll be unhappy" -randerson

it is absurdly hot in my room right now. they turned off the a/c in LXR, and it's unbearable in here. unbearable. i hate them. whoever they are. national building museum, too. and chipotle for dinner. tombs for brunch, btw. with my favorite waitress. and then tombs later for dirty girl scouts, yuengling, and high life with brian walsh. drunk kevin comeau. very drunk. and then very drunk us. and then passing out in a room that was faaar too hot. tomorrow: no update, goin to new york. oooooh. one last thing. i took a picture that i really like. you can see it here for a limited time.

college remembered: an entire year of breakfast sammiches EVERY MORNING with little sister.

sunday, 12 may

happy mothers day!!
overheard: "what's wrong with you homos" -jen

nation. ihop. fun. today is sunday.

college remembered: that night where ian and kminiter spent the night. and kevin tried cuddling with ian's tummy.

saturday, 11 may

happy 21st, Y2!!!
overheard: "jesus crumbled...he's supposed to be with me my whole life" -joe

last night in a single word: ridiculous. oh my. so ridiculous. still assessing the injuries. i'm not sure i can counth them all. grit in the left elbow. ouch. power hours are killers. wait until monday's milk power hour. the aardvark arrives. chipotle dinner. going to nation tonight. so much packing to do. so on the verge of being hung over. thanks to my mom for driving aaron to the airport wicked early today. i get to see the whole fam in just a few days!!

college remembered: going to gay bingo with lauren melodia and thinking that because it was on M street, it must be close. it wasn't. and it was SOOOOO cold. but we kept walking. good times.

friday, 10 may

overheard: "what am i?" -amanda

star-nosed mole! i swear to god, the trucks that drive past my window just keep getting louder all the time. wow. much louder than gtown partiers. things have been crazy. thanks to joe f. for a great dinner at dc coast on wednesday. that was yummy. and hooray for aaron coming tomorrow.

college remembered: 20 april 2000. 930 club. guster concert. pinata head of lead singer falling from ceiling and knocking him over. me laughing very hard. holy thursday.

wednesday, 8 may

overheard: "i'm chewing so hard it's giving me a headache" -katie s.

yo. done with college as of 20:10 last night. done. very odd. got a weird note in the mail yesterday, and a weird call from the dean's office. i've seen so many w-9 forms in the past few days, my head is spinning. it's been a long time since i shaved. the hr is still h, and we talked for quite a bit yesterday. i had a dream last night in which my mom refused to buy milk because i hadn't finished my apple cider at christmas. that was aggravating. gotta start packing. ugh. that's even more intimidating than my thesis.

college remembered: the trip to visit allison l. this year. without a doubt, one of the best weeks of my life. speaking of allisons, it was pretty phat when allison d. came to visit last fall, as well :-)

tuesday, 7 may

overheard: "just drink and forget" -debbie

sun waking me up at 6 am: your team. last day of college work. why didn't i write this damn chaucer paper yesterday. ugh. so much to do. and then that final i'm not prepared for. and yet: in 13 hours, i will be done with it all. and then i can watch the real world. and start thinking about packing up my room to go home. i talked to allison for a long time yesterday online. how wonderful is she? definitely put me in a better mood than i could have hoped. in other news: no matter how psycho a politician is, i'm anti-gunning them down. just in case you all wondered my position on that. and the washington monument is looking very nice today. it will look even better tomorrow, i have no doubt. last night was my last night on duty EVER. HOORAY! and i didn't even have any lockouts. booyah. ok. i'm out.

college remembered: the first day of classes. 8:50 econ in ICC. what was everyone so damn dressed up? then the mass of the holy spirit and being late for psych with sabat. i was wearing birkenstocks. it was warm out. this year, i sat with vanessa and amanda at the mass of the holy spirit. that was nice, too.

monday, 6 may

overheard: "he's really loud when we do it in the morning" -girl outside kinkos

well, hello. T - 5 hours until my thesis is due. just one more little bit to write: the conclusion. argh. at least breakfast will happen between now and then, as well. and then i can get started on that chaucer paper due tomorrow, which i hope can be done before i go to sleep tonight. tomorrow night at 9 pm, i will be done with my college work. and then the meetings, dinners, and lunches begin. crazy food. i don't know what i'm going to do once my thesis is done. it will be quite odd, i think. my dream for georgetown's students next year: the formation of a catholic reform student club, which could then fight the school for money. why does my church always try to stifle dissenters?

college [by which i mean high school], remembered: riding to prep freshman year in the back of billy's plymouth gold-duster. and listening to songs like yellow ledbetter and stairway to heaven. and the way the chrome edgin the base of the window used to reflect the sun into my eyes at just the perfect angle to blind me. and how, after it got hit by the uninsured driver, it used to sorta groan whenever it turned left too quickly. and how every day after school i went to the downtown library, and got the vast majority of my homework done. long time ago.

saturday, 4 may

happy 21st birthday, aaron!!
overheard: "the block is bigger than this institution, it's roman catholic" -mary kay

well, that was no doubt the worst paper i've ever written. but at least it's done now. and now i can work on the ol' thesis (due in 2 (TWO!!!) days). oh my. and i can work on that chaucer paper due in 3. don't know so much about that yet, either. maybe today will be a library study day. since i'm gonna be doing a lot a lot of reading. maybe barnes and noble. we'll see. anyway, i'm hungry and i need a shower. i had screwy dreams last night. one of them was about how my chaucer professor had a little kid who could only communicate through french sign language, and she always made weird prophecies, which i was expected to decipher. the other one was about an elderly woman living by herself in a huge house, and she was totally incapable of caring for herself. and her house was really freaky. her great grand daughter took care of her, but the younger woman wasn't very capable herself, and this two scary guys were about to try to rob them when i woke up. didn't so much like that dream.

college, remembered: ian's first time drinking. 27 april 2001. that sour sour drink at joe's cramped basement party, which spilled out into a burleith alleyway. and john trying to make a drink which was really bad, and ian dumping it into the bushes when john wasn't looking.

friday, 3 may

overheard: "even the noxema pads there are dirty" -some girl in lauinger

ah crud. there are still pages and pages of this damn history paper to do before it's due this afternoon. ugh. and thenn i can get started on weekend #2 of thesis hell. hopefully, by the time i emerge on tuesday evening, i will have passed all six of my classes. ACK. nah, i should pass. and then i should graduate. if you ask me, anyway. midnight breakfast last night was very nice. as always. ok, gotta get back to work.

college, remembered: first time drinking, vb 88, 30 september 2000. my roommate's birthday. the notorious will bell. i don't even know. what i do know is that i'm still a big ol' lightweight.

thursday, 2 may

overheard: "he's probably still a tool" -allison d.

all that work i was gonna do yesterday didn't really materialize (elie wiesel was AWESOME, though, as was pride's winning the OSP best student org. award), leaving me to write a fifteen paper today, which would be fine, except that i have an hourlong meeting with my history prof at 10:30, another with my chaucer prof at 3:30, and dinner sometime tonight with brewster. deep breath. it'll get done. woke up to thunder again this morning. i like that. good luck to jen with her paper(s?). and good luck to everyone, since i think we all need it right about now. randerson: you can do it.

college, remembered: hurricane floyd. everything else in the district closed, except a heavily sandbagged georgetown. never have i been so convinced i was going to blow away while walking to class. ah, horizontal rain.

wednesday, 1 may

overheard: "they have lots of bread" -debbie, jesres

so, in honor of my last few weeks in college, i'm going to try offering up random memories. hopefully, most of them will be pre-daily updates. that means first year. maybe that won't work. so whatever. just things that i remember each morning while doing these things. before those, though: yesterday was my last day of college classes ever. i feel really emotionally detached from it being the end of my last year of college, though, because i have SO much work left. i didn't even make it to the tombs last night, which was unfortunate. i hope the aardvark has a better day today. and thanks to james for brightening my evening last night. and also to becky clinton, for doing the same. peace out. happy may day. welcome to the month of the blessed virgin.

college, remembered: two years ago today. the steps at the east end of the washington harbor complex down on the river. me getting my heart broken by my first true love. ah, memories.