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tuesday, 30 april

happy georgetown day!
overheard: "part of the breakfast is rum." -prof. o'brien

welcome to the last day of college. it doesn't feel like the last day of high school did. maybe that's because i still have so damn much work left. i was amazingly productive yesterday, getting 13 pages of writing under my belt after getting up at 8:30 (very late!), eating breakfast, and spending 2 hours at costco, 2 hours in class, 3 hours at a barbecue, and 1 hour talking to my mom on the phone. three cheers for jen and debbie. and now i must get back to work, cuz there are definitely 7 more pages to write between now and 3:15 pm. ack. best to everyone everywhere all the time. or something. i'm in a mood. god smiled on me last night and sent patagonia (sans patagonia) to the front gates, and triant and hr through the courtyard. ah, yes.

monday, 29 april

overheard: "maybe aaron is narcaleptic." -kerry

sorry about the late update. i slept in this morning, then had to make a costco run for fear of clowns tonight. i don't know how this 20 page paper is gonna get done by tomorrow. aw, shucks. i also don't know when i'm going to get around to doing laundry. ugh. or packing. double ugh. thanks to prof. astarita for the gift of his very good book, village justice. for all you early modern italian history buffs, i highly recommend it. i know you're hiding out there, reading this. crazy historians.

sunday, 28 april

overheard: "the first time, i put the xy inside a us news and world report." -rob at b&n

finished one of tuesday's 20-pagers. just one more left. and then friday's 15-pager, next monday's thesis, next tuesday's 10-pager, and next tuesday's ethics final. not too bad. i can survive, as long as i keep getting plenty of sleep. i think i'm now fully recovered. gotta stay hydrated. vietnamese for dinner last night with rob. and a very kind compliment from jen, which brightened my evening. 2nd to last 8:30 mass tonight. sad day. it's tought to believe that i'm really leaving gtown for good 3 weeks from today. wow. college: over. went so fast. uh-oh, i'm getting all reminiscent.

saturday, 27 april

no quote from yesterday. i was kinda a hermit. mostly cuz i was soooo sick. most miserable night ever at georgetown. fever and headache: no good. i finally gave in at like 1:30 in the morning, and took some tylenol pm. that was a good move, i think. today i'm feeling a lot better, too. thanks in no small part to rob's bringing me juice and an orange, which i ate when i woke up this morning. life is good. thanks to all who sent me get better IMs. more thanks to everyone who stopped by.

friday, 26 april

overheard: "the cock said it. not me." -kid in my chaucer class

aardvark aardvark aardvark. aardvark aardvark. the best part of yesterday: the aardvark. and rob and i wandering around looking for weird things in the ground. cuz we had nothing better to do. oh wait. chipotle for the 2nd night in a row. that was cool. and then a ton (TON!) of people at badlands. it was mega hot. and debbie came. and so did blake tyler. and jen. it was great fun. i miss home.

thursday, 25 april

overheard: "there's lots of stuff that can fly across the room. i don't fetishize them" -pride meeting

i'm listed as CAS '02 and CAS '03 in today's voice. sadly, i am the former. beginning to get all misty eyed about leaving. writing lots of haiku (the only type of poem for me). unfortunately, both exercizes make it more difficult to keep writing papers like the workhorse i apparently am. so close. so close. after another meal at the chipotle in rosslyn, i can say conclusively that the dupont kicks major booty. and so, that's where i leave it on this, my last day of thursday classes at georgetown. the big "ah crud" of the day: how the HECK am i gonna get all my crap back accross the country. there's a whole lot of it.

wednesday, 24 april

4 year anniversary of my last day at g-prep/first day of search
overheard: "eat it, hwang" -trottc, voice office

find the editing mistake on the cover of the new york times today. it's not tough to do. WHOOOPS. congrats to ptom for a cool picture of his race. and thanks to jan for fun at the tombs ieri sera. fun times. anyway, it's 1:30 and i haven't bathed yet, so i'm gonna go do all that stuff now. hope y'all enjoy the weather. hell week and a half starts tomorrow: yeeha!

tuesday, 23 april

overheard: "i'm bleeding" -i don't even know

have i ever mentioned how much i despise tuesdays? well, i do. at least this is the 2nd to last one of college. unfortunately, i have 47 pages of papers to write before next tuesday, and another 25 by the tuesday after that: AAAAAAAAAAAAH! it's almost done. i keep telling myself that. at least it's real world night tonight. and then i'm headed to the tombs with jan. fun fun fun!

monday, 22 april

overheard: "why does every truck on this campus drive in reverse all the fucking time?" -fr. kemp

grey day. 66 today. warmer than yesterday. no good for red-squaring, but very good for homework, which is good for bubba. i think i got my mom's cold. brewster: enjoy europe. give the pope a swift kick in the rump from america, will you? today: 2nd to last australian history class, staff dinner w/sr. carol, doodie. blech to the last, eh? anywho, i should get going. i have several newspapers left to read, and it's already 7:20.

sunday, 21 april

overheard: "let's say a supermodel was in a horrible accident..." -girl in ethics class

sorry about the no update yesterday. i crashed not at home, and then i went to the eastern market with brewster for breakfast. saw patagonia at chipotle, sans patagonia. then i came back to write my ethics paper, and ended up falling asleep for the rest of the day, night, and everything in between. oops. now i have so much work to do. darn sundays. ugh. well, at least mass is tonight: woowoo. oooh. and i went to like the nicest party i've ever been to on friday night. and then i got invited to a party in kalorama on 9 may. and that's after i'm done with all my work. so that will be fun, methinks. back to work.

friday, 19 april

overheard: "some people just don't like gay sex." -ethics professor

there were SO many good quotes yesterday. i'll be using them in days to come, no doubt. today is far too busy. fridays always are, eh? yesterday: thunderstruck. brester and thornberg at cobalt. yeah. far away. long walk. ma l'aardvark non mi ha telefonato. turkey breath. it's ok. it is. just recording for posterity. scary day. gotta run. looking forward to the next meal, of course.

thursday, 18 april

overheard: "if you weren't helping me, i'd beat you up right now." -voice office

ok. congrats to michael owen (mm mm) on leading england to victory last night. congrats as well to all my voicers, who finished up, no doubt, with a bang. i haven't actually read today's paper yet, though. in other news: good news from the provost's office, and the history dept. free beer in the sun at the senior bbq. that was nice. and then thesis presenting, which didn't go all that well, but which people seemed to like, which was good. capping the day was definitely a meeting with brian w., vanessa, and brandon about JVC:NW. their smiles reminded me why i'm excited for this. now if only that one guy would call me to interview me. i'm proctoring an exam today. and we have singing under the stars at 8:30 pm on the LXR rooftop. join us!

wednesday, 17 april

overheard: "dialysis can be a draining experience." -prof. hawkins

i talked to john for the first time in a long while yesterday. that was nice. and it was oppressively hot yesterday. (93: here we come today!). so, i'm running late on a day where my first class is at 6 pm. i've gotta go. take it easy, y'all.

tuesday, 16 april

happy birthday, josh!!
overheard: "i have an overactive prostate." -randerson, in chipotle

well, it's semi-official: i'm gonna be moving to portland oregon for a year come 6 august. i can't say i wouldn't have preferred seattle, but i'm beginning to get more excited about portland. it is where i was born, after all. and it will round out my quest to become familiar with each of the major pnw cities. sorry, boise, you really don't count, as much as you'd like to. go latch on to denver or something. anyway, i was somewhat productive last night. never so much as i would like to be, of course. there's an article about skylstad's approach to the sex scandal today on the front page of the new york times. and it has occured to me that the reason boston's cardinal law has refused to resign is that he's trying to make it through the death of the pope. you see, according to the times (of london), he's uber-conservative and anti-reform. so it would only make sense that he'd want to stick out jpII's reign. and then he can elect a similarly reactionary and anti-popular pontiff. boy, that sure would be great! oh, wait, no it wouldn't. resign, law.

monday, 15 april

overheard: "we're lookin to arrest a freshman girl in a blue shirt." -mpd officer to my sister (who was wearing red) at a busted party

ah crud. looks like dc is at it again: 85 today, 89 tomorrow. may god have mercy on all christian souls. another week is getting under way. 2nd to last full week of classes. ugh. i think i may find out my JVC placement today. that would be keen. and let me tell you: it didn't dip below 65 last night, so my a/c is definitely still on from yesterday. i had a dream about being in new york with joylynn and aaron. and some woman stole aaron's cell phone. and then i embarrassed myself in front of a large percentage of a dorm, but i did it on purpose. so it was ok.

sunday, 14 april

overheard: "safe sex is always important. especially after crew races." -manda's crew race

go holy names! a month till allison's 21st birthday!! and the only thing better than the hip hop dancer and the minor celebrity sighting yesterday was eating chipotle, knowing that monday's chipotle will be free. i have a crapload of word to do today, and i've seen precictions of thunderstorms. and we get mass. oohrah. ok. gonna go now.

saturday, 13 april

overheard: "we want that crap falling off when we eat it." -girl at the front gates talking into her cell phone

yesterday was a very blah day. i'm hell-bent on making today more enjoyable. my plan: to do homework this time. it's a mildly sick and twisted plan, i suppose. manda has a race at 1. breakfast at danielle's. a lot of reading. maybe even a return to my thesis. gonna work on my theology take home final. i'm on duty, too, so i'm gonna do laundry for the first time in over a month. ack. have a good one. peace out.

friday, 12 april

overheard: "without missing a beat, he reached into the passenger seat, and picked up his...crucifix." -gina young

i heart artcar womym. wow. another great night, another great concert. the song about the lithuanian grandmother was particularly great. the lands of the bad were aight. why do 3.5 beers make me so inebriated? the video bar was sadly empty, and the dance floor was real loud, per usual. did i mention that last nights concert rocked my socks? well, it did. and i was barefoot. and we talked about progressive backlash. and i went to brickskeller, where i was sad to discover that they have no beer on tap. what's with that? ok, i think i need to stop rambling here pretty soon. i had my jvc interview yesterday, which went really really really well, and which got me really excited for next year. woowoo!

thursday, 11 april

overheard: "i am a charicature of myself" -ani

best concert EVER...except for the teeny boppers singing and yelling requests. and rob Bobbing out (TM) on it. heheh. spokane. anyway, dan bern was very funny. very randy. played jerusalem. ani opened with god's country (pd), then to shy (napg), subdivision (r/r), everest (UPx6), letter to a john (oor), two new songs, not a pretty girl, swan dive (lpc), followed by another new song, a funky version of names and dates and times (pd), a new spoken word piece and a poem about 9/11, rounding the set out with out of range. the double encore included overlap (oor) and shameless (dil.). there were a couple songs i would have loved to have heard that she didn't hit, mostly done wrong, so what, angry anymore, and hello birmingham. otherwise, though, the show can be summed up in one word: AMAZING.

wednesday, 10 april

overheard: "don't be mad at me honey" -that woman who takes joy in keeping people from bringing food into the library.

thesis draft: complete. well, not entirely...there's still a couple paragraphs i haven't written in the midst of it, but it is 82 pages long right now, which i'm fairly happy with. too bad the 3rd chapter is so sucky. regardless, i'm taking a little break from such nonsense today. solo ani concert tonight at the 930 club. it's gonna be PHAT. and i went to the tombs last night, and that was fun. and i'm in a generally good mood.

tuesday, 9 april

don't get too excited. i'm not done with the damn thesis yet. just wanted y'all to know that i'm still alive. so there you have it. i am. i have another chapter and a half to write by tomorrow. and then an ani difranco concert. and then my attentions can turn to revisions and writing FIVE term papers. ugh. work work work. it's all i ever seem to do. but four weeks from today, at 9 pm, i will be done. oh, today is the funeral of queen elizabeth, the queen mother. did you know that she was alive before queen victoria died? weird.

thursday, 4 april

overheard: "once you get into the office, it's hard to execute yourself" -guy in lauinger stairwell.

so, i don't know what it's been about lauinger these past few days, but funny things have been said there. i have spent 24 of the last 31 hours asleep. which has been good for me. i'm not completely better, but i feel a lot more functional (and hungry) now than i did yesterday. and i'm listening to dar. happy 21st to brad. thanks for threatening to punch me in the face if i didn't drink with you last night. today: i will finish chapter 3, or i will die trying. or maybe i'll just cut out the part i'm having so much trouble writing. ugh. this thesis needs to be done in 6 days. then again, when it is done, i get to go to an ani difranco concert: WOOWOO!

wednesday, 3 april

overheard: "maybe he's a squirrel" -girl in elevator at lauinger last night.

not feelin so hot. in fact, feeling quite the opposite. so i'm gonna leave it at that for today. suck.

tuesday, 2 april

happy (one day late) 17th birthday to callie rose!
overheard: "there are lots of things i want to do that i don't act on" -triangle

home was amazing. i can't say enough good things about it. the only possible problem was that a few of my friends (read: everyone except katie and aaron) weren't there, and i wasn't home for long enough, but that always seems to be the case. the thesis chapters i was planning to write didn't so much happen as not, but i'll get a real long one done today, and then the rest of them i'll have to write over this weekend. 8 days until the sucker is due. in draft form anyway. i still have some work to do at the LOC, though, if you can believe that. anyway, i'm not skipping nearly enough classes today, and gusa has finally done something useful (besides supporting the guglbtrc): providing me with free new york times and washington posts in the morning. WOOOHOOO!