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wednesday, 27 march

"who wants to cancel class?"
"i do"
"why do you want to cancel class?"
"i'm tired"
"why are you tired?"
"i was up all night playing poker"
-theology class conversation between fr. kemp and a student

yesterday was mad fun. the best nights at the tombs are free nights at the tombs. and it's always funny to see the reason bitter conservative people are bitter...when they're hugging pitchers of high life to their chests and not talking to anyone. sad, but at the same time oh so telling. well, as i've said: yesterday misty, today missy. three cheers for home. and three cheers for holly, and girls named caitlin from stanford who know my cousin christine. i have to go pack. other highlights from yesterday: i didn't skip english. i had history in the tombs. herpes discussion in ethics. and, of course, the real world party at rob's (THANKS!)

tuesday, 26 march

overheard: "do girlscouts sell cosmopolitans?" -alex, red square

i'm sure something interesting happened today in history. last night, i had a really bad headache, and i was on duty, so i just took some aleve, turned off the lights, and laid down...at 10:30 pm. so i slept a lot, basically. i dreamt about a secret elevator that took you from the channel tunnel to the 5th floor of leavey. that was weird. and so mary h. and i took the elevator and tried to run our copy past bethany marlowe, and she thought it was fine. and then i woke up and it was 6:20, so i decided to get up. today: hell day. tonight: real world. tomorrow: home!

monday, 25 march

248th anniversary of my thesis law taking effect
Lady Day
New Year's Day (until 1752)
overheard: "kevin, i don't mean to alarm you, but i think that girl might be following you." -mandahouse

oh, yeah. have i mentioned that i'm going home in two days? oh. well, i am. and i'm damn excited about it, if i do say so myself. just five more classes to suffer through, unless i decide to not go to history today. we'll see. i have reading and copying to do. blech. i'd better go get showered, &c. before i have to go work on the thesis monster all day. later.

sunday, 24 march

overheard: "don't take babies to london from america" -dinner at bangkok bistro

sundays come too soon. today: lunch at filomena. dinner at the tombs with mandahouse. and it's palm sunday, which is always a good time, excpet for 8:30 mass chaos, especially when we're on the verge of a showdown with campus ministry over the target of this week's donations. anyway, i'd best get going so i can do some homework and go to newsouth and all that jazz. the aardvark is back in the states, so that's a good thing. and i'm going home in a few days, which is a GREAT thing, and the garbage goat will be there, which is a thing of such great magnitude that it's impossible to express.

saturday, 23 march

overheard: "ummm...(coughs)...i really don't know what to do now" -mandahouse

the weekend of good vibes continued yesterday with some homework, some ani-listening, and news of my having achieved a long-standing academic goal, while simultaneously making a bit of a fool of myself via email. i'm fine with that though. all this was followed by a four hour nap from which i was woken to do a lockout (while not on duty, mind you), and at which point i discovered that the girl who *was* on duty was nowhere to be found. on the less-good news side of yesterday, i found out that, through april, i'm way ahead in number of days on duty. while (by 1 may) i will have been on duty 49 nights over the course of the academic year, two of my fellow LXR RAs will have only done 46, one will have done 45, and the girl who was on duty last night will have only done 42--my number bumps up to 50 and hers down to 41, though, if you consider the time she dumped duty on me in february without my consent. in conclusion, i'm going to request that i not be given any duty during the 18 nights of may that we will be at gtown. is that a bad thing for me to do? i think i've earned it. what do you think?

friday, 22 march

overheard: "my boss has the biggest penis ever" -visitor at government documents last night

yesterday was a very good day, i think. for a couple seconds on the guts bus, i thought i had achieved peace. then i realized it was just senioritis. the source of senioritis, i think, was the return of two midterms yesterday with better-than-expected grades. such happniness was complemented by the cancellation of my 5:40 ethics course which, though enjoyable, constitutes an annoyingly late end to my schoolweek. i had chipotle for dinner, i got to do some reading and some thesis work, and the evening ended with the least expensive night at the tombs ever. i can only hope the rest of the weekend goes so well. how am i going to avoid laundry until next wednesday? any ideas? oh, yeah, also check out the family cookbook, because i got chapter 6 transcribed yesterday. woowoo.

thursday, 21 march

overheard: "what do you mean i only smell good sometimes?" -debbie

good luck to mandahouse on her camp interview today. yesterday brought an end to the drizzle of the past four days. it also brought a discussion of the novena with vanessa. nothin like discussions of a spokane religious phenomenon after a good labor-organizing film, right? i found out i fold pamphlets real good, too. in a week, i'll be at home. three cheers for that. and three cheers for the ETC, and the monorail. and the stranger.

wednesday, 20 march

happy vernal equinox!
overheard: "LA is not san francisco." -fr. kemp

interesting things i learned from the p-i today: 1)both snoqualmie and stevens passes across the cascades were closed yesterday after repeated avalanches trapped several cars. no injuries or deaths were reported. 2)the GOP wants to know if seattle would like to host its 2004 national convention. seattle hasn't sent a republican to congress since 1977, and washington voted solidly for gore in 2000, but bush believes he can win there in 2004. "It's a daunting target, however, with a Democratic governor, two Democratic U.S. senators, six Democrats out of nine members of Congress, six Democrats out of eight partisan state elected officials and a Legislature with Democrats in control of both houses. Democrats hold the King County executive's office and control the King County Council." i miss my home state.

tuesday, 19 march

overheard: "john rawls wouldn't talk to ayn rand." -prof. hawkins

so, today is the 22nd anniversary of my conception. who knew? i should probably go get a cake, or something, to celebrate. besides which, i hate tuesdays SO MUCH. why isn't the hoya posted yet? darnit. i went to bed at a decent hour last night, which was wonderfully satisfying. and now i'm realizing that there are 22 days left until my thesis is due, and that i am very nervous about that fact. tomorrow's gonna be an loc day, i'm guessing. and today's going to be spent in lauinger, when i'm not in my 6 hours, 15 minutes worth of classes today. what is this, high school? speaking of which, i had a dream about seattle prep last night. that was kookie. and last night i had a flashback to freshman year, and riding in the ol' plymouth gold duster with billy. that was good.

monday, 18 march

overheard: "spokane: the land that time forgot." -utah phillips

and boy do i miss it. nine days. woohoo. ah, crap: three weekends left to work on the ol' thesis. oh ____! i've gots to do that. so much to do. aaron leaves today, which sucks. but now i can get back to work. i'm not sure if that's good or bad. i missed st. patrick's day altogether. had thai for dinner. pretty sure that's good.

saturday, 16 march

overheard: "yeah _______'s nine-inch penis." -chris t.

well, last night was crazy. something about them nordhoff apartments. but aaron arrived safely, and we announced the hiring of the special assistant to the vice president for LGBT concerns, whose employment would be subject to the approval of the LGBT working group. and everyone was happy. and we were happy. and then rob got real drunk. and then there was the spin the bottle and the never have i ever and the truth or dare. and i'm hungry now.

friday, 15 march

overheard: "that's what im worried about, pregnant women." -guglbtrc.

yeah, so it was wicked nice out yesterday. too bad the zags lost. the aardvark arrives today. that should be good. good news that i'll tell you tomorrow, too. the bl was downright frightening last night. no. really. i'm real hongry, so i've gotta bust a move. more tomorrow, i hope.

thursday, 14 march

overheard: "chamber music is more fun with a friend." -lxr elevator.

foggy. GO ZAGS! today i have about a million meetings, and three classes. i think i may miss one of the meetings for class. eek. presented my thesis chapter to my class last night. they seemed to really like it. and no one died of boredom, which is a very good thing. yesterday i got my JVC placement info pack. i have so much work to do, and i need to clean my room like a mofo. it's SO cluttered. anyway, happy thursday, y'all.

wednesday, 13 march

overheard: "it's obvious that you don't want to do class work anymore." -history professor, to the class, before letting us out early.

drizzly. sometimes the people of spokane are dumb dumb dumb. well, washingtonians generally fail to understand the link between paying taxes and receiving services from the government. which is aggravating. yesterday was a fairly blah day. i felt somewhat of a persona non grata. pizza from dan porterfield with the voice, though, was good times. and the real world was entertaining, even if both cara and aneesa are DUMB GIRLS. in other news, my english prof. is still a jerk. and my day today will be spent reading a play by david garrick. i have meetings at 10, 6, 8, and 10. and a couple papers due tomorrow, which, in addition to a bunch of admissions files left to read, will bring hell week to a close. i'm ready. at least i got some sleep last night. i dreamt of going to the lake with the russells and amanda. and there were jellyfish. and some punk kid tried to push me off the dock. and then part of it took place in new south, where some guy just left his baby at me and amanda's table to watch for him. which was fine, i guess, except that all the flying cars were crashing at the time.

tuesday, 12 march

overheard: "it's hard to walk with a dislocated limb." -alumni square

i forgot to tell y'all about the new policy i implemented on sunday. it's called 69 days of shameless flirting. i encourage all graduating seniors to join me for this nod to youthful, hormonal self-abandon. i got the nicest email i've ever received in my life from allison yesterday. defintely just what i needed in the midst of hell week. my paper isn't done yet (ACK!) and i have that english midterm at 1 (double ACK!), so i'm gonna be mr. study this mornign. prof. astarita, in addition to being nominate for a national professor of the year award, said that he liked the first chapter, and wondered when he could read more. (triple ACK!). these past two nights have beem less-sleepfull than almost any two nights in recent memory. come 7 pm tonight, you will find me, sleeping soundly in beds with toilets really nearby. i'm real excited.

monday, 11 march

overheard: "it's too bad he's not interested in what she has to offer." -the triangle

well, the triangle is definitely not, but word on the street is that hpb might very well be. and i'll take that. the best part about yesterday: being able to tear down 17 links on the paper chain of oppression. thesis: 1/6 done. well, plus the preface and appendices. and some more research. and it's due in less than a month. crud. oh, and i saw hr at the libes last night. and i talked to becky and my mom and my dad. and i'm on duty tonight, which stinks, but after tomorrow, hell week will be more than half over, which makes me oh-so-happy. cheers!

saturday, 9 march

happy 21st, ian!
overheard: "i started as an oral top, but i got lazy." -the tombs

today: cheers and jeers. cheers to ian on his 21st birthday. jeers to spring break grinding to a slow and painful halt. cheers to allison on this day of the girton ball. you'll be stunning, i'm sure. cheers to the fog and consequent muted light that i woke to this morning. jeers to the aardvark not calling when he says he will. cheers to bangkok bistro for dinner tonight. jeers to the triangle being gone last night. cheers to my spokane snow globe. jeers to hell week, which begins...now.

friday, 8 march

overheard: "if you go there, i'll come visit you." -the prof. i TA for

i've been having some weird dreams lately. three nights ago, i had one wherein i was watching three concord jets land, and a regular jet came in a little above them to land, flying perpendicular to them, and the resulting white-out (it was like being in a blizzard, only it was just that the air turned opaque) made my mom forget everything. then there were these goblins that were jumping from roof to roof marking which houses weren't allowed to watch TV. it was a little wierd, i must say. then two nights ago, i had another weird dream, which i can't quite remember at present. and then last night i had a dream in which all the basement apartments in village A collapsed, and the entire structure settled by one floor. it was scary. and then i had another dream with the HR in it wherein a big ship was sinking, and i blamed him for not designing a new ship. the whole sinking thing was a theme last night. i wonder what that means. in other news: my thesis isn't writing itself. neither are my other papers. ok, back to the admissions office. just one more week of that. AAACK. the aardvark arrives in two weeks.

thursday, 7 march

happy 17th birthday, BECKERS!!!!!
overheard: "i think we're the only ones on the floor. we can walk around the halls naked. sweet." -the triangle

the UK list:

old people are dumb london or detroit? raisin? gray's inn? mean bouncers am i slllllurrrrring my spppeeeach? the elbow rugburn "we're going to guuuhhhton" i'll remember everything if you tell me bubba walks fast i didn't put any of those words in the right order what were my books? maybe i was in playboy. i don't know twenty-one? my god! you'll be lucky to get about two! no, it's pulling the alphabet the fit one. who wears tight pants. he must have me confused with someone else three nights in england, three nights drunk, one head injury the fence stole my banana oh. i get it sub...way slammed by 6:45 did that guy just wink at you? kamikazes twenty pence/i want a becks fcuk alcohol oh my gosh! he's been to the zoo bar, too princess of wales: allison kills a bottle of bailey's we're never going to make it back why must everyone get high in the bathroom near where i'm trying to pass out? "i woke up in the girton bar" fit mike i never thought i'd have a problem with a girl being in my room, but... what am i going to do? dwarf boxing murder on the dance floor...i don't know any more words good ole bettye chambers the stalker itchy hat 10 books in 7 hours czech guys tejas and zuan a whole section for us (or: the ck ad) sarah's ex zoe in oxford circus vicks vaporub is bad for eyes shamelessly flirting american history x is it quite dodgy? more shameless flirting allison's corridor rules i'll never forgive you for not staying don't want to leave are you hot? do you want me to take your shirt off?

so, that was that. one of the best weeks of my life. thanks to lauren for housing me for several days, and to allison, for never failing to brighten my days. and to my parents, for sponsoring the trip. and to my history thesis for refusing to write itself. life is good. and i love it.