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monday, 30 april

quoted: "let's see how much of me you can fit in your mouth" -robin

this morning i had a nightmare about zombies trying to eat me and (simultaneously) about being unable to find apple sauce in a supermarket. i wonder what my subconscious is trying to tell me. at the time, i took it to mean "get up!" even though it was 6.20. welcome to summer, says my body clock.

lots of accumulated things to share today. they're painting the staircase up to the flat. so i think it will be more cream and less yellow in color. that can't be a bad thing. also, yesterday there was some sort of event in st james's. there was a HUGE screen at the bottom of waterloo place, right at the steps that go down into st james's park. there was also a huge screen on st james's street, aimed toward the palace, with tons of people lining the street. if anyone knows what was going on, please tell me. i'm very curious.

i went for a picnic with carl and a bunch of yale folks yesterday before meeting ali for coffee on gloucester road (gosh that's a grim place. thankfully there was a paul). then more coffee (let's be honest, though, i don't drink coffee) and a catch up with jeremy h, who was en route to paris. always good to see him and be reminded by the smallness of this world of ours.

here's a very
unfortunate placement of a yahoo advert. i had other links to post, but now i should get back to work.

saturday, 28 april

quoted: "i'm hungry for your sister" -boris

i think we can all agree i've been pretty bad about updating this month. i don't have a particularly good excuse, other than my short attention span. i do have good intentions, though, which hopefully i'll be better about executing in the near future.

so when i was moving old bed on tuesday and building new bed, i discovered the world's largest dust pile. it's still a little too early to tell whether its removal from the flat will reduce the amount of dust in the flat as a whole, but early indications point to yes.

i had a total "office space" moment at work yesterday when we were threatened with... training. and they talked about training for a long time before telling us what it was for. they spoke of very general goals: to progress our careers, to increase our effeciency, etc. then at the very end we were shown the titles of the 90 minute training sessions. they were things like "writing attention-grabbing emails" and "meetings that matter" and, of course, "working with others". i threw up a little in my mouth.

wednesday, 25 april

quoted: "keats, there are so many girls here" -mikes (at the box)
"that's a guy" -keats

i really did write an update on monday (see below), but then i forgot to post it. so it's not just a moveable type issue. the new bed got delivered yesterday. it was pretty exciting, and not that difficult to build. the under-bed drawers were another matter entirely, but even they were a challenge i was up for after a pretty good trip to the gym.

i'm really missing the deportee. and i'm extremely frustrated with the home office for being constantly and perpetually unhelpful slash unreasonable slash awful. sigh.

monday, 23 april

quoted: "oh. you're THE anthony" -dolf

what a pleasant weekend. other than keats being shipped off to south africa looming over our heads, i couldn't have had a better time. drinks with mikes and tom, keats, pete and carl on friday night at various locales, ending with the ironically named box bar and a house party hosted by a stranger but full of people i kinda knew already.

you know how sometimes you have good banter days and sometimes you have bad banter days? i was doing well thursday and friday. maybe even saturday. but yesterday i hit a wall. it's not that i was hung over. or particularly tired. but all of a sudden i found myself profoundly uninteresting. not even duck seemed to help. but then i got a good night's sleep, and now i'm feeling a bit more human.

i bought that bed during my lunch break friday, which is why i didn't update. i've challenged brennan to race it back to my flat. we'll see who wins. sigh squared.

thursday, 19 april

quoted: "if my job was to be naked all the time, i'd probably look better." -james r

i just bought an overpriced watch. don't ask me why. ok. i'll tell you anyway. it's because google checkout compelled me to. i searched for said watch on google. i saw the checkout badge next to the ad. i was happy (ish) with the price, and i pulled the trigger. now, i've gotta say, it's often a big hassle to buy things from US companies with a foreign credit card. with the dollar slowly drowning against the pound, though, i decided this would be the best time to buy an overpriced watch. and google checkout made it easy. sorry to sound excited, but i am!

those of us who frequent andrew's
photo-a-day site on flickr will have no trouble recognising the wallpaper in this skype gear blog post. the real mystery is how that linksys phone is standing up so gracefully. the world may never know.

i think i might buy a bed today. this bed. what do you think? comments taken until 6 pm.

wednesday, 18 april

quoted: "i'm not a bad driver. i just need to get my glasses." -girl on sidewalk in san francisco

right. i ate too much yesterday. but otherwise things are good. i need to get some gym time tonight, but boss is about to give me some sort of time-sensitive project. sigh.

apparently there's some sort of massive problem with
toy. well, not just with my toy, but with toy worldwide...poor thing.

in other news, it's a relatively nice day right now, and i'm going to be stuck here for another hour at least. boo.

tuesday, 17 april

quoted: "he can wank all over my food" -robin

the ho off better start redeeming itself soon. that's alls i have to say about that. for now.

i had really good intentions of showing my commitment to work by staying late yesterday. but that fell through the floor rather quickly, and, per usual, i only got 10 hours in. is that what they call work ethic? i'm not sure.

a small band of loyal AYCE-ers will be introducing a few newbies to the wonders of hi tonight.

in other news, i had a great workout last night, which helped me sleep like a log, interrupted only by a wonderful 2.30 am phone call. hurrah!

monday, 16 april

quoted: "if my dad was a dentist, i wouldn't let him do me" -rhys

what a stunning weekend. james's party friday night was spectacular (keats, i think, had an even better time than i), with much dance and drink to finish off a stressful friday. tamson and tess stayed over that night, which forced me to leave the party at the humane time of 00.45. i managed to chat with the deportee for a bit over an hour before dozing off. in the morning, t&t took me out for breakfast at ballan's.

after a trip to the gym, my best intentions to spend a relaxed evening at home were thwarted by an invite from james and kat to join them for a play in north london (a neighbourhood called dalston i'd never heard of until we arrived). the play was called mojo mickybo, and it was BRILLIANT. saturday was its last night before moving to the west end, so i really encourage you all to go see it. it was much better than the rose tattoo, which wasted 3 hours of my life on wednesday evening at the national. sigh (sigh squared?).

a very important question for my readers, whom i trust to be much brighter than i am: why in english do we say "a 15 minute delay" or "a three muffin limit" rather than saying "a 15 minutes delay" slash "a three muffins limit"? i bet the internets know, but i'm going ask metafilter style on this one, with my loyal readers.

yesterday i did a bit more shopping (needed sunglasses and some white linen shirts) after mass, and then tracked down dottie and poppy on clapham common with the invaluable assistance of elis and boris, whom i ran into in my wanderings to find the ladies. two hours of pimms and sunshine were enough to drive me to james's flat, where his roof terrace offered more pimms with the welcome addition of some shade.

now it's back to the grind...it's only my second full week of work since the end of february. and now i'm back into 5-dayers...well, no. that's not quite true.

ayce sushi tomorrow. ca 8 pm. register interest now or risk being left hungry.

thursday, 12 april

quoted: "I reckon it's all about finding the competitions no-one enters: stealth winning" -roisin

can you tell that lent is over? i have a new pet peeve: microblogging. not the activity--which i still like (when engaged in by peoople i actually like)--but the word. on its front page the other day (front being another despised word), the FT jumped the shark by proclaiming microblogging to be the reality TV of the internet. now, i love the FT for many reasons. none of those reasons has anything to do with the publication being in any way 'hip' or 'with it'.

i've actually got to get home, but i want to share this article with you about how
flipping great washington state is.

tuesday, 10 april

quoted: "dolphins are gay sharks" -2nd easter dinner

a lot has happened since the last update. i'll probably forget a lot, so i'm going to start with the most important thing: thank yous. thanks to brennan for a great time in san francisco. thanks to wandon for a great pre boat race party friday night and to dottie for sneaking me in to the oriel boat race party at the rutland arms. thanks to oubc and the staff at the hurlingham for the ball on saturday night. thanks to dottie for easter lunch number 1, all my friends for a cornucopia of inappropriate quotes (watch this space). thanks to mikes and his friend for easter lunch number 2. thanks to the two jameses for easter lunch number 3 and to keats and carl for rounding out my weekend with an amazing AYCE sushi run.

ok, yes, so that pretty much sums up my weekend. i've had wonderful alternating jet lag: friday i didn't sleep at all. saturday i slept for 9 hours. sunday i didn't sleep at all, and last night i slept for 9 hours again. last night i also had a very strange experience last night. at 10 i went to bed. flossed and brushed. so far so good. at 3 in the morning, though, i woke up in my bed fully dressed, shoes on and everything. how about that? so i undressed and went back to sleep without further incident.

i will update you all tomorrow on whether this disturbing behavior repeats itself.

thursday, 5 april

quoted: "mine is moderately soiled. use it." -anne

well, we missed anne last night--she got in to SFO at 11, and everyone involved was totally exhausted. how sad is it that i'm REALLY looking forward to a solid night's sleep tonight...on my flight back to london. sigh sigh sigh. but my shelves are ready to be picked up tomorrow at habitat, and saturday i get the new dressers. and then i can clean my flat and do my laundry and get underway with a CRAZY week next week.

i have had the best time in the US these past 8 days. it was wonderful to meet my colleagues at HQ. it was great to see old friends and meet new ones. it was great to stay in an absurdly posh hotel free. it was less optimal that i ate immense amounts of food with no pretence of exercising. sigh.

speaking of sighs, i don't even want to talk about it. yeah. that. sigh.

tuesday, 3 april

quoted: "it's good to be pimped out. it's fun" -james (of the S variety, methinks)

well, last night was a touristy dream. walked to union square, caught a cable car toward fisherman's wharf. hopped off a bit early to head to telegraph hill and the coit tower (mr crawford, i'm looking in your direction), and then found a charming little restaurant called l'osteria del forno on columbus ave. per usual, our waitress expressed extreme skepticism (bordering on contemptuous skepticism) about our ability to consume all the food we ordered. also per usual, we succeeded. odd that they only accepted cash, but the pizza, the salmon carpaccio and the focaccia were all amazing. on the downside, i burned the roof of my mouth really badly on melted cheese. sigh.

today i missed a meeting with a hussy to enjoy the company of my dear friend bekah. she has finally succumbed to the insane levels of peer pressure exerted by our group of spokane friends, and agreed to become a doctor. congrats! that's just how we roll, you see.

it looks like i'll be heading back to MV the week of 17 sept. this time around. i'm going to make a more concerted effort to see all sorts of folks. sorry for being a bit crap about that this time around.

ok, now a couple of links. first,
andrew is famous! secondly, an article from the new york times on the banality of evil.

monday, 2 april

quoted: "you love me with your eyes" -marcus. "unfortunately" -robin.

i take a travel dispensation for yesterday's lack of update. but then again, it was also a sunday. i've got to say, this is one of the nicest hotels i've ever been to. it doesn't hurt that they upgraded us to a deluxe king room on the corner of the 13th story. i still don't understand why there's a wheel on the back of the chair, but some questions are best left unanswered.

had lunch with jason from spokane today. and learned that one of my PR colleagues is also a spokanite. small world. tomorrow i'm having lunch with bekah. hurrah. but speaking of small worlds, yesterday in sea tac i ran into haley, who was a year ahead of me at prep and then ended up a fulbright. on the flight from sea to sfo, i ran into paul, who had been at oxford with me as a marshall. go figure. it was good to catch up with him, and to get the gossip on the rest of his class.

the most shocking thing about MV so far is how many people look familiar. and how charming the weather is.

tonight: painfully touristy things in san fran. and probably eating something. but hopefully not a burrito. it was pretty amazing, but i want...something else delicious.

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