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friday, 25 may

quoted: "old people need to find better ways to use the internet" -brennan

work is nuts until next friday, so i may not post again until 1 june. apologies in advance.

following on from the quote of the day, there's an article on page 11 of the daily mail today (no, i don't read it voluntarily) about how, when it comes to technology, we switch off at 42.

jon came in for lunch today. tomorrow is climbing with carl and GA with james. sunday may well be blue blood and bistroteque. and hangning over my head the whole time is the eminent danger (ha) of developer day.

tuesday, 22 may

quoted: "i like the finger exercise" -james r

no longer banned. hurrah!

today work is crazy, so i don't have anything else to add.

monday, 21 may

quoted: "i would drink it if i wouldn't die. i love it." -tope, on laundry detergent

it's a lord-of-the-flies day at work. hurrah! but the guardian won't return my calls, so i'll just point you all to this amusing article on the facebook from today's paper.

other articles toward which i'll point you: authors weigh in on what books to pare down, and the new york times reports on my favorite thing in the entire world: fancy kitchens and bathrooms.

you know what phrase seems wildly popular lately? "over a barrel". maybe i've just started noticing it, actually. or maybe it's just the expression of the season.

yesterday i watched way too much of the 3rd season of lugana beach. it's not even good. as james s said, they're about as smart as a box of hair. and yet, i actually had dreams about laguna beach last night. shudder. if only i'd stayed up a bit later, i could have dreamt of much better things.

saturday night, carl and i went to the village and then to G-A-Y's self-proclaimed "gayest night ever": joan rivers followed by erasure. indeed.

saturday, 19 may

quoted: "sluts love arcane grammar" -brennan

well well, two saturdays. two updates. i was pretty bad at weekday updates this week, though, so i thought i'd indulge a little at the weekend. i've spent most of this morning tidying up and rearranging furniture--the new arrangement is still open to discussion. but it does seem to free up quite a lot of space for use.

the conference in oxford yesterday was very good. only had to defend myself once on camera. so that's a success, right?

on the bus ride back to london last night, our driver was an eastern european woman. as we pulled in to london she announced, "the next stop will be shepard's pie". that got a hearty chuckle.

also on the bus ride back last night, i held my breath for 2:06.4. a new personal best. hurrah!

i'm off to the gym now. congrats to miranda on graduating today!

thursday, 17 may

quoted: "a woman needs a woman" -ellen

why is it, i ask, that "recycled toilet paper" is a secret codeword for "sandpaper"? is it really necessary for recycled products to be substandard? if i wanted twigs and things stuck in tissue paper, i'd go camping and make my own. and we all know that's unlikely.

i've come to a tenuous peace with the weather. i'm just going to pretend it's february again. february with really long days.

had a great dinner last night at the thomas cubitt with christine, ellen and tope. engaging conversation. delicious food and beer. we met there at 7 and i didn't get home until 10.45. whoops!

tomorrow i'm heading back up to oxford for the
open internet conference, which is being organized by harvard's berkman institute. let the fun begin!

and because i won't update tomorrow, i want to point out that it is the 5th anniversary of my graduating from georgetown (cringe!) and also a friendiversary (hurrah!).

saturday, 12 may

quoted: "never sleep with a guy whose name begins with x" -carl

a belated happy birthday to my dear friend katie, who turned 26 yesterday. and an on time happy birthday to my coworker jess, whose boyfriend once dated my cousin christine and is currently on the same course as one of andrew's friends from yale. small world.

i'm horrible at keeping secrets when i'm drunk. and now i'm embarrassed. so no more about that.

as you know, i don't often update at the weekend, but
this article was too good to pass up. NB: nowhere in the article is there an explanation for why anyone (even a fish farm!) would fill a vat with a mixture of sand and fish feces. if anyone has a reasonable explanation, please don't share it with me. there's something wonder-making about the strangeness of the idea, and i don't want that crushed by what is probably a very boring reality.

thursday, 10 may

quoted: "i am now a crazed pregnant woman" -joe

less than 72 hours out and i'm useless. as i said over the weekend: i'm retarded.

no, it's not PC to say that. but look at

i've been awfully boring and anti social this week, so i feel obliged to apologize not only to everyone whose company i've been foregoing, but also to everyone who has read my updates in the hopes that something entertaining has been happening. for the past two nights i've gone home, gone to the gym, and cone through a couple books on 16th century urban history, in a failing attempt to get this lecture done for tuesday. we're nearing go time, though, with very little to show for my efforts, so the ASB (that's anti-social behavior, for those of you unfamiliar with the UK consept of the ASBO) is likely to continue through sunday.

wednesday, 9 may

quoted: "that girl is a slut" -paul, watching HGTV

i don't want to belabor a point--especially a point that everyone who has spoken to me in the last 36 hours has already become sick of--but i had the best weekend ever. it really could only have been better if it had been a little longer.

i finally got my act together and PDFed my doctoral thesis. but then it turns out oxford only gives me like 3k of storage space, so there's not enough room to upload it. since i lose this space at the end of september anyway, maybe this is a good time to switch over to a new host?

i got 9 hours of sleep last night, and it was FANTASTIC.

thursday, 3 may

quoted: "my bust isn't big enough." -brennan

so i had a strange dream last night that my best friend brandon and his lovely wife laura were living in the basement of my grandma's old house on 25th. and in my dream laura went into labor. (she's due on the 11th of this month). well, lo and behold, i woke up this morning to an email from my mom saying that laura had gone into labor. strange, no?

my quest for accurate description of time zones struggles on. for the record: right now we're in BST/PDT/EDT/CEST territory. any reference to GMT/PST/EST/CET only causes unnecessary confusion. unless you're in arizona, hawaii, or part of indiana.

facebook is down. yesterday my work spreadsheets were down. what is this internet coming to?

UPDATE: at 01.20 CDT this morning was born bennett elizabeth. congratulatons to brandon and laura. i can't wait to see the pictures.

tuesday, 1 may

quoted: "oh my god. a lion peed on you" -paris

yes, it's true that i haven't been in paris since the beginning of december. but there's a big backlog of quotes, as you can see. which is probably for the best since i really shouldn't do anything else social until i get this lecture written. it's pretty grim so far, and i'd be willing to bet that this weekend won't really push me much farther along. HURRAH!

slag patrol today. double hurrah! i think we all know i'll spend my morning downloading and listening to them instead of doing work.

also, for those of you in the uk, mosey on over to the .net magazine website, where you'll see that issue 163 is on newsstands now. i encourage those of you in the UK to go out and buy a copy. i spent an obscene amount of time working on that the first three months of this year, and i couldn't be happier with how it turned out. on the downside, taking several copies out of a box yesterday i managed to cardboard-cut my wrist. so now it looks like i have "issues". oh. whoa. i didn't mean to make a bad pun, but i did. sigh.

no zombie or apple sauce dreams last night, but i was still up at 6.30. i suppose it could be worse. i had dreams about boats, though. i'm sure that means something.

also this morning: i trucked VLC. finally.

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