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saturday, 30 december

quoted: "there is no segue between cupcake and penis" -mother

clearly being at home made me no more conscientious about my daily updates. i'm hearing from several quarters that the quality of my posts has deteriorated since i got this pesky "job" thing. which i suppose is understandable, but still a bit disappointing. i'm going to redouble my efforts to do it every work day starting on tuesday. i won't call it a new year resolution, though, because it's not.

it was a very good christmas...i got to see brandon and laura quite a lot. and bekah and her mom and katie and (briefly) each of the allisons, james, john and patrick. in cousin land, it was good to see maria and carolyn my first night back, and then more of stephen and jen and jos, who is doing JVC in houston this year, which makes me very jealous.

biggest news of recent days: CONGRATS to brandon and laura, who are going to be having a
baby girl. hurrah!

final comments, before i get back on the packing bandwagon: 1) st alban (the new chris corbin and jeremy king restaurant) gets an 8 from me (out of 10)--9 for service, 7.5 for food, 7 for value, and 8.5 for decor. went there for payday dinner my last night in london. a bottle of champagne before dinner, two bottles of wine with dinner, prosecco with dessert, and then a bottle of champagne when we got back to my flat left me and anderw a bit drunk. we tried to stay awake, but at 6 am we found that we had unknowingly passed out at some point. go figure. pre-flight we enjoyed a hung over breakfast at the wolseley. decadence indeed, but it was christmas time, right?

final comments, attempt 2: being at home for just a week isn't nearly long enough. i plan to come back for a weekend (!) in march, but otherwise i probably won't be home until june. sigh.

tuesday, 19 december

quoted: "my brain said, 'hot thing: blow'" -jeremy.

so i've been having trouble getting my sofa delivered. last week the delivery failed spectacularly after i'd taken an afternoon off from work. we're giving it another go tomorrow around midday. we'll see how this works out. i'm on hold with the delivery people right now. sigh.

anyway, an afternoon off left me and AB with the necessity of filling the time somehow, so we went to see shortbus, the sweetest film i've ever seen about a swingers' club. it was also the most sexually explicit film i've ever seen. no kidding. for all that, i very much enjoyed it, and would recommend that just about anyone see it...just not with their parents.

the strangest thing about this film was that it reminded me of my JVC year in a strange way. not because my year as a jesuit volunteer was sexually-charged, but because everyone in the movie was so sweet. and so crunchy. still a bit odd, i admit.

anyway, saturday night i found myself at "anti-social", a club night off old street. it also had lots of crunchy folks, but they were all on drugs...which wasn't the case in shortbus...or in JVC. sigh.

monday, 18 december

quoted: "let me put it this way: if you were straight, would you f--- me?" -border's last night in shepard's bush.

yeah. the daily update thing doesn't seem to have been happening lately. work has been mad, but mostly in that hamster-running-on-a-wheel sort of way. i've got a HUGE backlog of quotes, though, which i'll share with all of you reprobates as the days and weeks progress.

what have i been doing during this long silent spell? mostly eating...or thinking about eating. tried a new all you can eat sushi place last night. i thought the sushi was better than at hi, but that the cooked options were much worse. then i tried to put sheets back on my bed, but i was so tired and warm and full that i fell asleep part way through. tragic.

what else is news? i turned 26. with much fanfare, and a lash that lasted from 3 pm to 3 am. the next day (my birthday) was VERY painful. but i rallied and even managed to stay awake through a huge christmas lunch hosted by dottie and poppy.

ok. i'm really going to try to update every day this week. except thursday, when i'm flying back to the US. and maybe friday, when i'm driving from seattle to spokane.

thursday, 7 december

quoted: "we've all got to be sluts sometime" -ofice christmas party

last night was our office christmas party. it was at a place called gilgamesh in camden. it was a bit over the top. the carved reliefs on the walls were pretty intense, and i think it had the biggest bathroom i've EVER been in. the food was good. the drink was plentiful. and there wasn't a christmas decoration in sight. also, the music was horrendous. never put engineers in charge of the ipod.

in other news, today is the 65th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbour. i feel like i still remember the 50th anniversary, which makes me feel very aged.

i finished the subtle knife last night. i know it's children's fiction, but wow, the stuff with the spectres is haunting. really scary.

wednesday, 6 december

quoted: "and that will probably entail a helicopter" -sw1

right. yes. i've neglected to update for a bit, and today is a half-hearted effort. i'll try to do better tomorrow. unless i'm ill, which would be very unfortunate.

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