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monday, 31 january

overheard: 'i really want to slap someone with a wet fish' -pete

well, that's that. january came in with nary a yell, and it departs in much the same way. the month, you will have noted, was dominated by my boringness. february, short though it is, promises to be much better. then again, it will be largely sober: i've decided to forego alchohol for lent, which starts a week wednesday.

i must say i'm relieved at the success of yesterday's elections in iraq. the new york times described it as a day of civic passion. which it was, and which is very impressive. i just hope mr bush doesn't take it as confirmation of the righteousness of his war. that would be most unfortunate.

sunday, 30 january

overheard: 'i like the smell' -jack

so anyway, i just realised that i've now seen every episode of sex and the city. which is nice and all, but what can i do now when i want to be distracted from my thesis? perhaps the west wing? i do enjoy that show. today is the last day of the blackfriars chapter for a bit. i'm giong to write all day and all night, and hopefully have something to submit to dr archer tomorrow that won't make him think i'm still in the 3rd grade.

although 3rd grade was nice. brandon and i were in the same class with mrs williams. i learned all about long division. i think. our classroom had a nice view.

what else is new, you ask? well, dinner last night was on the gross side. i'm a little less stressed about work, and i'm looking forward to heading to london on tuesday to check out some new sources. today is sunday of 3rd, week, which means term is once again going too fast. but it's good. it's good.

saturday, 29 january

overheard: i got nothing

so the dinner party last night was fun. more fun than little britain. jack's targine turned out AMAZING. but now i have to go help him clean up. eek. and then i'm going to spend the rest of the day doing work. boring. it would be a lot more fun to be home and helping robert ring in his majority. with a trip to state line. and gambling. and watching him get married. kids these days just grow up so fast.

friday, 28 january

overheard: 'i think policemen are sexy...without their hats' -seb a

people better say some funny stuff at dinner tonight, that's all i have to say. last night i discovered a co-seattle prep alum/fjv on thefacebook. he set up a little website that included photos from his JV year. that, of course, got me to missing jvc, my housemates, and simplicity generally. am i cut out for a life of hustle and bustle, or do i really just want to go watch the waves and the deer at nestucca sanctuary on the oregon coast? clearly, i'm not sure yet. but at least i have a hunch that a compost pile, a bookshelf and organic crocery cooperative will bring me as much joy, if not more, than a standard life of material success.

jules, when are we going to hike/dance the pacific crest trail? i miss you!

thursday, 27 january

overheard: 'is that drag queen in hajib?' -jack

why do i feel like something important happens today? is it someone's birthday? have i forgotten another birthday? eek. email and yell at me if it's yours. thanks. i went to the gym early today, and now i'm back in my pajamas and sitting down to write. all day. because that's what i do.

congratulations to mr lutz on securing a job for himself. that's mighty exciting. and it gives me one more person to see when i visit new york. hadn't seen him since before christmas, so it was nice drinking with him after dinner. and dinner itself was great. because i got to see ms weiss. whom i hadn't seen since june. she's looking wonderful. and, well, dinner was good too.

tuesday, 25 january

overheard: 'what is your package like?' -seb f

last night on the johnny carson (rip) show, jay leno was filling in, and as guests he had paris hilton and ani difranco. strange bedfellows, no? i'm finally feeling the groove on this blackfriars chapter, and i must thank the gods of music videos for bringing me both an usher video with dance fighting and a video fully acted out with ducklings and kittens today during my workout. let's get to the bod.

monday, 24 january

overheard: 'he is octaroon' -iffley road

i gave in and had dim sum yesterday. and all was right with the world. now i just have to do tons and tons of wrtiting and note taking all week and i'll only be like 3 months behand of where i should be. god willing. i wish i had something brilliant and insightful to mention, but alas i'm trapped in a world of sixteenth century land transactions. ack.

sunday, 23 january

overheard: 'you're going to have to drink more.' -mom, to jack

nando's for dinner last night. much better than the last time i ate there. and got awful indigestion. but last night it was good. and then i had a quiet evening at home. it's awfully cold today, and sunny. i have been invited for a mid-afternoon dim sum in london. i'm tempted to go, but i'm also tempted to stay here and get some work done. don't know yet. must decide. darn.

saturday, 22 january

overheard: 'abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen.' -brandon's butter-eating musings.

is butter a carb?

i'm glad things are back to good. except my stomach. fish and chips seemed like such a nice idea. until this morning. when my stomach reminded me that i woould have been happier with a grilled chicken and spinach salad. but it was nice to see susie one last time before she heads off to mexico for six months of fun. and 26 current and former ChCh'ers in one room ain't an unpleasant way to spend a friday evening.

speaking of back to good, i think the end of the blackfriars chapter might be in sight. and i've decided i'm actually happy with how it's turning out. sure, it has taken twice as long as it ought ot have done, but such is life. and i'm down with that.

i'm on the bus right now returning to oxford. i'm going to run and meet lillian and her future husband for coffee at blackwells, then maybe do a little work and then play with max and jack this evening. i'm sorry to have missed hanging out with jeremy and mike and brian last night. maybe i'll see jeremy over the summer and i see mike and brian a lot. yeah yeah. so now i'm going to turn off my computer and look at the lovely english countryside.

thursday, 20 january

overheard: 'thing doesn't look natural' -strong bad

so, theoretically, i should have that little chapter on blackfriars done by now. alas, i do not. it just won't die. grrrrr. mighty aggravated about this. with myself.

sunday, 16 january

overheard: 'that was quite erotic' -seb

let me tell you: the people at the university gym are not very cute. and the gym is real little. but i went again this morning. i'm meeting with dr archer wednesday, so i may not update between now and when i finish this chapter. forgive me. filming for that documentary today and tomorrow, as well, and meeting lillian for tea on tuesday: hurrah.

saturday, 15 january

overheard: 'maybe you were just oversexed' -pete

i'm amazed at the offhanded way in which the new york times can address some issues: 'The six primary instruments are to measure temperatures, pressures and the composition of the nitrogen-rich atmosphere, with its complex hydrocarbon chemistry, which appears to some scientists to be "prebiotic." But actual life is unlikely to be found on Titan, whose temperature is 292 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.' but still, one must admit it would be pretty darn funny if they did find life there. or the remains of life. real funny. ha ha ha.

in other news, a judge in georgia yesterday ordered that stickers put on textbooks criticising evolution and positing 'intelligent design' must be removed. in GEORGIA! amazing!

it couldn't be helped. i slept until 9.30. and had very odd dreams. the gym's not happening to day: one hard workout after 6 months off = sore [a.ho]. so today, hopefully, will be spent working on this chapter which continues to give me crap. lots to say, having trouble finding the words. maybe i should get a little drunk.

friday, 14 january

overheard: 'i can go to the bathroom in peace now' -beckers

ok. short update. have to do some work. i slept well last night...until 4 am, after which i slept not at all. went and worked out, then had breakfast. now i have a lot of writing to do, since i didn't do any yesterday. argh.

thursday, 13 january

overheard: 'i got poked by two random boys last night' -amanda, of course. but facebooking.

i think it's thursday. honestly, i couldn't tell you. i just woke up from a healthy twelve hours' sleep. i know. i can't remember the last time i slept that long. wait. maybe i can. i used to try to take naps on friday afternoons my senior year at georgetown, and then i'd wake up saturday morning. but never at noon. so whoops.

the only dream i remember involved shopping with my siblings for maternal birthday presents. we were at restoration hardware, where my dad wanted us to get a (very expensive) blue turtleneck. my mom doesn't wear turtlenecks. but whatever. robert, meanwhile, insisted that we get this HUUUUGE saw thing so mom could cut lumber. i couldn't deal with the conflicting views toward getting mom a totally useless gift, so i left to become superman. and that was cool.

today: after my room gets cleaned up, i have to run a few errands, drop off some pigeon post, and pick up a new debit card. and i really should do some work.

tuesday, 11 january

overheard: 'he's a good choice' -dod

i must again beg your forgiveness for my lack of updating. but really, in the long run it only hurts me, since i will be unable to remember anything i did over christmas vacation. what did i do, you might be wondering? well, i got through about 5,000 pages of manuscripts on microfilm. i wrote (as of 13.56 MST) about 2,000 words, and i got drunk 1 (one) time. i also ate too much, got kinda chubby, and enjoyed the company of my family. now i'm trapped in the denver airport for eight hours. do you know how tough it is to find a power outlet near a chair on the ticketing side of security. damn tough.

oh, you know how i think denver is kinda stupid (except for my sister, that is, who's brilliant and wonderful)? well, further evidence: everyone in denver seems to call the airport here DIA (dee-eye-ay). there are even signs all over the airport making claims like "best food at DIA" and other nonsense. which would be fine, except the airport code here is DEN, not DIA. idiots.

ok. i need to get back to the ol' grindstone. i still have three hours until my flight starts boarding, so maybe i can get some work done.

thursday, 6 january

overheard: i got nothin

yeah. i've been bad about updating. i blame jack, really. i just get too distracted. plus, i've been trying to think of enough things to keep him entertained in spokane. which is easier than one might suppose. he seems to be getting on well with the family. he's currently skiing schweitzer with my uncle steve. i'm sitting in a coffee shop in the ski village pretending to work on my dissertation. which is slow. but satisfying. i don't want to leave home next week. boo. though i am excited to do more work this term than i did in michaelmas. it would be tough to do less, i guess.

saturday, 1 january

overheard: 'if you push the air in too fast, the patient moans' -allison

well, last night was a very quiet new year's eve celebration. a little too quiet, perhaps. i have to go feed the ducks now. and maybe watch west side story. happy new year to all: may the coming months bring you all peace and happiness.

oh, and amanda's first serious boyfriend got engaged last night. freaky. more for her than for me. ha.

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