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sunday, 30 april

quoted: "you go to the gym. i'll eat 3 medium pizzas" -mandahouse

it seemed like a pretty good deal at the time, but then halfway through my workout i was so hungry i wanted to die. but i didn't. and now i can go to lunch with fr ribeiro et al. and not feel at all guilty about it.

it's official. i'm becoming an old man. today at the gym i reprimanded two 7-year-olds for trying to wrench their arms up into a candy machine. "that's stealing" i told them. god i'm getting old. on the plus side, my favourite shrubs outside the pool have started to smell like brown sugar again. it really does make the walk to and from the gym much more pleasant.

ok. for reals there prolly won't be an update tomorrow because i'll be sleeping off
may morning.

saturday, 29 april

quoted: "we're going to have a boy moment" -two guys, leaving the kitchen at katie's birthday party

the time capsule party was great fun. many thanks to the hosts. my outfit went over well, particularly with americans, but polyester and i just don't work together. natural fibers, darling. i think katie was also disappointed that i didn't recognize the final four video montage song. i really only care about gonzaga basketball, though, and they haven't made it there yet. ybarra will be mad at me. i heart georgetown basketball, too, just not as much as my zags.

i buzzed all my hair off yesterday. while real drunk last night, i realized that people without hair need to use slightly different facial expressions than people with hair. the eyes are much more important to communicating meaning, i've decided, when hair isn't involved. perhaps that doesn't make sense, but it's true!

i'm going to tea with christine at the old parsonage this afternoon. that should be very nice, and then hopefully an early evening and a DVD with jack. or just more work maybe. it is possible that there will be no update tomorrow. i apologise in advance.

friday, 28 april

quoted: "twenty-three hours to go" -woman walking in sloane square

the interviews yesterday went really well. the california people seemed to like me, as did my potential future boss. but i spent way too much money on food yeterday. especially on a not-worth-£8 quiche at peter jones. oh well.

has anyone else noticed how much more joyous an experience cooking is when one has good knives? i mean really good knives. so much better. i'm just saying. but don't forget: it's bad luck to give a knife as a gift.

i had too many carbs for breakfast, which means that in about an hour, i'll REALLY want a nap. and you know what? i'm gonna take one. because if i get a job, i won't be able to indulge indulge indulge.

thursday, 27 april

quoted: "you're dating your dad and i'm dating my mom" -jack

why are straight boys nice to girls who are mean to them? at dinner last night, i was subjected to the most obnoxiously condescending woman. she totally interfered with the joy that always come's from talking to tristan's friend shell. and yet jeffrey seems enamoured. what is that? in an attempt to figure it out, i watched mean girls on DVD before going to bed. still havent' figured it out, though.

today is the day of reckoning. don't forget that cajetan is patron saint of job seekers. don't ask me how to pronounce his name, though.

has anyone downloaded the new google toolbar for firefox? how cool is that feature where it tries to predict your query? i'm very impressed.

trashy pop culture, meet the the grey lady. be warned, though: she has a way of making little, cutting comments. like a slightly more subtle version of lucille bluth. i'm just afraid they'll go right over the self-obsessed heads of the children on my super sweet 16.

wednesday, 26 april

quoted: "do i scream 'bottom'?" -westferry circus

8 years ago today was my last day on search. how can that have been 8 years ago. i must be getting old. old old old.
jane jacobs died yesterday. i need hardly mention how great i think she is, or how sad i am that i never got to meet her. brilliant. she was absolutely brilliant. if people had actually listened to her in 1961, american cities would be much better places today.

i keep forgetting to mention how great trinity term is. already, dusk doesn't arrive until well after 8 pm, and there's still a hint of light at 9. and there are still 8 weeks until the summer solstice. hurrah!

i went to drinks in oriel college last night. it was great to see james and marty (and chris, gulliver and amy), and to hear about marty's bike trip around the iberian peninsula. made me want to bike down the west coast from seattle to san francisco this summer. or something.

i got my battels yesterday. the biggest shock (other than the £100 i owe my college for electricity for the 9 weeks i lived here last term) was that i spent more money on guest dinners than on my own dinners. well done me!

tuesday, 25 april

free cone day! get your butt to ben & jerry's!
quoted: "experience the authentic flavour of kurdistan" -restaurant sign on the cowley road

i was glad to see that sign, because nothing has been getting my goat lately so much as the proliferation of cheap knock-offs of kurdistani cuisine.

i missed so many things while i was away: earth day, the feast of st george (the megalomartyr!). yesterday was the 8th anniversary of my last day at gonzaga prep. the years have flown, thank god! but today is
red hat society day. just so you know.

i had a GREAT interview yesterday. very very good. i may even get the job. how great would that be? and it's for an undisclosed company that i would be thrilled to work for. one final set of interviews on thursday afternoon. keep your fingers crossed for me.

other weekend stuff: congrats to seb for his VERY impressive performance in the london marathon sunday. and thanks to jack's family for forcing me to join them for a 6-hour-long lunch that afternoon. thanks also to ed for hosting the uniform party saturday night in his very very dickensian house in southwark.

i just found this wonderful article on the rarity of washer-dryers in manhattan. poor deprived souls. that's truly barbaric. all sorts of other interesting things are happening, too, but i haven't done any work in days. so i'm going to get to it.

friday, 21 april

quoted: "these rolls are like crack" -aunt marguerite

we love our carbs in my family; that's about all i can say about that. my biggest problem with flying long distances isn't so much the jet lag (although i did manage to sleep until 9.30 today, which is later than i slept the entire month i was in the US) as it is that i lose an entire day of my life. so wednesday totally disappeared into a series of airports and airplanes. 19 hours door-to-door this time. which really isn't that bad considering that it was always 8 or 9 hours door-to-door to get to georgetown.

on the second leg of my flight i sat next to a very interesting woman from the (american) foreign service, who said she often gets free upgrades to first class because people think she's useful near the cockpit if anything goes wrong. which made me wonder whether they sat her next to me because they thought i was a security risk. if they did, though, i proved them wrong by falling asleep before takeoff, sleeping through dinner and two rounds of drink carts, and waking up in time to watch nanny mcphee (AWFUL!), eat breakfast, and land. so not a bad flight. i'm still a bit confused, though.

the job interview got moved to monday at 11.30. so everyone cross your fingers for me then.

i'm headed to london now for to hang out with jack until said interview. update again tuesday. later, skaters.

ps - there's a new flatmate, who seems to have appropriated all of my cupboard space, eaten most of my food, and left the kitchen a bloody mess. i was so happy when it was just me and ileana. sad day.

tuesday, 18 april

quoted: "history is like an amusement park, only instead of rides there are dates to memorize" -marge simpson

today is my last day in spokane. flying out early tomorrow, through chicago, and getting into london WAY early on thursday. so depending on how i sleep on the plane, i might update on thursday. if i sleep poorly, though, i might not update until next monday.

so the vice-president was in town yesterday, as i mentioned. that's fine. he's kinda a jerk, but so are a lot of people. i can deal with that. what i can't deal with is the fact that my taxes go to pay for his ridiculous protection level when he's out campaigning. it seems to me that it should be up to the candidate (aka his donors). or, god forbid, the party. if he/they want VPOTUS to come help raise money, they should be willing to foot the bill for flying in his armoured cars, his secret service detail, and the local police overtime necessary to protect him. or even just the marginal cost over that of the vice president's keeping put in DC. that's not unreasonable, is it?

yesterday i created a paradigm against which assess the claims of independence made by residents of the areas i study. that probably doesn't make any sense. basicly, i study precincts that had specific rights exempting them from the authority of nearby jurisdictions. for the past three or four centuries, antiquarians/scholars/historians have treated them as centres of anarchy. in reality, there was a very specific set of criteria which determined whether residents would assert their privilieges. exactly.

ok. i'm hungry. breakfast. catch you on the flip side.

monday, 17 april

quoted: "she thinks she knows me, so we're kissing friends already" -grandma k.

the vice president is in spokane today raising money for mike mcgavick, the least inspiring senate candidate ever. here's hoping he remains uninspiring for the next six and a half months.

that was really, really a great easter. brunch at the country club was much better than i had expected. who knew that lobster tacquitos could be so delicious? then weez and i used too much butter to make crescent rolls, but they ended up the better for it. i bought mean girls on dvd (hurrah!) and then we went to dinner at my godparents' house, where we had the smallest family party ever: just 10 of us, and no one younger than amanda's 23 years.

but a mere ten made it possible to involve everyone in conversations, and i'll miss them when i head back to england. but there are other things on my mind: job job job. edit edit edit. and uncle steve has agreed to read my thesis when i have a full draft done. let's hope that's by the end of may.

sunday, 16 april

happy Easter!
Happy 1st anniversary to Brandon and Laura!
quoted: "my butt is too sore for that" -allison d.

happy easter, everyone! i had a dream last night that all my friends from home and several of my cousins decided to come do grad school at oxford after i graduated. at first, i was bummed, but then i remembered that oxford and london really aren't that far apart. maybe it was motivation to get a job?

what other news...i'm heading back to the UK early early wednesday. so if anyone in spokane wants to hang out, your time is running low. today we're doing brunch at the country club and dinner at uncle mike and aunt marguerite's house. we didn't get to go out for fancy cocktails last night because mass was secretly at 8, and my mom had to go to work at 4 today so that she could leave early for brunch.

i've been watching way too many shows on the TLC. last night i totally had an inappropriate dream that had WAY too many elements from trading spaces. but that's nowhere near as funny as the effects of my mother's over-sudoku-ing. amanda called friday night after going out with allison d and grant to say that she'd be staying at allison's. my mother's response: "where are you supposed to go?" hurrah for being woken up and being totally incoherent.

saturday, 15 april

quoted: "most of the great "No"s in life come from mothers and wives" -history channel

you heard it here first: rumsfeld gets robust defense from president. of course, 32 weeks ago, we were reading about how the president thought FEMA chief brown was doing "a heck of a job" in new orleans. just in case anyone was keeping track.

in other news, my whole family seems to be missing today. which means i'm going to eat all of the macaroni and cheese in the house. and then continue editing the minories chapter.

friday, 14 april

quoted: "i don't eat japanese food, and if i did it would be panda express" -america's next top model

just one quick observation today: why is it that so many people who are drawn to a minimalist aesthetic seem to have trouble carrying it through to their personal effects. i thought this on sunday at seatac, as i saw a meticulously dressed woman getting two huge wheeled bags and one GINORMOUS purse out of the overhead bin on arrival. since then, i've noticed a lot of overstuffed backbacks, purses, and briefcases. nothing in JVC was chic enough to be properly minimalist, but we did try to achieve what we called simplicity. no one ever said explicitly that it was about not overpacking, but it seems in the spirit nonetheless.

i'm off to cataldo for the good friday service. and then trying to edit as much of my minories chapter as possible. later, gator.

oh. it's also the anniversary of abraham lincoln's assassination.

thursday, 13 april

quoted: "bo keeps asking emily if he left his beer in her vagina" -becky's party

so you may have guessed that my "i'm not updating tomorrow" was actually just a ruse designed to trick my sister becky into not suspecting that amanda and i were flying to denver to throw her a surprise 21st birthday party. or not. the party was GREAT. beck was totally surprised. we put all her friends out in the front room, so she was surprised to be having a party, but then amanda and i hid in the kitchen, so when she came back to see her cake, we surprised her. and made her cry. and do a shot (a dirty camel) and chug a mixed drink (a mind eraser). we bought about 150 beers for the party in addition to drinks, and many of the 35 or so guests brought their own drinks. it was definitely the drunkest i've been in a long time. maybe since october?

the best part of the trip to denver was saturday, when becky called in sick to work and the four of us siblings went downtown to lay in the sun. it was in the mid 60s, if a little windy, but relaxing on a sunny hillside in downtown denver was still a great way to spend a surprisingly hangover-free saturday afternoon. and i'm really glad i got to see all my siblings at once on this trip to the US. i miss them when i'm in england.

sunday amanda and i flew to seattle so i could see her new digs there, and hang out watching her tap away at her computer during conference calls for her fancy-pants job. i won't badmouth the fancy-pants-ness of the job, though, since her boss bought me an obscenely good and frighteningly expensive dinner on tuesday night at
the oceanaire. the tuna was amazing. AMAZING. thanks!

in other news, i'm leaving early next wednesday for one more term at oxford. that means i'm gonna have to find a new server for this little website. further details soon, i hope. in the meanwhile, i'll be updating daily until tuesday. sorry about the gap.

friday, 7 april

quoted: "well, i'll just take the small hat. i mean, if we were driving to the maldives, i'd take my big hat" -mrs mcgee

well well well. i did a little bit o' shopping yesterday. got two shirts. one marked down from $70 to $40 and the other marked down from $60 to $7. not too bad. i keep having brilliant observations in the afternoons, but forgetting them by morning. maybe i'll start taking notes.

perhaps no update tomorrow. i'm home alone and i don't like it one bit. jack called me from qatar last night. that was fun. did you know that qatar is only 2 hours ahead of london (during BST...3 hours the rest of the year). still, it hardly seems fair.

thursday, 6 april

quoted: "i don't iron my jeans; my maid does" -jack, but in jest

speaking of which, safe travels to jack and his family, who are leaving for their easter holiday. and safe travels to my parents, who have just left for my dad's 25th dental school anniversary in portland. i'm totally jealous that i'm not going with them. i haven't been to pdx since my JV year ended in august 2003. that's scary. it's been almost 4 years since i met all my mac housemates. oh how lucky i am to have such wonderful friends.

other news: still no word from the washington state supreme court on gay marriage. they heard oral arguments on the case 13 months ago, now. new decisions are released every thursday. you know i wait by my email inbox thursdays to see if the decision has been announced. but nothing.

today, with the house all to myself, i'll go about my divinely-ordained project of eating all the leftovers here. we went out for steak last night. i had a peppercorn-encrusted ribeye. medium rare. simple flavours, and delicious. later today, i'm picking up my 93-year-old gramma and her septuagenarian friends and taking them to the country club for lunch. my gramma, btw, is the coolest person ever. after getting her masters degree during the great depression, she decided she wanted to live on her own, so she moved from seattle to LA to become a librarian. she has great stories.

apparently bird flu has reached the UK. and everyone in spokane is talking about west nile again. i'm still mostly afraid of being run over by a bus.

tuesday, 4 april

quoted: "why am i sticky and naked? did i miss something fun?" -futurama

i won't lie. i've been a fan of abc news's the note for quite a while, despite their arrogance and their self-aggrandizing cryptic predictions. but they seem increasingly useless, missing out on the timing on the departures of both andy card and tom delay. sorry, note, but you're dropping way down the links list. thanks for nothin.

i just watched a piece on the today show about expensive garage makeovers. the woman they were interviewing, trying to be clever, pointed out garages are the new big place to keep up with the joneses. which, you know, is exactly what the article in the new york times said about garage makeovers two months ago.

i got tons of work done yesterday. even with my salmonella sliver situation. alliteration. today, maybe even more. but first: breakfast.

monday, 3 april

quoted: "diet coke!" -jon jon

so becky and bobbo's godchild--the cutest baby in the entire world--is two now, i think. and he has a lot more words than he had at christmas. he didn't actually say diet coke, though. he said "dad, it's hot!" but he can't really be bothered to say final consonants. michelle and phil's 8-month-old son carter was absolutely adorable as well, chewing on a mini football and pushing around a fire truck.

meanwhile, the megaflood show on the discovery channel last night was supercool. it showed what would happen in london if a huge storm surge coincided with a spring tide and torrential rainfall. in essence: the surge would overtop the thames barrier and, you know, make london look a lot like new orleans last september. my mom and becky have agreed that i should leave london whenever it rains.

work work working today. and maybe digging this sliver out of my thumb. ouch. i don't want to do it, but it hurts.

sunday, 2 april

quoted: "don't worry, something will go wrong soon" -mass last night

i am so grumpy at the organizers of this year's boat race. coverage changed from BBC to ITV last year, you may remember. lame, but not catastrophic. well, apparently it was. BBC used to webcast a (poor quality) live video feed of the race. not so much ITV. and they didn't even find an american television sponsor. this despite 4 of the 16 blues rowers being american AND lord knows what proportion of oxbridge graduates living here. theoretically, there was a radio webcast, but i tried that on 3 different computers to no avail. so along with my hearty congratulations to my next door neighbor jamie and the rest of the oxford crew on their victory over cambridge, i must also send a huge BOO to the organizers. get your act together!

in other news, allison D and i popped about a million of her tires yesterday on our bike ride of the bloomsday course. and yet we survived. i'm hongry.

saturday, 1 april

quoted: "i had nothing to do with it" -gramma, in response to being congratulated on being a great grandmother once more over.

which reminds me: i forgot to congratulate my cousin(-in-law) karen for having her second baby, andrew, on thursday. hurrah!

craziest. funeral. ever. definitely a celebration of coco's life. so many children and dogs. so much food and conversation. when i die, that's what i want my funeral to be like.

but boy was yesterday exhausting. i slept all the way to 8 am. well, 7.45. and i did wake up at 6.50, but i forced myself to go back to sleep. now i'm going to go on a bike ride with allison d.

i was watching the travel channel yesterday. they showed this "botanic garden" in las vegas. it pretty much epitomized everything i find stomach-turning about that town. yes, it's better-funded than oxford's botanic garden (and probably better funded than the royal botanical gardens at kew), and yes they swap out all the flowers every two weeks. but it's not a botanic garden at all, really, it's just an überexpensive floral display. and it's looks so tasteless. artifical materials everywhere. but, really, i'm biased. my weekly visits to oxford's botanic garden have spoilt me.

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