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tuesday, 30 january

quoted: "it's all those truckers sticking their penises in my ear" -boris

yeah. whoops. fell off the wagon again. i'm not in the best of moods today. as a matter of fact, i'm feeling quite udner whatever it is one feels under. i'm not sick, just in a funk, i guess. sigh.

a belated happy 20th birthday to my brother robert. well done on surviving this long, little one!

finally (yes. remember: my mood)...robert drinan, s.j., died over the weekend. you can read more about him at that bastion of (unbiased?) information,
wikipedia. and as an added bit of trivia, when fr drinan left congress under papal mandate, he was replaced in his seat by the ever-memorable barney frank.

wednesday, 17 january

quoted: "spacer days? i hardly ever drink during the day!" -sw1

i got soaked to the bone on my way to work today. it was charming. the heavens opened upon me, and i was wet. wet to the point where running or catching a taxi didn't make any sense. then at work they said we might lose power because of all the rain (in a building they finished in 2005. in london). but that never happened, so i'm still at work instead of taking a nap and watching BBC's pride and prejudice on DVD. sigh indeed.

you know what might get me to purchase a TV?
heaven and earth. i'm just saying: that's a great television show.

at my gym they have these adverts for bottled water above the urinals in the men's room. they say something like "lack of thirst does not indicate hydration". then it goes on to give more advice: when hydrated, your urine should be the color of pale straw. indeed! and to complete the package, there's a pee color guide to help you determine how hydrated (or de-that) you are. this is all well and good, but i'm having trouble reaching the fine balance between being "mildly dehydrated" (according to this color chart) and having to pee literally every half hour. any advice?

monday, 15 january

quoted: "inflatable dog? that's fine. i'm not picky. get a real dog and nail him to the floor if you want" -sw1

right. this weekend. slept til 11 on saturday. slept til 9 on sunday. friday evening poppy, brennan and i had dinner at the stockpot, then some ice cream, then wandering around the hood trying to find a place to go dancing. as it turned out, we were all feeling too low-key for dancing, so we just went back to mine and drank some bubbly. par for the course. yannis stopped by briefly, which was nice, but otherwise it was an early night--in bed by 12.30.

then, of course, i slept until 11 am saturday, neglected to go to the gym, and spent the afternoon cracking into my 12th grade calculus. no comment. in the evening i braved the wilds of north london with christine to visit lalibela, a nice little ethiopian place on fortess road (nw5). it was cheap and filling, so i can't complain.

yesterday after the gym i went for dim sum with nick & brennan and then took a nice walk through regent's park in the interest of digestion. that was followed by a spot of reading and, later, watching
heights, a suprisingly good movie that involved far too many people sitting on the edges of manhattan building rooftops, an activity that stresses me out to no end. despite that, it really was a good film.

i also spoke to my dad yesterday. he seemed awfully bored. it's too cold to play golf in spokane these days, apparently. boo. but in better news: look: my sister is on the internets!

drool puddle.

friday, 12 january

quoted: "sometimes i really miss the threesomes" -matt

this week got out of hand before i could say "wednesday". now it's almost over, but i wanted to send y'all to this piece from wonkette about DC's newseum (hint: it's 'a clever combination of “news” and “mausoleum.”'). it made me laugh almost as much as this video of a narcoleptic dog.

tuesday, 9 january

quoted: "it's a toothpick you retard." -keats

today, fortune magazine named google the best place in america to work. you can see the announcement from yesterday's today show here.

sorry i didn't update yesterday. the first week back after christmas was good and slow, but this week more than compensated by starting off running. sigh. on the plus side, my friend james is back from australia, so he can resume distracting me from work with twice a day coffee breaks.

many thanks to jan and jon for taking me out to the wolseley for dinner sunday. all that alcohol meant that i slept poorly sunday night, but it was definitely worth it. the lamb chops were delectable. mmm. last night, after indulging in a little fresh parmesan-topped winter vegetable soup, in contrast, i slept like a baby.

i think i've mentioned this before, but i hate everyone with a new year's resolution. hate. quit crowding my gym! leave me in peace. is it wednesday yet?

friday, 5 january

quoted: "necrophilia: whatever" -poppy

went on the leicester square death ride last night with ollie. it was AMAZING. not sure it was worth £5, but it was pretty darn cool. and then i had a good workout and some reading. and some half-skyping. and then i even managed to fall asleep before midnight.

toy and i are having a fight. it will let me use google talk, but it's withholding email and gmail and the internets. the tech stop is trying to fix it, but i have a feeling it's going to be a very book-filled weekend. on the plus side, people are drifting back slowly from their christmas holidays, and it will be good to have a full cast assembled for upcoming frivolities.

thursday, 4 january

quoted: "someone told me heroin gives you good skin" -balham

quick update today because i'm about to leave work. pre-six, maybe. if i'm lucky. i just have one thing to say today: i hate new years resolutions. they make the gym WAY too crowded. surely you don't all need to be there getting in my way. not that i'm any great shakes at the gym. all i can claim to be is consistent. in most things, really. sigh.

wednesday, 3 january

quoted: "i haven't been drunk since my flight home" -brennan

mess with the bull get the horns, as they say. the main problem with getting drunk on one's flight home is that you smell drunk when your parents pick you up. much better to get drunk on the flight back to face home, where no one notices what you smell like, because they're all drunker than you anyway.

or something.

today's been rough on the jet lag front, because tomorrow i had a lot of trouble falling asleep at a reasonable hour. but i'm going to go home early-ish tonight, and then maybe take naps this evening to try to readjust my body clock. later.

tuesday, 2 january

quoted: "it must be a robe!" -grandmother, opening a christmas gift

in her defense, it was a giant crimson chenille robe, so it looked a bit like a blanket.

happy new year! i hope you all had a great 2006. i sure did. it was a year of big changes, some of them exciting, some of them difficult, but all of them rewarding in their own ways. and it certainly went out with a bang--i went to a party hosted by keats and his flatmates that was completely absurd and wonderful. i have no idea how i got back home (where i transferred from the jubilee line or what stop i got off at), but i woke up in my own bed with no hangover to speak of yesterday.

i did a (very) little bit of cleaning before meeting roisin after her 10k run and going to lunch with her and a couple of other people. then we watched the strange and wonderful parade that went past my flat. truly amazing. then i took a 3 hour nap, woke up long enough to read about 50 pages of seven types of ambiguity, and then slept for another 11 hours. hurrah!

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