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monday, 31 july

quoted: "you were a monk in thailand? i want to be a pop star in lebanon" -new girl (aka i don't remember)

it is the feast day of st ignatius loyola (founder of the society of jesus), who died 450 years ago today... except that they were using the julian calendar back then (rather than the gregorian calendar, which was introduced in 1582).

they really delayed last night's fireworks until late late late. by which i mean i was inexplicably tired yesterday. and i have tons of work to do today, so maybe i'll provide a better update in august. sigh.

sunday, 30 july

quoted: "I wasn't even invited to this wedding. i had to drunkenly demand an invitation at a strip club in palm beach." -MSY

i must again raise my most strenuous objections to july ending. no one seems to be listening.

there are fireworks and a symphony concert downtown tonight. might head down there. it's been a thrilling weekend, let me tell you. thai food friday night, followed by a bacon cheeseburger at arctic circle and two gay gay gay movies (rent and billy eliot). i've been getting a lot of work done, though. finished the final round of proper edits on the thesis yesterday. now i have to input them into the computer. that's the part i hate the most.

i also finished reading the kite runner yesterday. i feel like i was probably the last person in america to read it. i thought it was very powerful, but i'm not sure i thought it was a good novel. plot spoiler ahead: did anyone think at the end he was trying too hard? i mean, i'm not saying i didn't cry several times in the last 50 or 100 pages, but the bathroom incident at the end? tragic indeed, but a bit over the top in an almost comic way. i thought it could have done without that. it didn't deepen my understanding of the child's suffering. it just made me shut down a little to the ending.


saturday, 29 july

quoted: "as long as i stay cross-eyed, i'm fine" -becky, at a gay bar

there was an article in the home section of thursday's new york times about a family's unlikely conversion to modern architecture. i just want to point out that their kitchen makes me melt. sigh.

my family has abandoned me to my own devices today. this is never a particularly well-advised move on their part, as it leaves me to do such exciting things as edit the chapter on st martin le grand, iron the back patio (NB: not on the patio), and mow the yard. i might even make a CD. fast times at house house house, i tell you.

becky and i went for thai food for dinner last night. her favorite (which i didn't know) is gang garee gai. which is one of my favorites, too. we could almost be siblings. but our waitress looked at us skeptically when we asked for the 3 (or 4) stars on eveything we ordered. it worked out great, though. and it has the added bonus of dissuading our father from eating the leftovers when he gets done golfing today.

friday, 28 july

quoted: "i wouldn't want a rabbit up there." -christine

i have been going to the gym too much this summer. i mean, not an unhealthy amount, just slightly more than normal for me. which is to say five times a week instead of three or four. and which is also to say that i think i'm getting calluses on my previously soft-as-butter hands. what is this world coming to?

i've been working like a madman on this thesis thing. i'm trying to get through the final round of major edits by the end of the weekend, so that i can spend the beginning of next week putting them into the computer. and then...finishing? i don't know. it all seems to be moving awfully fast.

primary opinions on current affairs right now: ann coulter is still an
ignorant jerk. and my state supreme court disappointed me wednesday.

wednesday, 26 july

quoted: "we've been friends forever. i can't just stop being friends with him because he spelled my name while he was having sex with another girl" -kma

i've been reading all sorts of newsmagazines during my times on the rexie at the gym. mostly i don't understand their purpose. it seems to take SO long between something happens and when it appears on those glossy pages. i guess they can have good analysis of ongoing news events. that's a good niche market. lots of stories about the end of cowboy diplomacy/the bush doctrine/the world lately. sometimes it seems like the democrats should have to work hard to lose elections. they seem to be very good at it. sigh.

why is it so close to the end of july? i tried to go to the GU library yesterday to do some work, which seemed like such a good idea. but then i ran into katie, which of course meant that i talked to her instead of doing my work. i might try the GU law library today instead.

yesterday i had the best hamburger i've ever had in my entire life. ever. just thought you should know.

tuesday, 25 july

quoted: "i can totally pick my nose with my tongue" -becky

if you visit the california ISO website, you can actually watch in real-time as californians air-condition themselves back to the stone age. brilliant.

i'm late for a study date with katie at the GU library, so that's it for today. mi dispiace.

monday, 24 july

quoted: "you can't put a tsunami in jail. it's just water" -amanda

did anyone see the lead story in today's new york times? "In Surprise, Rice's Trip to Mideast Begins in Beirut". wait? why is that a surprise? isn't that sorta what bush said last week at G8 when he thought his mic was off? well, not that she was starting in beirut, but close enough.

saw monster house and march of the penguins yesterday. two kids' movies in one day. i felt so...wholesome. but i also got see allison d...totally unwholesome.

sorry, distracted by trying to set up a bloglines account. so many feeds, so little time. i like being interested in things again.

printing up the 2nd-to-last draft today. very excited. gotta run.

sunday, 23 july

quoted: "i have other inclinations" -will young. "oh. OH! how delicious!" -judi dench (mrs henderson presents)

satchel is up to his usual antics in get fuzzy. a cardboard box...how did she know?

in more practical news, i fell back in love with RSS feeds yesterday. it's about time, considering my long stint of apathy about current events. but then the aggregator i used all through the 2004 elections decided it doesn't like my computer. so it keeps on crashing. sigh. any suggestions for other aggregators? web-based ones perhaps? i'm looking in your direction, AB.

the little kids (becky and bo) and i went to the elk for dinner last night. just after we paid our bill the lights flickered and went out. the a/c went off, too, and the restaurant rapidly began to head up. the problem? a transformer (or some other bit of electrical equipment) blew so hard that the live wires were jumping about in the side yard of the house next to the elk, setting fire to the little patches of dry grass. the fire department responded quickly, but i'm still curious what happened to people 1)who hadn't gotten their bill yet or 2)had planned to pay by credit card.

jim west died yesterday. poor guy. always a skeez, sometimes a hypocrite, but really not a bad mayor. interesting how that works.

saturday, 22 july

quoted: "i wish i could shrink you down and keep you in my pocket" -joss

now, normally i'm apologetic when i miss an update, but yesterday i put that time to good use and finished the full 2nd draft of my thesis. which means the end is actually in sight. there is still plenty to be done (including the daunting task of producing a 2,500 word abstract of the monster), but it all seems do-able now. sigh.

i think i might be becoming a middle-aged woman. i get way too much enjoyment out of reading
modern love every week.

that is all for today.

thursday, 20 july

quoted: "silent dear: shut the buck up!" -manda

went out to camp again last night to visit bo (aka ganoush) with katie and amanda. it's always fun to go with former counselors, because nobody minds if you sit on the dock instead of playing kick the can (boys and JCs won, btw). and julie: everyone at camp is playing pointy this summer. hundreds of little kids falling on the ground and getting dirty trying to poke one another. it's a phenomenon!

anyway, we got home real late because we made an appearance at the couselors' ice cream social after campfire. there are still a few people my age on staff (shocking!), but chaos is a dreamboat. so i didn't mind being exhausted when we left.

i spent ALL of yesterday trying to outwit becky's computer virus. and failing. so hopefully the guy at work who's giving it a go will do a better job. on the plus side, i did realize that i remember dos prompts. i'm sure they're taking up part of my brain that could be used more productively, though. by something like proficiency as an historian, perhaps? nah.

today it's back to work. i'm horrified that we're about to enter the final 3rd of july. ack! summer is going faaaaar too quickly.

wednesday, 19 july

quoted: "sex follows me" -y2

the past twelve hours have been very good for food, but less good for sleep. last night i went to qdoba (chipotle's ugly stepsister), and not only was my burrito literally bursting (though not at the seams), but they wrapped it in another tortilla. free. oh so much food. and then amanda got home from seattle (where, i guess, she lives or something) at about 10.30 last night, so i just made us breakfast sammiches while she sits on some fancy pants conference call. sigh.

but yeah, didn't sleep so well last night. i should probably take a nap this afternoon so that i'm not too tired when amanda, katie and i head out to visit bo at camp this evening. that begs the question of how i'll manage to make it to the gym AND do some work AND solve my other sister's computer virus problem.

no emails today...makes it much more difficult to rationalize avoiding my work. i should get to it.

monday, 17 july

quoted: "you're very handsome. do you have a girlfriend?" -great aunt bea, after the wedding.

i finished reading prep yesterday. you can head over to the quotes page if you're so inclined. i started in on the kite runner last night. it's definitely a change of pace from the annoyingly self-conscious lee fiora.

president bush accidentally had his off-the-cuff remarks recorded by a live mic. whoops. but i always find it comforting to see that he's an actual human being, and not just an overly groomed puppet of karl rove. i'm just saying...

alright. i do need to get some work done today. sigh.

sunday, 16 july

happy birthday, seth!
and a belated happy birthday to my friend tom
quoted: "but i think the oppressor is making pie tonight" -
satchel pooch.

congratulations to my cousin stephen and his lovely wife jen on their marriage on friday. it was a good wedding. a bit of a whirlwind trip to seattle, though. between the rehearsal dinner and the pub after i drank a tad too much. it was good to see aaron, but i should have stopped drinking after the two pints of mac & jack. oh well. that meant that i was able to enjoy the wedding itself in a rather sober state (though i won't deny that i drank bellini after bellini at the beginning of the reception). my cousin jeff started a betting pool for next cousin married and next cousin to parent a child. amazing that we've made it this far without such a pool (6 of the 24 cousins are married now, but only 3 have kids...seven between them, but eight by next month).

anyway, yeah. all in all a good weekend away from my thesis, whose gaping maw is poised to consume the rest of my summer in one indifferent chomp.

i'm back in oxford in less than a month.

this week's modern love column in the new york times is about a gay cahtolic wedding. i'm sure there are dozens of other interesting and stimulating things in the paper today, as well, but i'm feeling rather apathetic about current events for some reason. maybe it's just summer disinterest in anything other than reading novels and enjoying my parents' back garden. i'll get to care about the news later.

wednesday, 12 july

quoted: "there was fake sperm on my floor earlier today. i felt this was poignant somehow." -roisin

quick update today as i want to go find katie at the foley center. protect her from the randy teenagers who seem to like the study room next door to hers. giggle.

sorry about the lack of update yesterday. i helped my grandma run some errands and then had tons of work to do. still have tons of work, come to think of it. i also bought that jacket i'd been indecisive about. hurrah.

finally, take a gander at one of the wonders of the internet age. i know. so invasive.

no update until sunday, as we're leaving early tomorrow for stephen and jen's wedding in seattle. mi dispiace.

monday, 10 july

quoted: "i love beer" -barbecue

the big question of the day is whether i should go buy a super-fun, well-fitting black velvet sportscoat i found on sale for $65. it's a steal, i tell you, but i sorta wanted one in a more fun color. i guess i can get another one later if i find one. and winter is just around the corner. your votes will be counted through 17.00 BST tomorrow.

i had a nightmare last night that i got back to oxford and hadn't done any more work on my thesis than i have done now. horrifying. i'm in the middle of editing the blackfriars chapter and (let me tell you) it needs a lot of work. sigh.

i've started reading this book called prep by curtis sittenfeld. i'm not far enough into it (i.e. done) to say whether it's good, but it has reminded me how everything seems like a crisis as an adolescent. it must be all those hormones and all that insecurity. i defintely thought last year's chch freshers oozed both hormones and insecurity. i hope i don't.

ps -
the final word is brilliant.
pps - two words: fabio cannavaro. he didn't headbutt anybody, and he looked damn good not doing it.

sunday, 9 july

1,000 days
quoted: "do you ever cry a little when you poop?" -never have i ever, via amanda

if you have some time and you want to be scared, watch this video about patrick henry college over at google. scary. scary. MUST be followed by watching Saved!, so that equilibrium can be renewed.

crazy christians. shudder.

becky and bo and i wanted to go to the elk for dinner last night, but (of course) there were no patio seats, so we went across the stsreet to caffe marron. kinda expensive, but very good. no patio, but the front wall is two giant garage door type things that open up. so it was really pleasant. i had a gorgonzola cheeseburger. with delicious pommes frites. robert had a very garlic-y chicken with orecchiette. becky had grilled chicken with toasted farro. i'd never tasted farro before.

ok. i need to get to the gym.

saturday, 8 july

quoted: "i wish i was a woman sometimes" -sean, at black tie dinner

my newest (nerdy nerdy) pet peeve: not being able to find notes i remember taking. like notes on michael braddick's parliamentary taxation in seventeenth-century england. where can they have gone? they can't just disappear! i hope.

i just saw ben stein on fox news. he's nuts. someone please remind me why i'm supposed to care about his opinions? any more than i care about...say...those of alek trebek.

i went to see that new pirate movie last night. arg! it was...compelling. but i'm pretty sure there was no actual plot. and the scene with johnny dep at the end...worst special effects ever. it was like some 1970s B movie. i'm just saying. still, i'm glad i went to see it.

workin on the st martin's chapter today. congrats to jack on making it to the next (final?) round of his bloomberg interviews. well done!

friday, 7 july

quoted: "if it comes to that, i'll just throw up in your lap." -AB

i'm going (to try) to be brief today. i'm going to head to the GU library here in a second (i hope katie is there) and then to lunch with the grandmatron. not sure where yet, but i'm sure it will be good.

you know, all this time outside hasn't yet made me sunburned, but it has started to bleach my eyebrows blond. and the tips of my eyelashes are going too. it looks a bit funny, but what is to be done?

no i don't want to talk about new york or georgia. at all.

i love spokane. i went to get a suit jacket altered last saturday when i got back from the beach. i had to buy a 42 because my shoulders looked like they were going to pop out of the 40. but that meanth that from the nipples (haha. what a great word) down, i felt like i was wearing my dad's suit. anyway, 5 days and $15 later, my jacket looks great on me. in fact i might not even wear a shirt to stephen and jen's wedding a week from today. j/k.

wednesday, 5 july

quoted: "i never thought about finding a job that paid well" -gramma k., who moved to LA from seattle after graduating from college in 1934 because she wanted to be a children's librarian.

i apologize for being a huge slacker. i actually did do a half-assedu update on monday, but then i apparently forgot to publish it. sigh.

happy birthday to my friend yannis, and happy independence day, one day late.

in celebration of the 4th of july, i went with katie up to her brother-in-law's family's place on diamond lake. it was a ton of fun. the water was warm, the food was good, the people were friendly. what more could one want on our nation's birthday? oh yes. fireworks. well, nature totally upstaged america last night. some of the fireworks at the lake were cool, but nothing was as cool as the cloud lightning that lit up the darkening sky every 2 or 3 minutes. so so cool. plus, while the storm itself hit spokane, up north at diamond lake we were safe.

has anyone seen the new national geographic? it got delivered here today. the cover story? panda bears. i'm in heaven. there's a photo of a dogpile of seriously like 18 baby pandas. cute overload.

went to visit ganoush at camp on monday night. that was fun, except for the mosquitos. definitely the best meal i've ever had at camp. use of the staff salad bar doesn't hurt either. and on the way back we got huckleberry milkshakes at the ram. that was followed for me by a 2nd trip to the ram yesterday for a cookies & cream milkshake and directions to diamond lake. the 17-year-old who helped us seemed as if he'd just fallen out of the womb. he was kinda disoriented. was i that clueless looking in high school? probably.

chapter 2 revisions: more or less done. but now i don't want to move on to chapter 3. my grandmother tells me i need more of a work ethic. what's more than 0?

sunday, 2 july

quoted: "going through the back door is always a bad idea" -sister. "not in italy" -aunt

from what i hear christ church, all souls and vinnie's are the three best studies in corporate pathology in oxford (and possibly the world). go figure.

the beach was fabulous. i'm now fat and tan from 5 days of sitting in the sun reading, building sand castles and eating seemingly endless amounts of fresh strawberries, pancakes and bacon. oh dear. thankfully, though, i've now joined the spokane club, so i can work some of it off at my own pace.

i think i'm going through oxford withdrawl. i miss it a surprsing amount, even though i'm going back in august for 3 weeks. i suppose that's because i know that that's the end of the line for me and higher education. as i was telling my dear katie last night, the end really snuck up on me last week. it was like running at full speed off a cliff. though as i said, i landed on a huge pile of books and bacon. not really all that bad, i guess.

i got an email while i was away from my employer-to-be saying they were looking forward to my starting on 18 july. i really do need to email them back, since i'm starting on the 18th of september.

last night my uncle steve said mass at st al's and then he and my godparents and my grandmother came over for dinner. my grandmother, by the way, is rather worried about the amount of work i have left on my thesis. so today i'm going to try to do her proud by making some headway. after breakfast and the gym, of course.

rachel came over after dinner to say hello and introduce her beau to the family. then i went to wish katie's niece a happy 2nd birthday, followed by a cocktail with katie. the place we went (cafe vin rouge in lincoln heights) is part of a trend among hip new spokane eateries that have chosen to locate themselves in former fast food restaurants. ferrante's is in the round table pizza strip mall, this place used to be a boston market (BM), and maggie's was formerly a skippers. it's all far too suburban for me. ella's and wild sage have much better locations, if i do say so myself.

in any case, the cocktails were good. not great, but good. and the patio and fire made for charming summer evening cocktails. but the service was rather...poor. and the other people sitting nearby seemed to have just finished (or have later gone on to) tooling north division. so i'm thinking i won't be taking my grandmother there on friday when we go for lunch.

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