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thursday 9 aug

quoted: "i don't think there's anything i can't drink" -dottie

i felt like i had stretched my josh ritter station on pandora. so i added tracy chapman as a seed. some of the things it's added have been great. others less so, but i feel like i'm appreciating pandora's functionality in new ways. and liking it more and more.

pandora has developed a facebook gadget, btw. you can read about it here.

ok. quitting time. sorry i'm boring. the burn from my pancake run on sunday has started to peel off, and there's pink oozy skin underneath. it's pretty cool.

wednesday 8 aug

quoted: "any sport where you piss yourself is not for me" -dottie, on triathlons

first things first: my sister becky starts medical school today. or, um, orientation for medical school. but still. well done, sister, on organizing your beginning-of-term drinks. she's started a new blog called adventures and scars, which is shaping up to be daily reading for me. much like my little bro's blog. gosh it's nice to stalk one's siblings.

in other news, i'm going to the north face store this afternoon to meet this guy as a favor to brandon. you all should know how i feel about running by now, so that's all i'll say about that.

went for a beer with mikes and his friend elan last night at the old red lion. brilliant. and not at all drunken. just a few beers. this smoke free pubs thing is the best.

monday, 6 aug

quoted: "where are we going now?" -pete. i'm going to be sick." -dottie

what a weekend. the first weekend of summer. exquisite. and so depressing that it's taken until august to have one. the days are getting depressingly short. sigh. but the weekend was amazing, so we'll set all that aside for now.

on friday andrew and i headed down to clapham, where we met dots & pops for some dinner and cocktails. but all were quite exhausted, so we made an early night of it. saturday morning included the obligatory laundry and gym, which were followed by a trip to the hampstead bathing ponds with mike. i love swimming. love. swimming. it's on my top 4 list of non-people loves of my life: swimming, pancakes, and ice cream sandwiches.

speaking of pancakes, actually, i made some for breakfast on sunday, and managed to get a nasty burn on my right index finger. it hurt all day, and it looks pretty gross now, but it hasn't blistered. so i win? maybe?

back to saturday: after swimming, we went to meet roisin for a LOVELY dinner at clem's. none of you will believe me when i tell you that the eggplant she made was one of the best things i've ever eaten. i KNOW. dinner managed to run from 7.30 to midnight, at which point andrew and i headed to the pimms party at ryan's flat in mayfair. that was very good fun, too.

sunday was triathlon and royal china. it was great to see roisin (as always), but it's weird to think i won't see her for 9 months now. SIGH.

making my first ever trip to brixton tonight to eat mexican food and go to a concert. hopefully won't get stabbed or mugged. or both. will report tomorrow.

friday 3 aug

quoted: "touch it like you're straight, motherf---er" -ellis at the wandon party

i think i may have stumbled across the source of my writer's block: my life is boring. i go to work, where i mostly deal with things i can't write about publicly. then i go to the gym, the details of which i won't bore you with. then i eat something (last night: wagamama, even though i give them a 5/10), and then i do some reading slash watch some sort of bit-torrented television show. and then i go to bed. none of this offers particular interest or wisdom. which is pretty sad.

that said, i'm not in a rut. i'm pretty darn excited for this weekend, for example. i'm going to try to trick some folks into going to to the bar at the roof garden of the trafalgar hotel. we'll see how that works out. tomorrow i have grand plans on the swimming ponds at hampstead heath with andrew and carl and maybe mikes. and then ryan is having a pimms houseparty at his flat in mayfair. so that's that. plus, roisin is in town for a triathlon. hurrah!

thursday 2 aug

quoted: "i did not say that about bullimia. i was talking about rape." -james r

we had a bbq for tech journalists at work yesterday evening. the weather held (against all probability, considering its propensities in the past two months). perhaps summer will actually make an appearance this month after all. i'm not holding my breath. in any case, it turns out that having 3 or 4 beers makes it a lot easier to stay late at work. go figure.

robin came around for dinner at the flat after he and andrew went to the gym. they were clearly on the lash, and hilarity ensued at 4 am, after they'd been to cheapskates. i won't give away the whole story, but it involved slipping on wet concrete and passing out mid-SMS. so there you go. school night drinking IS a good idea...or not.

i went to the gym this morning, where i had my most satisfying swim yet. normally, if i don't make it to the gym right when it opens, because otherwise the pool gets too crowded. and i hate sharing a lane with some jerk who swims a bad breaststroke that takes up the whole lane. a lot. so today i just got in the fast lane and front crawled to my heart's content. and all the slow people in the fast lane changed lanes. as they should do. and i had a great swim. except cleaning my ears out turned the towel green, which makes me suspect that i might be made of copper.

there's not all that much more going on. i had grapes for breakfast today. and if that's not the most useless information on the interweb, it's got to be close.

wednesday 1 aug

quoted: "it's like pussy bat wings" -fulham broadway.

don't ask. i have no more idea what that means than you do. and i was there.

we can all agree that the past few months haven't been the most consistent or profound in the history of my daily updates. i wish it weren't all my fault. in the end, it is.

summer finally seems to have begun here. i know i should be grateful that the rains have stopped and the floods that plagued this island have subsided. mostly, though, i feel as if we've been cheated out of 6 or 8 weeks of summer. people are talking about climate change and all that. i'm not saying i don't believe that, but i'm reading a book right now called the worst hard time, about the dust bowl on the great plains in the 1930s.

as an historian, i have some weird hangups about creative nonfiction. or historical reportage. or whatever this genre is called. but it's pretty clear that extreme weather conditions aren't restricted to the recent past. it's also clear that we've had some screwed up ideas about our place vis-a-vis the earth. do we still? perhaps. but i hope not. i hope, if nothing else, we realise that even if we can mitigate some of nature's extremes--we can protect ourselves from acute floods or droughts--we are powerless to fight nature in the longer term. right?

being an "adult" (as i'm told i am these days) has given me a much deeper appreciation for my parents. yeah yeah. we've all heard this before. but i'm serious. andrew and i have enough trouble cooking and eating at home every night, let alone keeping the flat as clean as i'd like it. add in gardening, dogs, the junior league, and (ack!) carpools for all the kids' after school activities, and i'm amazed that my parents managed it all. which is to say that i'm going to find a cleaner for my flat. because, well, at this point in my life, i think it will keep me sane.

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