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tuesday 25 september

quoted: "she fisted me weird" -mark

another brief silence, but this time it was because i was flying to california for a team offsite. it's a pretty sad california trip, despite the good weather, because i'm only here for 72 hours and i'm not even going to make it to the city. btw, it still hate the suburbs. i may even hate the suburbs more than i used to. this is definitely the first time i've ever been carless in the suburbs. and as much as i dislike cars, this is worse.

i'm heading up to spokane on thursday. hurrah. but in very very sad news, my parents had to have missy, our ever-faithful and seemingly immortal dog, put to sleep last friday. she was 19, after all, and she'd led a very good life as a very good dog, but she's been part of our lives for so long that i can't help but be a little sad that i won't get to see her again. blind and deaf and suffering from dimentia, though, she wasn't living very well for the past few months. sigh.

also: i got a new domain. bookmark this page:
ptomng.com. andrew thinks it's an awful domain. i think it's one of the many things i've threatened to name my first-born son (along with stag and the rhythm pattern xx-x). yeah. and it wasn't taken. so deal with it. :)

friday, 21 september

back by popular demand: quotestravaganza!

"elis said when he sat down to poo today he thought of me" -rodger
"i wouldn't dream of defending the tate modern, because they're entire collection is rubbish" -dinner in covent garden
"rape is a possibility" -poppy

"i've never taken an incoming vagina" -elis
"no gay for you" -old compton street
"i have a creamy mouth" -rhys

"i like it when you squeeze it" -james t
"pass that over. i'm going to stick my finger in it" -dottie
"the boris rape was amazing. i didn't do it. mostly" -elis

"we're not getting out of bed this morning until we finish this bottle of vodka" -rodger
"i can't do that. i'm sorry." -liz to tom, re can can dancers
"that boy is really enoying sitting on that statue's face." -andrew

"i don't think there's anything i can't drink." -dottie
"i'd rather eat my own young." -james r, on cucumber
"that must be like sticking your dick in and going on a roller coaster ride." -pete on dolphin sex

"i've never been to the animal kingdom sexually. i was busy doing other things." -james s "i like it really loose." -ryan. "then why are you gay?" -dottie
"it's all about consent. or rohypnol." -south ken

"i look around the party for the one clean woman. then i'll know." -ollie
"pretty in a mom way." -brennan
"he's got a big willy." -man to woman at office party

"i had a gun in my ass!" -wandon party
"you have to use assholes to get to the top." -mikes

thursday 20 september

quoted: "i got rid of my vibrating hamster today" -james t

ok ok. i know you want to reprimand me. and i admit i've been awful. but hear me out. work has been crazy. CRAZY. and while i'm not so big-headed that i think anyone other than poppy has actually noticed the absence of updates. what i can say, though, is that not updating has been awful for me on a personal level. why? because, in my overly hectic life, the process of thinking about my day and then typing it out provides me with enough reflection time to actually remember what i do from day to day...and, even more importantly, which of things i do are most important.

just so you know, working isn't one of those most important things. last night andrew and i had four of our friends around for dinner: jon from google, henry from chch, mikes from gtown and clem from the oxford crew. it was wonderful. andrew cooked. i cleaned, and we all had a great time. see. now i'll remember this. hopefully.

back to work for me. just so you know, i lose this webspace at the end of this month, so there may be a while where the google can't find me. if you want to get the new URL, drop me an email or check my facebook. sorry sorry. will try to post the new address when i have it.

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