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thursday 11 october

quoted: "i just met a naughty sixteen-year-old" -middle aged man in a suit in shepherd market

want to see something depressing? the US dollar. sigh. canadia wins.

had breakfast with the parents today. dinner with ryan and carl and A last night. and now things are pretty crazy at work, so i have to run. i'm in italy from tomorrow for a week. so no update.

wednesday 10 october

quoted: "no. i'm number one." -brennan, passed out

i have opinions on all sorts of things:

thieves: i've lost all faith in the thieves in this fair city. i've had my (read: jonathan's) old bike locked outside my flat every night since june. and it still hasn't been stolen. as if that's not bad enough, last night i forgot to take the lights off my new bike when i locked it outside. lo and behold, when i got back from the gym this morning, they were still on the bike. sheesh.

jet lag: my most recent return from the US was not greeted by any of my normal eastbound jet lag problems. the lack of tiredmess may have been a result of having the week off from work, but we'll overlook that for the moment. instead, i'd like to complain that one of my regular activities, which used to happen at seven every morning, has stopped being so predictable. dottie, get your head out of the gutter. we all know how much i dislike change.

performance art: it's not good art, and it's not a good performance. got it?

the new sugababes single is brilliant. if you don't think so, you're wrong. some things in this world are not open to debate. this is one of them.

tuesday 9 october

quoted: "honey, i'm not worried about picking a seat. your father and i flying in first class" -my mother, not sharing my love for checking in online


today is pretty grim here in london. it just rains and rains and rains. andrew and i went for dinner at randal & aubin last night, and it was very good, even if the portion sizes weren't quite big enough...the champagne was highly satisfying, and sometimes that's what really matters. afterwards we watched good night and good luck, since my brother wants it back when i go to florence this weekend. it was great. not as long or as tense as i expected.

i just convinced my mother (my father needed no convincing) to come in to central london for breakfast in the office. hurrah. now i just need to track down a couple extra oyster cards.

monday 8 october

quoted: "deep penetration?" -guest A "no! defenestration!"-guest B (graham's sugababes party)

still upset that i didn't make it to the mac house 2007 reunion weekend. BGJMS left me a hilarious voicemail from their power hour friday night, but it was a sorry fill-in for the real thing. miss you guys like crazy. london next year? mwah!

also, for #3: look, you're on there now. hurrah!

finally: wow. i'd forgotten how cool panda bears are:

friday 5 october

quoted: "i just put two fingers in and slurped the whole thing" -nick

gosh it's good to have nick back. and steve moved to london in the past couple weeks. which is also sweet. but on this week off, i must say that i've been vexed by the number of unemployed/underemployed friends i have. gosh it must be nice to be able to take a nap whenever one wants. of course mikes has been hiding all week, but hopefully i'll see him soon.

i've decided i don't like avril livigne. shock. horror. she's not clever. and she seems kinda bitter. which is too bad, because normally i like chick singers.

went to see the new pornographers last night at koko with brennan, keats, tony, elis, carl & assorted others. venue was awesome. company was awesome. band was a big meh.

tuesday 2 october

quoted: "sometimes when i'm really tired i just bend over and give up" -ellen

san francisco was great. i mean. my trip to the mother ship was great. but i gotta say (over and over and over again): the suburbs are soul-crushing. i have a colleague in california who is from spokane. and she always slags it off. but it's infinitely better than silicon valley. sheesh. that place is GRIM.

then i spent the weekend at home. didn't get to see nearly as much of katie or my mom as i would have liked. but it was nice to meet katie's boyfriend eric, and i'll see my mom in 10 days in florence. hurrah!

i'm now in my week of life admin holiday. today i made a doctor's appointment, bought some shoes, and took ryan some OJ since he's home sick. now i'll probably go to the gym. keats is in town this week, too, so heading to D&P's for dinner tonight. tomorrow? perhaps an ironing board and a case of wine shall be bought? it's like being back at christ church...sigh. people say it's easy to get bored if you're not working every day. i have yet to find truth in that. with so many books, how could i get bored?

one year in, i have to start paying council tax. boooooooooo. sigh.

also, i stumbled across these guys...who are hilarious, and have the added distinction of being from spokane:
barats and bereta.

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