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cataldo. i spent 1986 - 1995 at cataldo school on spokane's south hill. cataldo is a small, catholic school that dates to 1888. it was (and i believe still is) one of the best primary and middle schools in the city, with a wonderful location, a nurturing academic environment, and a strong sense of community. gonzaga prep. i trudged my way from grade nine to eleven at gprep (1889), spokane's jesuit secondary school. i credit their english department with teaching me to write and think at an advanced level. in most other regards, however, gprep falls short. the reactionary conservatism of much of the school is, i believe, a reflection of the general political climate of the town. spokane, unfortunately, remains a provincial backwater. seattle prep. i spent my twelfth grade year living in seattle with an aunt and uncle and attending seattle preparatory school (1891), another jesuit institution. my experiences there profoundly shaped my academic life. for the first time, my writing was praised. i began to appreciate early modern history. and my love of math died a slow, painful death (despite my clubhouse-worthy performance in that subject). i graduated on 3 june 1999.

papers, by term, with instructor and length. ( why are these papers posted online?)

autumn 1998 (seattle prep)
The English Civil War and the Culture of the British Isles
- Hendricks (2,500)

winter 1999
The Modern Allure of Crime and Punishment
- Kennedy (900)
The Abolition of Capital Punishment in Great Britain: 1770-1973
- Hendricks (2,800)