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town of george. in august 1999, i matriculated at the mcdonough school of business at georgetown university (1789). i entered hoping to study international business--to find out what commerce meant in other cultures. apparently, int-bus is really all about exploiting foreign countries through the shrewd use of american capital. still, i was trapped in the msb for a year, taking (by which i mean skipping) inane business classes. after my first year at georgetown i transferred within the university, to the college of arts and sciences.

i declared as a history major with an english minor, intending to add a second major in psychology once my study-abroad plans were settled. i applied to study abroad at the university of oxford. i was, however, offered a place at trinity college, dublin. at about the same time my sister amanda was admitted to georgetown, and i was offered a position as a resident assistant in the dorms. i decided to stay at georgetown to spend my third year welcoming mandahouse to the hilltop.

we ate breakfast together every morning. blessed with an overabundance of credits (thanks in part to advanced placement classes), i was able to graduate from college a year early. i chose to forego my psychology major, despite having TAed a psych course for three semesters, and i focused on my history work. i spent that last year at georgetown working primarily on two projects: the expansion of services to queer students at georgetown and my honors thesis, A Problematic Solution: Reactions to the Marriage Reform Act of 1753. i graduated from georgetown on 18 may 2002 with an AB in hitory.

papers, by term, with instructor and length. ( why are these papers posted online?)

autumn 1999 (georgetown)
The Rise and Fall of Mazzinian Nationalism on the Italian Peninsula
- Miller (4,000)

spring 2000
Rasselas' Answer to Vanity
- Ribeiro (1,800)
Johnson's Preface to Shakespeare: Then and Now
- Ribeiro (3,000)
The Fate of the Templars in Britain
- Moran-Cruz (4,500)

autumn 2000
The Perceived Ethical Merit of Psychological Experimentation: Considering Variations in Species Studied and Inolved-Party Pronoun Label.
- Howard (1,500)

spring 2001
Pope's Role in the Rape of the Lock
- Betz (350)
The Social Forces that Hinder Moll Flanders
- Betz (350)
Terra Nullius and Australian Colonialism
- Eklund (1,850)
Station in Life and the Search for Meaning for Thel and Rasselas
- Betz (2,630)
Women and National Identity in Canada and Australia
- Eklund (3,700)

fall 2001
Sixth Century Gaul: Its Roman and Germanic Roots
- Paxton (1500)
Hierarchy and Nativity: Booker Authors, Homeland Alienation, and Social Stratification
- Ribeiro (7500)
The Development of the Manor in Anglo-Saxon and Danish England
- Paxton (3000)

spring 2002
Ignoring the Discoverer? Cookís Observations and the Foundation of Britainís South Pacific Colonies
- O'Brien (2100)
Historical Perspectives on the Role of Community in the Administration of Justice in Early Modern Europe
- Grisebenner (5000)
The Seeds of Respect: Depictions Maori-Pakeha Relations in Colonial New Zealand
- O'Brien (3500)
Community and Morality in the Millerís Tale and the Physicianís Tale
- McNamer (2800)
A Problematic Solution: Responses to the Marriage Reform Act of 1753
- Astarita (25,000)