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Dar Williams.

on love february was so long it lasted into march and found us walking a path, alone together
you stopped and pointed, and you said, 'that's a crocus.'
and i said, 'what's a crocus?' and you said, 'it's a flower.'
i tried to remember, but i said, 'what's a flower?'
you said, 'i still love you.'
on confidence and as long as she's got noise she is fine,
but i could teach her how i learned to dance when the music ended.
on friendship sometimes i see myself fine; sometimes i need a witness.
and i like the whole truth, but there are nights i only need forgiveness.
sometimes they say, 'i don't know who you are, but let me walk with you some.'
and i say, 'i am alone, that's all. you can't save me from all the wrong i've done.'
but they're waiting, just the same, with their flashlights and their semafores.
and i act like i have faith, and like that faith never ends.
but i really just have friends.