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there is nothing more important in my life than my relationship with my family. i'm the person i am today in large part because of their loving support. they have been with me for every success (and every failure) i've had, for which i am deeply thankful. more than anything, they taught me what it means to love selflessly and ceaselessly, without defenses and without wanting anything in return. the older i get (and the more people i come to know), the more sincerely i appreciate my parents, siblings, grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins.

from the books i read to my constant eating to my knitting to my approach to my faith and the world around me, i can see the influence of both my immediate and my extended family. i have two cousins born within a six months of me. i lived with an aunt and uncle and two cousins for a year as i finished up high school in seattle. when i'm home, i try to go to lunch at least once a week with my grandmother, and surprising siblings to help them celebrate is one of my greatest joys.