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Ani Difranco.

on memory who are you now and who were you then
that you thought somehow you could just pretend
that you could figure it all out? the mathematics of regret:
it takes two beers to remember now, and five to forget
that i loved you so. yeah, i loved you. so what?
on tough decisions and she said, 'you are a miracle, but that is not all,
you are also a stiff drink, and i am call.
you are a party, and i am a school night,
and i'm looking for door key, but you are my porch light.
and you'll never know, dear, just how much i loved you;
you'll probably just thing this was just my big excuse.
but i stand commited to a love that came before you,
and the fact that i adore you is but one of my truths.'
on comparisons what kind of scale compares the weight of two beauties,
the gravity of duties, or the ground speed of joy?
tell me, what kind of guage can quantify elation?
what kind of equation could i possibly employ?
on contentment when i look around i think, 'this is good enough'
and i try to laugh at whatever life brings
cuz when i look down i just miss all the good stuff
and when i look up i just trip over things.
on the drug war above 96th street they're handing out smallpox blankets so that people don't freeze
the old dog's got a new trick: it's called criminalize the symptoms while you spread the disease
on mixed feelings and you were never a good lay
and you were never a good friend
but, oh, what can i say?
i adore you.
on poor timing she says, 'forget what you have to lose; pretend there is nothing outside this room.'
and like an idea she came to me, but she came too late. or maybe too soon.
i say, 'please try not to love me. close your eyes. i'm turning on the light.
you know i have no vacancy, and it's awfully cold outside tonight.'
on new beginnings i search your profile for a translations
and i study the conversation like a map
cuz i know there is strength in the differences between us
and i know there is comfort where we overlap