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links to articles relating to the state of medical care in the us and the uk...

-For Middle Class, Health Insurance Becomes a Luxury: The last time Kevin Thornton had health insurance was three years ago, which was not much of a problem until he began having trouble swallowing. Stephanie Strom reports for The New York Times.

-Lessons from America: Can a US healthcare company help save the NHS from choking under the weight of chronic disease and bed blocking? Mark Gould reports for The Guardian, 5 November 03.

- Democrats Say G.O.P. Endangers Medicare Drug Accord: A day after Republican negotiators said they had reached a tentative agreement on a prescription drug benefit for the elderly, Senate Democrats said on Thursday that the benefit could be in jeopardy if House Republicans insisted on a plan forcing the traditional Medicare program to compete directly with private health plans. Robert Pear reports for The New York Times, 24 October 2003.